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The old days 893 Views 06/10/08
I have been gone awhile, but still check in...but this place stinks compared to the old days...we had great fights...great senses of humor..hell we actually need nascar back....we had healey and so many more..I would list them but I would forget a few and don't want to hurt anyone....but dam this place has become so boring....we used to know each other ..we would take sides have teams......people would switch....emails were many people remember healeys original post about coupons ....I made a lot of good friends....remember the trip where the money was stolen.....the rich dude that used to post all those stories...cassie you know him...we made fun of each other...oh and the guy in San Diego dang what was his name...made up false women to hit on him.even made up a sister.....but was still a good guy.....and that chick that was really a that was entertainment...people would argue and block people .....dam this place was fun.....stories were great...we knew each other......just seems different...sure I'm poor and haven't had a date in years....and I think I can get a grant to remove this growth....and yes of course I can provide any woman the best 74 seconds of their life...of course they never admit it.....but I do miss the old days.....
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How honest are you 471 Views 05/24/08
I consider myself real honest...if a cashier or waitress gives me back too much change I tell them.......If I find a wallet I return it...i have a job that would be easy to make a lot of money on the side..I won't (although a lot of people in my industry do)...If someone does work for me and I realize he bid the job wrong and it's costing him ...I make it up...but if I found a bank bag full of money in the woods would I take it back to the bank.....If I got some inside information on a stock would I act on it....I go to a bar and tip a bartender enough that he gives me a free drink (this actually happens often and I hate when they do this unless I'm a regular and I know the owner wouldn't mind) so are we only honest with money that really means nothing to us...or would we be just as honest with money that could change our lives....I know my water company messed up and gave me an 800.00 credit...and I said nothing.......
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Healey is getting married 649 Views 07/09/07
Haven't been around much lately but when i heard this news I just had to post it.....Healey informed me the other day he has decided to tie the knot..well at his age it's kind of hard to tie anything. but I will say I thought it was great news, he found a wonderful woman...(and i do mean found, she was wondering lost out in the woods of PA)..but in all seriousness I would like all of you to join me in a great big congratulations to Healey and his new bride to be ..from what he has told me about her she seems like a lovely lady and one that he was lucky to find...(again I do mean find)..but all kidding aside..I wish him a long and happy marriage......
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