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Blog title: K Factor
Blog description:Does knowledge intimidate? Why do you think a little knowledge (or a lot) sends men in the opposite direction? IQ is not (idiot quota) Does this highly selective site respect that both genders are created Equal... LOL...LETS lighten up
My blog address: http://MillionaireMatch.com/blog/emmanuelst
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GAMES and Monogamy 127 Views 02/25/14

Is The game of Life to Become Real? When do we start and finish this race with a bang? Only,  at the starting line. The final Gold comes to those who give it their best shot. Wanting the Best that Life has to offer.   This is why I am on a dating site, to try to have The Best contenders who are still racing and want The Gold. I am not referring to dollars and cents.

Sense and sensibility are not the conclusion but the endurance necessary for staying the race. Proceeding  to that qualifying round and getting rated and numbered and thus knowing that making the team is to realize that you get to compete. Monogamous Golds and  silvers and even bronzes are worth ALL the effort.  

Finding A Gold... Silver or Bronze Mate ...

I think that The Man who wins My HEART ... IS 


Lifetime of trials.

Overcoming obstacles.

Falling and getting Up.

Fairness and Teamwork.







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HAARP Weather 253 Views 11/13/13

Is the Weather altered by any government? Does anyone know? For sure...

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2013 2014 Whats Up? 85 Views 11/04/13

Expect the next 7.5 weeks ....Anything goes in the year of Deliverance. 2014 Brings Relief to The Masses...Economically, Spiritually, Earthly Re-vitalizing of Righting.

A Righting of Wrong.

A turning over and mobilizing of Masses.

A take charge of One's Attitude and Perspective.

A Strategy of Forgiving and Re-Birth.


History DOES NOT NEED to repeat The errors of judgemen t... upon Our Time.


Internally and Internationally

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PARanoID 99 Views 10/26/13

I would like to admit that my privacy and remaining secretive has been of utmost import. I Only want to contact those that I deem worthy of knowing . This site has sent Crazies my way. I have had trouble with believing and realized just recently that my imagination is Better than The reality. Sites and profiles and Truth etc.  Do I seem a litlle fearful that believing in this...(internet dating) as a way of finding The Mate is even possible.

I think therefore I AM.

I feel therefore I live.

I trust therefore ...

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*OFFENSIVE* Blogger 195 Views 10/21/13

Help... I cannot do this alone! Does This Blog offend You? Any Blog offend YOU?  If you are The Offender or Offendee ...

Write The Blog of your choice and see what response You receive.

Surprises do appear regularly.

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Missing YOU 202 Views 10/09/13


















































Humble Man.

Hearing You... Humble Man

Seeing You ... Humble Man

Knowing You










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Willing to Love Again? 119 Views 10/09/13




Don"t speak. 





























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CanNOT Sleep 99 Views 10/08/13

In the middle of the night...what u can't sleep? It's the world today. Worry that there is nothing anyone can do to Fix the S*it... What has happened to everyone/everything...?? Trying to figure it out and make a difference. Is it even possible? Where to start ...in the heart? Try to let go of the bitter hatred and frustration that surrounds you DL...stop calling names and thinkiing that you are the Victim. How funny that many or even one person is trying to destroy you ... a dry dr*nk is alot worse cause then you face yourself. No more excuses, right?

So today the name calling Must Stop!

This internet is your weapon . Like a gun or pen ..it can kill.

 MIND MATTERS. How you think matters. Conduct unbecoming... 

Now the Heart still beats But what does each breath equate too. Take in a peaceful attitude and exhale the carbon dioxide.


And let This Be Yours. 

Forgive , Forget , For Me , For e*specially You... 

Someday sleep lasts forever.

The words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart be acceptable in His sight.  

When sleep evades you and fear assaults you . 


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MAGIC SEX 223 Views 10/08/13

Crazzy Connection...Everything CLicks.. Perfect in every way.. Horizontal and the Body is Magical. The mind is racing into the future. That's what a girl thinks. He is Fantastic in BED. i LOVE THE WAY HE moves Me. 

What does HE Think? He wants the whole package... Yea. In everyway. Vertical as well as Horizontal. The way she thinks...The way she cooks...The way she smells...The way she looks (in and out of bed) OH yea what my friends think of her... Wonder if this is Truth or Fiction.

How do you judge The Magic?


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Millions and Billions of Lots of Everything 171 Views 10/06/13

What good is that without LOVE... When The Richest Men Die and have Not Love...  Sad is Not the word. If you have a child and yours is not seeking to know You... What have you gained?  Before the end is here and the last breath is taken... make ammends with those you fathered. It is never too late!  The millions cannot replace The Love that awaits you. Forget the blame...the guilt...the shame...

Forgiveness is forever.

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Pretty Superficial 234 Views 10/06/13

Are You? Well that is the Question? If LOOKS could Kill... Sometimes it is better to have the average Joe...right girls? or Jane? It is Not the way a person LOOKS.  Superficiality is for the lame. Being caught in the Game... wrong way. 

When younger the looking game was very valuable in finding The mate to have children with. Today what is needed is The One to grow older with and Trust and rely on through the golden years... Establishing Love and Respect .

I had a Man telling me today He liked my looks and body. It was so painful to feel admired for the wrong reasons. I am Not interested in That reason anymore. Needing A Man who likes Me for Me. 


Men with deeper insight.

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Truth is HARD...FRIEND 91 Views 09/25/13

Wanting a Real and Truthful FRIEND... when life's downs befall and the climb is tall...Be able to seek The Friend...i NEED to say a friend is always able to tell the Truth. Do Not wash the facts with sugar or spice. Tell me what I need to hear. Show me the Love and Respect that friends require with eachother. Will I be the one to determine my reaction. YES.

Love to know that this site IS as REAL as YOU make it out.

No BS...I am trying too....

Simple to Dream, Fantasize and Imagine that ALL is Attainable.Believe me it is HARD.











































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Clear Conscience 84 Views 09/01/13

Many years have past since a friend of mine was killed. I have always known who did the dirty work and have been much too afraid to come forward, for fear of retaliation.  Clearly with this kind of information the murderer would  likely be prosecuted and convicted.  Now the time has come for me to clear my conscience and allow Alice justice. 

If faced with similiar circumstances would You DO the Right Thing?

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MR. " E " 67 Views 07/15/13

Where is My MAN.... you know who you are...  My Blog of FUN... FILMING  and LAUGHS... TAKEN OFF THIS SITE!!!  WOW... Old Stuffy PANTS...

I was kidding around for a joke... you know, LOL...  just a Lark.  SO...   MYSTERY.  mr. e.

Lighten UP...

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NeedY SEX 102 Views 07/12/13

Want to get IT good? Play The Whore card ...Right? Dress like a Slut and talk dirty...right? He always wanted to PLAY... SO Play!!!  Make Him get out the cameras...  Start Filming... Get the down home feel going... He loves the role PLAY ... BUT... DO NOT .... I REPEAT  Do Not ... Let Him Find  the 'OTHER"  films ... Seeing You  with SOMEONE  ELSE sends Him over The Edge.                                                       Making Movies IS FUN... Yes?  Enjoy?

Y do we do the things we do?  My ANSWER...  waiting for The Academy  Oscar...                                  He's out there somewhere.

P.S.   Nice Christian LOOKING FOR SAME.

FUN BLOG ...com

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Not STUPID / Smart But SMART/ Stupid 112 Views 07/10/13

MM  is helping the process... Which process? !! BEcoming!!   As The Maturity (Wisdom) forces acceptance... This ever increasing inflection ... my mirrors have long been clouded from over-exposure. I had years of deflection... inspection...outward(Only)... thus broken reflection, back to deflection, and so on.  Now IS my time for  TRUE Direction

Finding ME... What do I see

Stupidly belived in Naivity

Slept with wolves and was rought with fright

Awoke amidst that charging knight

Oh youth , the sting is fleeting.

Thanks to those who took the time to  respond to me.  I have much to learn and need The Friend

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++ACCEPTANCE++ desperately seeking 201 Views 07/08/13

Trouble with a very simple way of Life. Too SIMPLE. ( just to let go) Anything...Anyone...Thoughts that are obsessive, Change, fearFEAR...

Peaceful and joyous IS THE WAY:  How do I get THIS...  ?

Working On IT!!  Second by Second. Looking at myself for Real for the 1st Time.. Character Defects...AND ALL.  Never knew  that this would Be SO ... Bloody Hard.  Friends please tell me your Secret... Achieving TRUE Happiness TODAY.    Really need to Know...


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Once... Hurt A BOY 95 Views 07/05/13


with pain in His Heart... He ran

Have been running ... whole life...its so Hard to be mis-understood.



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I QUIT..'''.LIFE''' 225 Views 07/03/13

Want to start OVER..  born BORN againAGAIN... Leave THE  Past Behind... nOT just in The Mind... Say Hello to The Spirit... Yes , in deed, in fact,  the way to Live IS in THE Realm of The Spirit.

So I get OFF living with The Spirit...  In The Spirit... for The Spirit

My Reality.

TRY before You criticize.

ASK and you will find The Joy that surpasses knowledge.



I do not smoke...drink...or inhale

Life on Pure Oxygen.

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Money OBSESSION / 261 Views 07/02/13

MARKET UP  oH mY... MARKET  DOWN-- Oh MY... what a CATASTROPHY ... Living By NUMBERS...a LIFE DEtermined By a System DEvised to DEliver the Chills......... Can this BE A Nation of Obsessive Beings... Working with Addicts has opened my eyes to the" Many" faces of Addiction.

Looking to Get Something ...Anything FAST...immediate gratification. The HIGH... LOVE in the Worst  Sense. Can money or The Love of IT really Bring "ALL" to anyone? Thinking of RICHES and What Comes when the Money Flows is Great.... BUT What happens When an abrupt (HALT). BEFALLS  someone?

MORE TO LIFE...   what do you do...what to think of this MADNESS.....Crazzzy Addiction.!!

LOVE ... where is this illusive thing?  Am sick of not finding Happiness in RICHES...  LOVING something That CanNOT Love back

Thee BLOG blues........ let me down ....send in the federal reserve.


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