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Blogs, Comments or Rivalry! Posted on Sun, Jun 18, 2006 11:56
Warning! Before you read this understand that in no way shape or form am I trying to pick at one or more of the fine outstanding members which I call on. So in advance, I apologize to you if within you might get offended or insulted. Know that Insults or offenses are not my intention. It is interesting how instead of using these Blogs to get to know one another, we use them to patronize other members. As I have not been on this On Line Dating system too long I do not really know the rules, is there a manual? Because apparently I am using the blogs wrong. According to what I have read, a Blog starts out with good intention however some members see this as a means of attacking others. I decided to take it easy from work this week and enjoy and explore. With all this time on my hands and nothing really to do - what is a girl to do? Well, I embarked on this adventure called the Blogs. Not only have I read about the same players and their hidden Love/Hate relationships and the way they try to bash each other in a not so politically correct way and like Mr. Shane wrote ?..... One up the grass greener on the other side.....? His blog was supposed to be about something so simple and we took it to the next level and then you add an angry ?Therapist? well, what a twist. Then you also have Mr. Lance and his misspelled word with it meaning of pathological liar (which in his defense might have been a slip of the keys). Well simple comets and simple logic in all. You are dammed in you do and dammed if you don?t as I agree with him that all of us lie at one point or another and Ms. Frankie with all due respect to you, I am also a single mother and always teach my children not to lie, but this self righteous way of thinking you sound just like my older sister. As I too am extremely close and open with my children it does happen, maybe you have not noticed but yes white or dark lie they are all the same. The best statement should have been I try and not lie; I live my life in no drama. You are going to tell me that in your entire life you have not lied? "I don?t think so!" We are innate to it. Also, people worrying about some of us being on line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well sweetie maybe we work our own hours, from home and our systems are on all the time. We might even have clients abroad which we might have to stay up for maybe teleconferences and if you had our schedule you would understand. As some countries may have 3, 6, 9, or 12 hours difference. So take a chill pill! As I feel sorry for both Lance and Shane and their constant competition for Miss Erica (who by the way has written such lovely things). Gentlemen, you both seem to be all together men, with all the qualities any woman may adore. (I know I would!) Maybe your expectations might be a little high; however, you both are within your right. Shane, you especially have that Richard Gere look that one can just melt in your eyes, WOW! And Lance you are like a kid in a candy store, so many beautiful, intelligent, women you do not know where to begin. (LOL) Mr. Mark and Will, I see you both here just for the ride, love all your comments even when some are not what some of us want to hear. Freedom of Speech and expression are covered under our constitution and I am all for it. You all have made me smile so much this week, I thank you! In every show there is a ring leader the problem is that we also need a moderator and a director, so figure out which role each has and we might be able to follow instructions better. All of us are here for similar reason, whether it is to find that special someone that completes us and will make us forget about everything around us. The one that will do anything to keep you interested and make is so difficult for you to leave in the morning, at least not without your ?Blessing?. The one that makes you just melt all over and kills you when you are apart. The one that is so cute and will text you with a very provocative message which gives you a smile and natural high while you are in your meetings. Making you want to leave immediately to satisfy your need. Maybe you are looking for friends or advise, or like the three lovely ladies that write so well (well two of them) to get material for a book, like Miss Frankie, Miss Erica and even Miss Therapist herself. Ladies, ladies, ladies, let us know exactly what kind of material you are looking for so we can actually open up to you in private. We all have our own stories and some of us probably a best seller but you will never know unless you ask us. You can probably give John Grisham a run for his money. I am not a writer and would never pretend to be, but like I said, we might have a nice story waiting to be told. This reminds me of High School, the clicks and competition for attention, the who?s who! The cool kids, the nerds, the future farmers, the religious group, the want to be kid, the singer, the actor, the dancer, the writer, the poet. What a wonderful confusing time! Last I heard, I had graduated High School, received my degrees and have tried to make something of myself, but never did it say, go back to the high school scene and all its drama. LOL!!!!! I welcome your comments as long as you keep it nice and clean. As I am not trying to insult anyone just want to know what the H*** we are here for if not to look for our future better half! Best of Luck to all! Blanca