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Should We Wash Our Hands More Often? Posted on Wed, Jul 12, 2006 19:42
There was a blog or two about female masturbation. The following is the result of a not-so-serious (?) outdated research... The question is - should we wash hands more often in the 21st century taking into account that the population has increased in numbers? THE FACTS Kinsey Report - "Sexual Behavior In The Human Male" 98% of males (including married men) admitted to masturbating. Average: 3 times per week. (and... 85% admitted premarital sex; 50% admitted adultery) (Kinsey, et al. 1948) Current population - 132,090,689 Men in the United States ASSUMPTIONS 1. It takes at least ten minutes (on average) for a man to masturbate. LET'S DO THE NUMBERS 132,090,689 men in the United States X 3 wack-offs/week = 396,272,067 wack-offs/week 6 ten-minute-periods/hour X 24hours/day X 7days/week = 1,008 ten-minute-periods/week 396,272,067 wack-offs/week / 1,008 ten-minute-periods/week = 393,127 wack-offs/ten-minute-period 393,127 wack-offs/ten-minute-period X 98% (Kinsey Factor) = 385,265 wack-offs/ten-minute-period CONCLUSION At any given moment (on average), 385,265 men in the United States are wacking-off. So, be careful who you shake hands with!
Help Adopt This Very Special Dog!!! Posted on Tue, Jul 11, 2006 13:26
All, A friend of a friend is looking for a good home for a very special dog. He said it's really lovable and friendly with the kids, but his wife says the dog makes her nervous when it stares at her and she wants it out of the house. Click on the picture below
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Pictures People Post In Their Profiles Posted on Tue, Jun 06, 2006 06:44
Somebody asked me the other day: "Why do women place pics of their pets in their profiles?" I did not think long and hard and said: "For the same reason that men put pics of their toys - cars, bikes, boats, etc (some would put pics of a space ship if they could afford it)... people display what's important in their lives". Later I thought about it again. There is actually a big difference between taking care of a living breathing creature, especially rescued and/or sick, and polishing and dusting your Harley every day. But that is not the point. The question I would like to ask is What do think about posted pictures where people are tenderly hugging/snuggling/etc with somebody of the opposite gender, even if it has an explanation: "It is my relative, a friend of a friend, co-worker, etc". Dating sites have been created to help people meet their partners, to be able to (effectively) sift through hundreds of profiles, while a written description should give you an idea of who/what the person is, the pictures help you see what he/she looks like. During this INITIAL stage do I really care to know what your co-workers (or ex-significant others to that matter) look like? Am I here alone?
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