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opinions please Posted on Fri, Dec 23, 2011 10:43
This week I was contacted by a hansome man who wanted to meet me this weekend. I agreed to a date this Friday,,tonight actually. He lives about 75 miles away. He is coming up here ,as a gentleman should. I wanted him to select the restaurant and I would meet him there. ( he didnt like that idea,,wanted to pick me up) Recently I moved to San Francisco.Being new to SF, Im not familiar with any of the MANY fantastic places to eat in this wonderful culinary city. The man in question is 49 years old, a very successful engineer. Hes far from poor. Yesterday evening he called me to set up the time and place I was driving in heavy traffic and I dont have a headset, so I was pretty distracted while trying to talk to him. I was floored when he suggested the place he wants to take me.,,,for our first date,,,in one of the top Foodie Places in the WORLD. He wants me to meet him at Fre*h Choi*e. For Dinner. On a Friday Night. In San Francisco. That is a chain "Salad bar Buffet" that is SELF SERVE cafeteria style. Its the kind of place that is found in shopping mall food courts. He asked me what I thought of that idea. What I thought was " you MUST BE KIDDING" what I said was " I wont be wearing a dress and high heels for that" Admittedly, had I been at home or someplace where I could have given the conversation the attention it deserved,I would not have been so surprized and maybe would have said something a bit more gracious. The convo ended as I was driving into a tunnel ( yes for real) This from a man who was very actively pursuing me for a date the last two weeks. Truthfully, I was instantly turned off by his " suggestion" Totally cheap, totally lacking in any imagination. I lost all desire to meet this man right then. It now 10:30 am. I havent heard from him and I and wavering on hoping he doesnt call me back,,and wanting to go meet him after all. I dont think I care to go to the effort if his idea of a good time is eating in a mall food court. First meetings are always weird. I get it about people not wanting to invest too mkuch money or time in a meeting. AM I being too hard on this guy ??? OR, are you of the same opinion as am ??? FC is horrid suggestion and its NOT the way to impress anyone on a first date. I dont think Im going. Not my idea of a good time.
More of the SAME Posted on Thu, Mar 10, 2011 13:42
I should know by now........EVERY single " wink " I have received on this site is from a scammer. Thank goodness the staff now finds these cretins before they can do much beyond toss off some winks. At this point, I rarely even bother to check and see who sent it. Whenever I do, the profile has already been removed. This site is now little beyond a place for cons to hang out and try to snag a "mark" Such a shame. It used to be a great deal of fun here. Im spending my time elsewhere these days. Shaz ( darcy)
anyone heard from EVA ? Posted on Thu, Aug 05, 2010 19:34
pretty missy has not replied to my emails and Ihavent seen her around here in ages. Anybody have any idea where she is ?
Strangest thing you have ever done Posted on Fri, May 14, 2010 22:10

I was talking with my daughter and her friends today. One of them asked me about the weird life I have and what is one of the strangest things I have ever done.


I have MANY to choose from,,but I think this one takes it......


While in Bali, I scratched the tummy of a wild male indonesian fruit bat.Saw it hanging in a bush, walked right up to it and did that. He liked it !