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Thoughts about men... Posted on Jun 12, 2007 at 03:50 AM

So, You want to know what I have learned about men? This was a question that was recently asked of me. It is what I have discovered that works in my life, and with my choices, while searching for a partner to share my life with. This may not be the type of man that other women desire, or even need in their lives. If you are a man, this may not be the type of man that you are, and may never be the man you choose to become.

1) The men that I find attractive have an unwritten code of honor that they practice daily. They have a reputation of integrity and show good manners at all times in public. They treat all people with respect, and do not feel the need to be rude to others. When they are with me, (at least in public) they open doors for me,help me remove my coat, and pull out my chair when I sit at the table. There is no question as to who pays the bill when it comes. (Sometimes I will surprise him and pay it when before he knows what I have done...) It is interesting how many men like and want a woman who will let them be a "man." (What ever that really means) It took me many years to learn how to allow a man to treat me like a woman, or should I say, like a queen. I learned that I do not always need to be in control, and that it can be nice to let a man lead the way...when he wants to.

2) Many of the most powerful and wealthy men that I have met look like ordinary people. They usually have good posture and stand out in a crowd regardless of what they are wearing. They do not dress flashy (unless the occasion calls for it), and are often soft spoken and humble. However, when they are on stage, or doing their thing, these men have a presence that fills the room. They know who they are and do not need anyone's approval.

3) If they are interested in me, they will move heaven and earth to let me know. They pursue me. It seems that the harder they have to work to get my attention, the more they want me. I no longer chase a man. I have learned that there are men looking for a woman like me. As I result, I have become very selective and comfortable in taking my time, while waiting for the "man of my dreams." The men that I let into my world feel special and know that if they really want to capture my heart and soul, it will take time.

4) It takes more than fame or fortune to attract my attention. It is who the man is, and how he treats other people or animals that attract me. Most men know when a women is desperate for a man, or is after the money or fame that may come with him. This is a huge turn off for most men and they will find any excuse to get away from a woman like that. There are many women who will do "anything" to get their attention. I am not one of those women. Men sense this and know that I really do not need a man to take care of me, or to make my life better. They make sure that any time that they share with me is special. They plan ahead and look for new adventures to take me on that we will both enjoy. I make sure that the time they share with me is also very special...

5) Those who come on to me for sex quickly, before we even know each other, are not the type of man that I want. These men show who they are very early. They start talking about sex right away and are quick to demand a kiss, or try to put their hands on me in a sexual manner. This is a sure sign that they are not the man for me. This type of man will bed any women, anytime. They are not looking for a serious relationship and will not take the time to develop one. The type of man that I like will ignore the woman who comes across as being easy or accessible. These women are a dime a dozen (just like the men like them) and are not special. Men love it when I say no and they respect me for this. They know that this is important to me. The longer they have to wait,(not talking years here) the more they want me. The more they want me, the better they treat me. This was another lesson that took me a long time to learn...

6) There are many men who are attracted to powerful women who are confident, and who expect to be treated well. I have found that the man that I am looking for does not want a woman who will take care of him, or solve his problems. (well, maybe every now and than....) They like a women who is not afraid of who she has become, who will let him take charge part of the time, who likes to laugh and is fun, and flirts with him so that he feels, and knows, that he is desired as a man. This type of man wants a woman that he can take anywhere, who can handle any situation, or people, with grace and ease. He likes a woman who treats others with kindness and respect.

7) There are men who are attracted to a woman who can work hard physically or mentally. I find that they enjoy it when I can work along beside them, or when they watch what I do in my life. They like when I can change from my work attire, (and attitude) and return dressed up as a lady (or temptress) to play with them....

8) When the time is right, sex is important. :) I will not go into detail here, but by the time we get to that point, they will be very happy that they waited. LOL! I like a slow build up, emotionally first, that leads to my body physically responsing. For me, the best part of sharing this, with a partner I care about, is the anticipation of what is to come. I like it when the sexual tension builds up to where I catch my breath as he touches me, or when he kisses me and my body quivers a little as it aches to feel his touch... That is when I start daydreaming and imagining what it would be like to be with him. By that time, even thinking about being with him makes me get excited. I like to be romanced, flirted with, teased, and slowly seduced.

9) I have learned that men like to give gifts and even though I can buy them myself, will allow them to bring me gifts of flowers, jewels, shopping trips, castles, or what ever they feel that they would like to give to me. I am not sure why some of them feel this is so important. But, have noticed that in certain circles it just something that men like to do. Or maybe it is simply the way that I treat them that makes them feel like a King, and it is their way of returning the gifts I share with them....

10) Men need their personal space and quiet times so that they can clear their minds and plan for the next deal or plan of action. I also need this time to be alone. I do not like a man that clings or becomes dependent on my being with him everyday, every moment.

11) If a man says he is separated, or is recently divorced, I stay away. I prefer a man who has not been in a relationship for awhile. At least a year, if not longer. This tells me that they know who they are and do not need another person to make them happy.

12) A spiritual man is important to me. He does not need to be a member of any organized religion. However, if he trys to convert me to his beliefs, or makes fun of mine, I let him go. A man of spirit lives by an unwritten code of honor. They simply are who they are, while living through the spirit of all that is, and for the highest good of all concerned.

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Unicorns, Sirius, Atlantis, now. Posted on May 16, 2007 at 04:46 AM
I was one of those girls who chose the unicorns over boys. I know that this magical connection with them began when I was a "Light Being" on Sirius. We wanted to experience and enhance the planet now called earth. We used our thoughts to transport ourselves and our much beloved crystals and unicorns to the large island that we called Lemuria. The land that imagination forgot... After many lifetimes in Lemuria many of our people choose to go back into the thought form, or return to Sirius, while others choose to remain in the physical form and go to a land that is now called Atlantis. Lemuria disappeared into the mists and from the human eye. Those of us who choose to remain in the physical form brought our unicorns and crystals with, as they were a part of who we were. Since we could still travel by thought, we simply appeared in Atlantis during the early civilizations that were there. Of course, the original inhabitants of those islands thought we were all Gods and Goddess. And we accepted that role for the highest good of all concerned. We helped build the great Crystal Temples that were there. I was in Atlantis several lifetimes as a guardian of the crystals and unicorns that were around me, and with me. It took thousands of years and three large earthquakes to finally demolish the islands that formed Atlantis. The remaining island land mass went under the sea during the last earthquake. It was not the abuse of the crystals as many thought that destroyed Atlantis. During those last years, many of the religious fanatics tried to stop "us", who were than known as the Ancient Ones, from using crystals for healing and spiritual alignment. They saw that we gave the people hope, guidance and belief in a loving spirit and way of living that could not be contained by the than organized and very corrupt religion. The religious zealots tried to kill most of us that were from the old way of spirituality. Those of us who survived hid in the foothills. The religious leaders were unable to harness the power of the crystals or work with them. It became a law that any and all crystals must be destroyed. The great Crystal Temples were demolished. Many of the unicorns of this time were also slaughtered as they represented the old ways of connecting with the earth, the animals, and the spirit of all that is. We, the Ancient Ones, knew that the end of Atlantis was near and that the final earthquake was coming. We decided to leave before it came. Some of our people left by boats, others by thought. The people who left Atlantis and settled throughtout the world became known as the Seven Root Races of Mankind. I ended up in Peru. The unicorns and I spent a great deal of time in the mountains, especially around the waterfalls. There were not many of us left and we preferred to be alone. The people of that time where at the beginnings of understanding their spirituality and also made us their Gods and Goddesses. They built great temples to us that are still standing today. You must be asking yourself, where is this all going? Well, back to my love for unicorns and crystals, of course! This weekend I headed up the mountains and into the waterfall areas. The mists, waterfalls, and mountains (lined with quartz veins) reminded me so much of Lemuria...anyway, guess what turned up! A herd of unicorns! They came galloping around the corner of a huge waterfall, splashing in the water, playing and having fun, as they kicked up their heels, squealed in delight, and pranced in the moon light. The delightful unicorns reminded me to laugh, to believe in possiblities, and to remember that life is magical. That even in the darkness, the love and spirit of the earth and its animals are there for each of us to enjoy and be inspired by. My friends, the unicorns. I can still see them, talk to them, and touch them. Thank God for the unicorns in my life! (This blog was inspired by NKPs blog on My unicorn. It is also a spoof (or maybe the true facts) about what has been mentioned on other recent blogs debating the history of Lemuria, Atlantis, crystals, and the unicorns.
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Please help me with my profile.... Posted on Apr 29, 2007 at 04:14 PM
I would really appreciate your help with my profile. It seems that the only men that I attract are millionaires and billionaires. They all want to take me away in their big jets, buy me new cars, give me gifts ( I know, a diamond is a girls best friend, but how many diamonds does one girl need?), and make my dreams come true. Since my dreams are already coming true they take it personally when I tell them I can do it on my own! I try to tell them I do not need their money and am only looking for love. This really seems to confuse them. I am not sure why this is. And so, have decided to follow the lead of Romantic Goddess to see if maybe I can get some helpful ideas from my "favorite friends" here at MM. (Note. If you are not one of my favorites let me know and I will add you...) Do I need better photos? Should I change the wordings? There must be something I can do. Thank you for your time.
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Happy Earth Day! Posted on Apr 20, 2007 at 05:22 AM
Happy Earth Day, Everyone! I woke up this morning to the birds singing, and the sun rising over the mountains. It is like the earth was wishing me a good day and reminding me of how lucky I am to be living in the middle of her great wonders. Nature, and this planet called earth is filled with magic and healing for each of us. Today, take a moment to honor her by breathing in the breath of life that only she can bring into our souls. Look around you and notice the gifts this planet has brought into your life. The trees, the sky, the grass under you feet. Thank our good mother earth for all the good she has brought to us and for all the good things to come. This coming Tuesday, April 22, is the traditional day set aside for honoring the earth and recognizing the enviromental issues that we have created. Have a Happy Earth day my friends!
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A new religion..come join with me in laughter Posted on Oct 27, 2006 at 10:35 AM
I am feeling a little left out on all these discussions about the religion everyone thinks we need to be a member of. So, I have decided it is time to start a new religion. Laugh with me as I imagine the possiblilites. (Disclaimer-this is not meant as a put down on any person or their personal religious beliefs, what ever they may be.) As I look out from this mountain, on this dawning of a new world I can see that the time has come for me to ascend so that I might become a God/Goddess/or whatever form that people decide I look the best... My words of wisdom for the highest good of all concerned (and with harm to none) will be saved in the memorys of those who will translate them into words I have never said. Others will take it upon themselves to carefully place my words (or the ones they think sound the best to serve their needs) into purple bound books that will be used to control the masses of people that flock to hear the words of my glory. Than these devotees can pray to the image that will be created of who someone thought I really was. Statues will be created in my honor and will adorn the buildings built to house those who speak the truth of what they believe others feel I may have said or done. People far and wide will be wearing my images (or what ever they decide I should symbolize) on their necks and hang me on their walls. All I ask is no sacrifices or blood please. I looked into the future and saw one of the statues dedicated to who I was not. I find it very endearing that my two cats were added near my feet to stand guard as witnesses.
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My commitment to the sun rising on the mountain... Posted on Oct 18, 2006 at 06:04 PM
In the early morning hours when the sun is rising over the horizon, I step outside my front door and look down from my mountain at all the other purple colored mountains and the valleys between them. I often ponder about how many other people have done the same thing as I now do, for thousands of they looked at this view. I am reminded of how small, we as humans, are in the greater scheme of life and time...scientists say these mountains are the oldest in the world. Dating back to the prehistoric times. Cave men were here! Imagine, for a moment, all the people, the civilizations, all the religions that have been here and gone...over millions of years. Gods, Goddesses, kings, queens, people like us, people like them, they must have all been here... And now I am. Just a blink in the passage of time.
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When animals attack....Your stories Posted on Oct 05, 2006 at 03:42 PM
After reading the topic from Will on "The scariest things that have happened in your life", I thought it would be fun to add a blog on when animals attack or any other encounters with them that might have made you tremble a little, or a lot! Most of mine are horse related. The first was a lovely black stallion who was used for tricks. His trainer, a big burly German man, passed away and the owners wanted me to work with him. Most of what I learned the horse taught me as no one knew how he had been trained. He did not like me. In fact, he had very little respect for me. He was very cute and could walk on his hind legs, bow on both or either front leg, lie down, count and so on. We had gotten to where he was showing me some of his tricks and he would perform them on command. One day a group of people had come to see him do his tricks. We were in an enclosure area that was an 8 foot chain link fenced field. He had completed all of his tricks that I knew and than galloped quickly across the field with his tail up and held held high. He reached the far end and came galloping back at full speed...I thought he was showing me the trick where a horse will run away than come back. Well, he was coming back, like a freight train. His ears where laid back flat on his head, his eyes rolled back and his teeth were open. He was going to attack me! So here I am 200 yards from the fence. I did not have time to run for cover or to climb out. The people watching were horse people and several of the women began to scream as they knew what was happening. I knew I was in trouble but felt no fear as there was no time. I picked up the whip that I had and ran towards him. He was a little surprised when I attacked him and began to strike him very strongly on his front legs and face with the whip. He stopped the attack. I was lucky that day. After that he respected me and we had many great times together. I have also had a stallion attack me from inside its stall. I was walking by this horses stall and saw the flash of his teeth as he leaped across the stall in a mere second. He aimed at my face. His teeth scraped my neck from below my ear to my left chest below my collarbone, where he picked me up with his teeth and shook me like a rag doll, the skin broke and I fell out of his reach. To this day I still have the scars left from his teeth where he picked me up. I think one of my most impressive animal encounters (other than horse) was when I had moved to Florida. I was near a small lake and had been looking at the gators that swam there. It was one of those mystical and wonderous evenings during the magic hours of dusk and a golden light was coming through the leaves of the trees. For what ever reason I decided to wash my hands and bent down to do so, of course after carefully checking for gators. When I started to get up I lifted my head and found myself looking eye to eye with the most amazing snake. He was coiled in the water and had raised up at least 3 feet and was about a foot in front of my face. The golden light was streaming on him making him look like an golden ivory colored statue. I could see the white on the inside of his mouth and his red eyes sparkled in the light. It was one of the most beautiful and majestic sights I had ever seen. He was breath taking and I did not want to break the spell we were sharing. It was a very spiritual moment for me as I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. We stared at each other for a few moments. I moved slowly away so I could go get my friend and tell him about this incredible snake by the lake. When I got back to the cottage and told my friend what I saw he was shocked. He proceeded to tell me that this sounded like it was a very large water moccasin and that these snakes are very territorial and will strike many times in a row to kill. By then I began to realize what could have happened. That snake must have been amazed at how stupid I was... My body went into shakes. I think the only thing that saved me that day was that I had not encountered poison snakes before this and felt no fear when he was in front of my face. If I had felt or shown fear the snake would have struck and bit me in the face.
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What men mean to us..... Posted on Sep 19, 2006 at 08:58 AM
God gives us men and compels some of us to love them. Yet why is the man, an animal with such a big heart, so hard to understand at times? Perhaps it's because if our men were easier for us to understand, and we could trust them with our hearts, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the experience of life. Or, perhaps it's because God wants us to learn unconditional love. To have a man in your life is a gift of sorts. A good man can teach a women courage, if she chooses to take that chance and hang on for dear life. Even the smallest of men thinks he is mightier than the tallest of women. To conquer the fear of failing, making mistakes in a relationship, having one's heart crushed, or being publicly humiliated is an admirable feat for any women. For that, we can be grateful. Men teach us responsibility. Unlike a bicycle, or a computer,a man needs regular care and most of it requires that we need to get dirty, maybe smelly, and up off the couch. Choosing to leave your cozy chair to bring your man a beer, or wine is a responsibility. When our man drinks heartily, we know we've made him happier. If he is happy he will want to stick around for more treats and cuddling. Learning to care for a man is both an art and a science. Some are easy keepers, requiring little more than regular turn out, a microwave dinner, a beer or wine, and some quality time under and above the sheets. Others will test you, you'll struggle to keep them from being too fat or too thin, to pick up their clothing, keep the toilet seat down, or to remember important dates. Some are so accident prone you'll swear they're intentionally finding new ways to injure themselves. If you weren't raised with men, you can't know that they have unique personalities. You might expect this from dogs, or horses, but men? Indeed, there are clever men, grumpy men, serious men, and even men with a sense of humor. Those prone to humor will test you by finding new ways to escape from the house or chores when you least expect it. Men can be timid or brave, lazy or athletic, obstinate or willing. You will hit it off with some men and others will elude you altogether. There are as many "types" of men as there are people, which make the whole partnership thing all the more interesting. If you've never lived with a man, you probably assume it's a simple thing you can learn in a weekend. You can, in fact, learn the basics on a Sunday, but to truly know a man, well that takes a lifetime. Working with a living being is far more complex than turning a key in the ignition and putting the car in "drive." In addition to listening to your psychologist, your man will have a few things to say to you as well. On a good day, he'll be happy to go along with the program and tolerate your mistakes. On a bad day, you'll swear he's trying to kill you. Perhaps he has not learned how to communicate, or perhaps he's fed up with how slowly you're learning his language. Regardless, the man will have an opinion. He may choose to challenge you (which can ultimately make you a better person) or he may carefully guide you through life's challenges...if it suits him. It all depends on the partnership, and partnership is what it's all about. If you face your fears, swallow your pride, and are willing to work at it, you'll learn lessons in courage, commitment, and compassion in addition to basic survival skills. You'll discover just how hard you're willing to work toward a goal, how little you know, and how much you have to learn. And, while some people think the man "does all the work", you know better, and so does he. You'll be challenged physically as well as mentally. Your man may humble you completely with his love. You may find that being around him is the closest you'll get to heaven. You can choose to intimidate your man, but do you really want to? The results may come more quickly but will your work ever be as graceful as that gained through trust? The best partners choose to listen, as well as to tell. When it works, we experience a sweet sense of accomplishment brought about by smarts, hard work, and mutual understanding between a man and a women. These are the days when you know with absolute certainty that your man is enjoying his life with you. If we make it to the older years with our man still in our lives, most of us will squeeze them into our oversaturated schedules; balancing our need for things around our relationships, with those of our career and households. It seems there is never enough time to play, or to be with them as much as we'd like. Hours with our man are stolen pleasures. It is in our blood to love a man, we want to share our life with them. Our man knows our secrets. We share our tears with him as he wraps us in his arms and whispers our hopes into our ears. Our home becomes a sanctuary in an unsettled world, a sheltered place where life's true priorities are clear. It is a warm place to sleep with someone who loves us, where we know that our man really cares about us. When you step back, it's not just about men,it's about love, life, and learning. On any given day, a man could be celebrating an achievement or recovering from an illness. That same day, there could also be loss, a broken limb, a case of the flu, or he could be having a bad day. As women, we share the life cycle of men, the hurried rush of life, love, loss, success, and death, that caring for a man brings us. When our partners pass, it is more than a moment of sorrow. We mark our loss with words of gratitude for the ways our lives have been blessed. Our memories are of joy, awe, and wonder. Absolute union. We honor our men for their brave hearts, courage, and willingness to share their life with us. To those outside our circle here on MM, it must seem strange. To see us in on this site, who would guess such poetry lives in our hearts? We celebrate our men with praise worthy of heroes. Indeed, our men have the hearts of warriors and often carry us into and out of fields of battle on their white stallions. Listen to the stories found here, of that once in a lifetime man, of journeys made and challenges met. Of relationships found that will last the tests of time. The best of men rising to the challenges we set before them. Those who know them understand how fully a man can hold a woman's heart. Together, we as women, share the joys and pains of finding the man who can touch us so deeply. We shoulder the burden of deciding when or whether to begin a life with a true companion. Or so we like to think... In the end, we're not certain if God entrusts us to our man or our man to us. Does it matter? We're grateful God loaned us this man in the first place.