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Blog title: K Factor
Blog description:Does knowledge intimidate? Why do you think a little knowledge (or a lot) sends men in the opposite direction? IQ is not (idiot quota) Does this highly selective site respect that both genders are created Equal... LOL...LETS lighten up
My blog address: http://MillionaireMatch.com/blog/emmanuelst
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I QUIT..'''.LIFE''' 225 Views 07/03/13

Want to start OVER..  born BORN againAGAIN... Leave THE  Past Behind... nOT just in The Mind... Say Hello to The Spirit... Yes , in deed, in fact,  the way to Live IS in THE Realm of The Spirit.

So I get OFF living with The Spirit...  In The Spirit... for The Spirit

My Reality.

TRY before You criticize.

ASK and you will find The Joy that surpasses knowledge.



I do not smoke...drink...or inhale

Life on Pure Oxygen.

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Money OBSESSION / 261 Views 07/02/13

MARKET UP  oH mY... MARKET  DOWN-- Oh MY... what a CATASTROPHY ... Living By NUMBERS...a LIFE DEtermined By a System DEvised to DEliver the Chills......... Can this BE A Nation of Obsessive Beings... Working with Addicts has opened my eyes to the" Many" faces of Addiction.

Looking to Get Something ...Anything FAST...immediate gratification. The HIGH... LOVE in the Worst  Sense. Can money or The Love of IT really Bring "ALL" to anyone? Thinking of RICHES and What Comes when the Money Flows is Great.... BUT What happens When an abrupt (HALT). BEFALLS  someone?

MORE TO LIFE...   what do you do...what to think of this MADNESS.....Crazzzy Addiction.!!

LOVE ... where is this illusive thing?  Am sick of not finding Happiness in RICHES...  LOVING something That CanNOT Love back

Thee BLOG blues........ let me down ....send in the federal reserve.


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QUEST 4 Millionaire 189 Views 06/29/13

AddictionControl Time... Does My Addiction Control ME or Do I Control My Addiction?  What am I referring to?  Do I know the difference?  Can Changing my Attitude Change Me?

Yes Yes Yes....  I am on this site to get what I think I want!!!  Happiness YEA... A Man...A MillionaireMAN...  wow Wow WOW... DO you know what it takes to BE A REAL ONE. 

GUTS...Perserverance... Hard Knocks that rip Your Heart OUT and Keep you Going...and Going AND Never NEVER Giving UP...

Thats The KIND of KIND Millionaire for ME in this SITE... I am QUESTING... AND REQUESTING

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Perfect Match for Millionare 170 Views 06/29/13

Loving Oneself FIRST... thats The Answer.  No Perfect Prince rides in His Chariot and Wisks HER off her feet. What a Fantasy!  To you Felines on The Hunt, look in the Mirror and re-evaluate priorities.

First...Look at yourseld and BE what you desire...When accomplishing that SIMPLE task. Oh not simple at all...to change oneself. Pretty difficult, I'd say ...if not impossible.

He wants it ALL... The Perfect Woman.

Where are You?  Miss Perfect... Something somewhere out there... LOOKS Fantastic... ACTS Impeccable...Is The One!!

Look Again...Millionaire

Be what You are Seeking FIRST... A CLASS ACT is worth following.

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Mind F**k 164 Views 07/03/12

Facetious mining and gas leaks and all that jazz.  It's a country worth living in.... I now reside here.  Coming from the North and igloos and sleds etc....what can i say.  Some like it hot!!  yea  Florida.  But.  On the other hand.  Sea and sand and nothing heavy to wear. Really mean ...nothing.  Barely  a shovel in sight.  No snow. No chair lifts. No long lines at the hills.

No hills... either.  Not a bloody hill in sight.  'Cept that garbage heap over near Pompano. Can u smell the heap off the 95.

Driving south i smell the crap.  Gas coming , Out those spouts. Must be methane.  Wow.

Love it here.....

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Hot Love or Horny.... 2b or not 2b 82 Views 07/03/12

Chemistry, try it sometime. h2o  and  co2  and some of Dave's hot sauce. I was hoping that this kind of blog would get your attention...  What is she making in this concocktion. Spell that on for size.   A real live chick trying to meet a real live   **ck  (fill in the blank)...

Need to make magic and mystery and what-ever-comes next.  It's futile blogging something R*e*a*l.    Cannot fathom what that is on an ethereal match-site...  Fantasy or is it real???

PLEASE ....  on the 4th FULL MOON  a luxury not to be believed.   Tell me this is NOT  to be. I now,  find out....

Witches and sticks ride together. 

Chemistry 101.... this is a joke,,, you know...right>>

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Up Early** Happy 4th** 17 Views 07/03/12

This is the time. Some many years ago. Ship drenched and tired they came aground.  With hope in their sight. Corn forthcoming and dreams of burgers and charcoal.  I still smell the lighter fluid.

Red men white men and yellow men.  Men of many colors. Watching and waiting for the next round.  How is it that you still eat meat?  Woulnd't you think bout the taint. Cows on revolt.

You know there's just a dog waiting out there. Hot and heavy. Full flavored and smoking. I see a tasty marshmellow. Boy is she lonely.  Fireworks , every time.  



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B'twixt B'tween B'wilderd 22 Views 07/03/12

B'neath the surface......looking she's found

Thorns amidst roses

red and blue

severing few........




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Patience......Patients....Calling ALL M.D.'s (Doctors) 58 Views 07/03/12

What happened to free trade?  Cattle call. I'M from Canada. I know.  Peanuts. Burrow down for trouble.  'Care' is on The Way.

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Blogastic BlogKink 15 Views 07/03/12

The Fun World....... blog kink...  New way down the yellow brick road..... Toto's trailing. Keep up Toto. Don't stop and smell the roses.  I am on My Mission.   The Wizard is waiting.  Bestest Movie ever made. A Kids nightmare.  F**ken Flying Monkeys.  Couldn't sleep for years.

New Heart, New Brain, COURAGE....... come on fellas.

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You Know Who U R ?? 51 Views 07/03/12

Mr.E.    i'm in rare form.... multi/ facetted, flawless and white. aka. gem... certified .

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Girls "B"ware 137 Views 07/03/12

Sitting around waiting to find this perfect Guy.  Man of your dreams. I will tell u.  It's NO  dream. A Nightmare, more like.  YOU...  being the Mare. 

Ride um cowboy...  Hold on tight. Who's got the reigns?  Le Roi...  i'd say.  King of his castle. Poor Humpty... got dumpty.

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Mr. E 37 Views 07/03/12

You outa know by now if it's too good to be true , it usually 'is'... Always... on this site. Outa site (sight) outa mind.  Anyone no what i'm talking bout?

New song 4 new day. Plenty  xperience going round. Xxtra lotta something here. So cozzy on down and try something , new? Is there a chivairous New Man seeking one heartee damsel.

I'm outa wit. Kinda dumb. Very sweeet. Open hearted. A real prize. Booby trap. Humorous. and in Florida , my home away from home.

Is this site like an advertising bull fight... u know,  when in Spain , cut them where it hurts. I am really seeking a sharp, flat out Man with an ability to ......


Still got His *alls and bloody sharp.

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Where the bleep did that come from?? 31 Views 07/02/12

Sorry for my horrid attitiude, today. I wrestle with brittle bones in my closet. Osteoporosis. Spelling IS my best feature.

Come on now ,can u take a joke. America? The best country . . . in the world .

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Sitting on the Pot... Pretty bad day, i'd say 57 Views 07/02/12

The old saying s*it or get off the pot.........you know ,i,  for one, am the best procrastinator .  The best and the worst of "us" cannot seem to make that dreadful decision. Who will i vote for? In life, one, decides on pretty much everything. Right?


Who are my Mom and Dad. Where i will go to school. What i get for dinner, and breakfast ,for that matter.  The word NO.... and how many times ,hearing it , makes me cringe.

So no wonder, making a decision, any decision, is something that can and does affect me. Really....... what do i decide ?

My partner (picking one). Attitude of His. Children. Their attitude. President, and the economy. How little is my money worth? What do i really get after All the work is done for.......

Retirement. Taxes and the final moment.

What did i do to deserve this? i chose to be born.


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Testanation 2012 20 Views 07/02/12

Campaigns wage wars in this the "2012" year of the Dragon.... rat....etc.  Whose side are You ON??  As the months heat up" literally. "The" voters are happy that their gas price has releived the nation's birthday. Oh ye Americans of little faith where is the star in your spangled pocket?


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Get Off the Pot 185 Views 06/28/12

She's at the rainbow desperately stretching beyond her reach. Tippy-toed with opened hand trying to grasp hold of that final breath  of  Mr. E.

You Know,  I was conditioned to believe in MAGIC.  .....  breathing requires nothing. It's oxygen to the lungs and life's  little twist.  My my my . Said simply. 

It's not Gold yur after.

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DO YOU KNOW..........What the Heck She's talking Bout ?? 89 Views 06/28/12

It's kind of funny this feeling inside, can't easily hide... especially when a song been sung Bout it!!  Grand illusions or illusions of grandeur.  Simply put or put simply. I desire/want /must have....  magic ALL.   Magical moments that change my world.  Is it inside me all along and brought out when A Man (THe Man)  bloody touches me in the exact spot.

Heart of the Matter........IS.......   the Matter of the Heart.

Where have you been hiding.?

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Well Bred Well Red Well Groomed 45 Views 06/28/12

Which is Most Important to YOU ? Well heeled.... hung..  'BEING'  . Indeed. ( 'being'.) "BEING". So what does this kind of comment/blog conjure out of You? 

Hopes and Dreams and Aspirations.  DAY IN

                                                     DAY OUT

                                                      DAY IN

                                                        DAY OUT


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NO NO NO .... HE thinks YES 93 Views 02/06/10
What don't you understand? NO IS NO.... But all the same You mean Yes.... don't you? Are you playing a game or what? I said to him "No" I do not want to date you and He thinks I am playing hard to get. Has this ever happened to you??? i am still very bloody puzzled by "His" interpretation. Time to pull out the Guns.....all the stops..... Get my big dog after him it/f NECESSARY.
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