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Posted on Apr 30, 2006 at 12:02 PM

So been browsing this thing for about a day or two now. Lots of seemingly lovely people. Lots of ads based in the US and in London... why London dammit??? Where are all the North Yorkshire people?? Ok ok I'm exagerating, I have seen one or two from N.Yorks. Pity none of them thus far seem to care to even make friends with anyone less than 25... blert! That's what I say about that! Blert! Ok moving on! I hope to hear from anyone who reads these blogs.. don't be shy me darlin's! I don't bite (hard.. well not unless you ask me to *Grinz*) but I Do like to make friends... lots and lots of friends! So yeah. say hi, say something random or just put lots of ....'s hell I don't mind. Not picky yet. I think this could be a beautiful way of talking to people though, especially since I can't afford a gold membership so can't write proper letters to people! Hope you're all doing well though! Germany's weather is getting better, spring time is finally here and summer approaches! OH HELL YEAH! Tomorrow's a bank holiday apparently (weird.. it's supposed to be in May not just before May..), still at least it means I should get an extra day off at least I hope so. Never thought being an Au Pair could be such hard work! Still can't complain, plenty of people have it worse hm? Ok. gonna stop rambling now. hands up who thinks I should put up more piccies!:D Hands down who thinks I should get rid of the ones I Do have:D Rebby!

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