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Escape to Paradise Posted on Mon, Nov 26, 2012 14:54

Im looking for a Girl Friday to join me on Ambergris Caye arond March 2013, times a bit short i know, im looking to move to this wonderful paradise and would love tpo have a companion, long term partner, life parter , whatever you want to call it.   The only pre requist to live tax free on or in Belize is you must be over 45 and be able to show a sustained monthly income of $2000.  considering you can live well on $2000 a couple on $4000 can live like a King and Queen, jusy google Ambergriscaye or San Pedro to see what i mean.


Love to hear from anyone interested



Question to the Gals Posted on Thu, Oct 16, 2008 09:04
If you turned into a guy overnight what would you most dread . All and any thoughts
Hoggin' the Blogs Posted on Fri, Oct 10, 2008 09:55
Has anyone pointed out that its Ungentlemanly to hog the blogs, or is the person concerned a Hogzilla
I'M DEVASTATED Posted on Wed, Sep 24, 2008 08:03
My Dear daughter Claire in the UK who has severe health problems, ie 7 huge non cancerous tumours for a liver and lymph glands that have stopped working, has learned today that Charlie, my G/son , sitting on my knee, who was a child model and is labelled 'genius level'. but who over the last 6 months, his behaviour has become intolerable, has Aspergers Syndrome, she learnt this this morning, and by pure coincidence i rang her as she arrived back home. She has been thro so much this past 4 years, and has always soldiered on, but as she spoke to me , choking back the tears, as i am now, The bottom just dropped out of her world, Do any of you out there have any experience of this, i would appreciate any input. I'm trawling the web looking for helpful stuff, but any personal dealings would be very much appreciated. I feel so helpless as a father, that all this should be heaped on such a sweet girl is heart rending. Rob
For your Convenience or a Flushing we will go Posted on Sun, Aug 05, 2007 11:30
About 6 years ago while returning from Oz via japan, i stayed overnight at a new plush airport hotel. The loo in the en suite had a control box with buttons. With certain trepidation i started to explore their functions, wow a warm water jet, a fine spray, a blast of warm air, and as long as one combination wasn't the dreaded Tampon remover i was OK. I read the other day that certain airlines are fitting this system to there far eastern services. I was just wondering if other MMer's have had curious experiences around the globe, like your first time in a loo with just two foot prints or in a Paris street, with just a bit of wrought iron separating you from the masses, or the toothless old hag with a mop cleaning between my feet in a Cherburg 'pissaria'when i was 15 , geez that was so embarrassing