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  • I was one of those millions of people playing the Mega millions lottery, trying for that $370 million Jackpot. I knew I wouldn't win, but I still wished for it. O well, I hope that the people that won, don't go crazy and end up like the curse of the lottery story victims. I know that won' thappen to me, because I know that I won't ever win. I don't really play that much.
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Upsetting news for me... Posted on Tue, Mar 20, 2007 18:39
I am so upset, I just found out that I am being garnished (wages). I wasn't informed of this before hand, although I did know that I was not paying on the bill as I was supposed. They mailed the papers to an old address, and somehow it was not forwarded to my current address. This was like 2 months ago, I could have settled it then, had I known. I am just upset that it happened so suddenly. It is my fault, this is something I know. I just wanted to vent a little:) It helps.