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*** VL HOTLINE! *** Posted on Mon, May 14, 2007 10:37
So it sounds like he could possibly be a troll, but one can never be sure, however he is a SELF PROCLAIMED GOLD DIGGER............... So what do we know, what have you got? Anyone talk to him IM? Anyone talk on the phone? Has anyone been asked for money? Anyone emailed by him? Anyone send email to him? Anyone have other questions? Based on what he wrote on his golddigger blog it sounds like he is looking for some poor sod of a woman who's bank account he wants to drain for supporting himself , receiving endless moneys for financing what I can only imagine are fruitless endeavors designed to feed his delusionary visions......and while searching for some vulnerable unsuspecting individual he is droning on endlessly in that know it all condescending tone filling the blogs with his endless drivel... Disgusted in Blogland..... by the way.....Just saying...