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Focus Posted on Mar 09, 2008 at 07:11 PM
We focus for a time With careers in mind Errantly thinking the course set. Love comes unexpectedly Mind's sensibilities beset By heart's champion so valiantly Only orderly routine found Once there was control Joyfully organized around Yet Cupid's arrow numbs reason Love so strange for who would have known So much joy and pain from one emotion Unconditional and free how can this be? Oh what a thought floating to the top Planning gives way to spontaneity With just one glance in almond bliss Oceans of themselves do dwell The soul so true I lost with it's first kiss
earthen womb Posted on Mar 05, 2008 at 07:29 PM
This my sacred temple In silent darkness do ascent Searching for that state of bliss From earthen womb do dwell Roots stretching to her core So no man may fell this shell Give balance once more Standing amongst my kind What is it you will find Only seeking the divine Radiant love compels a voice Let loose anchors of doubt Give sail to passionate winds soft caress Grounded in roots ever stretching Arms reaching to the heavens Ever growing, ever learning, ever loving
Ever Reaching Posted on Mar 04, 2008 at 06:21 PM
Climbing to the roof tops Reaching ever higher Goals getting closer Reaching for the tree tops Never looking back now Hearing everybody scream and shout Looking to the mountain tops Who's that they see now Never giving up never turning back now Goals almost within reach Almost to the top now Here it is what now At the top here we go Never letting go Leaping off the mountain top Soaring like an angel Falling ever faster Closer to disaster Never feeling freer Eyes seeing clearer Crashing like a hurricane Blinding pain binding chains Gasping for breath now Stamina spent wow Heart bounding like a deer Crawling to the wall Soul showing no fear Searing pain will not allow the fall Climbing to the roof tops Reaching ever higher Goals getting closer Never looking back now Hearing everybody scream and shout Looking to the mountain tops Who's that they see now Quest doesn't end here Looking to the stars Answering the wind why Leaping off the mountain tops Ever reaching Never giving up now Always going higher Soaring like an Angel Falling ever Faster Closer to disaster Never feeling freer Eyes seeing clearer Laughin' out loud Dancin' with the clouds Challenge met wow So this is how it ends now Giving all you got Never looking back Leaving it all out Soul never doubting Now it's time for healing
Meadow's Posted on Mar 03, 2008 at 07:45 PM
Meadows Walking through this meadow Lost in a vision of radiance Finger tips soft as a spring breeze Collecting morning's dew From multitudes of wild flowers Listening to the delicate flutter of wings Butterfly and bee dancing with glee From each flower a gentle kiss Left for the sweetest nectar Opening my heart and closing mine eyes Seeing the magic of the meadow as if anew The meadow is our souls in unity Without one another no life can be born Yet here we are rhythms of two now one Joyous harmony giving in abundance Knowing when with you I am home Yet without you, forever searching for home So this soul still quests for the meadow true Sadness has no hold Though the journey long For the story of our meadow spreads Germinating in each person's heart touched An inspiration of hope that they will find A meadow like ours, a home to call their own
Hearts simple request Posted on Sep 20, 2007 at 08:55 PM
Smiling, lost in the depth-less oceans of that which the soul uses as windows. I float on the whispers of thoughts yet to spoken. If a picture is worth a thousand words. Then truly the eyes must convey a lifetime of words in but one glance. The heart's passion wanting that connection with an impatient beating within my chest. How long must I wait? Yet through patience and self control will I find that soul I so desire. Heart's desire set to smolder. Burning ever hotter till the soul ignites in a raging inferno to match the heat of the hearts passionate beat! Feet once set in stone now find the rhythm of my heart beat. Gliding across the floor a flower no more! With each breath of heavenly air filling my lungs and giving me voice so steady and clear. Taking this time to ask who will dance? Who will share this knights soul with equal care? LP
Fallen from grace Posted on Sep 11, 2007 at 11:06 AM
If man can be forgiven for even the worst of sins and admitted into heaven because he is truly remorseful. Then can a Fallen Angel find forgiveness for their fall by helping man find the light of the Divine? Or, is it that because the Angels have been created on a different plain of existence and have seen the Divine routinely and knows he exists that they are doomed to oblivion? That to know and still have the arrogance to rebel against the Divine, is this why they are lost forever? Or, is it that the Divine knew when he created them that they would fall? To give them the task to offer temptations to man so that man would know good from evil. If this is the case then are the Fallen Angels really fallen, or just doing that which they were created for? If man can do the horrible things we do to each other. (Mass genocide etc.) Are we any different from the Fallen Angels? LP
To ridicule or love Posted on Aug 31, 2007 at 10:13 AM
Words of hurt or words of joy. Integrity of the soul is knowing the difference between the two. The power that each whether hate or peace incalculable to say the least. Yet the power does not come from the speaker but from the soul of the audience. For without that audience these words have no power. Ridicule or love who's to say? But the greatest power is choice to change the channel within our hearts. Seek the potential to lead and inspire To give compassion even if thought undeserved. Creates the expansion of our own souls allowing us to grow. Let our ego's greed be foregone. Humility's humble wish rise to the top Unshackle inner child's unconditional joy Grant karma's expense to a state of radiant bliss. Regain the power of self worth from speakers past. And step through the open door of compassion at last. LP
Thoughts and deeds Posted on Aug 28, 2007 at 07:33 PM
By your thoughts and by your deeds your character is slowly revealed to those around you. The soothing song of your voice healing the sorrowful spirit. Your touch melting away the tension, and your eyes alleviating all anxieties. This is just a humble man's view of what he see's in you. The passion's fire never reduced to ash, but with each moment shared the fire burns ever brighter. Meet with me this night that once more our souls are joined and our hearts sing
Liquid thoughts of a new day Posted on Aug 26, 2007 at 03:41 AM
Tickling the right hemisphere into creative liquidity in the hopes of finding new and interesting friends I begin a fresh new adventure on this morn's early sunrise. What lessons are learned and what joy's to be found! From crickets violins to a robin's song. The heart beats it's rhythmic drum and lungs fill with crisp airs oxygen filled delights as synaptic relays move at the speed of thought. Good morning! LP
Miles upon the quest Posted on Aug 23, 2007 at 08:39 PM
My soul searching wondering where you are? Endless are the sunsets past with lessons won Exhausted yes! Though weary I say nae! With my soul's windows shuttering closed I steal one last glimpse of Luna's radiant face Before sleep over takes and I dream once more. In that dream we meet upon a distant shore. Your radiant soul leaving me in splendid wonder. No kiss nor touch it always seems Waking up to the morning's caressing breeze Your gentle laughter never a tease Inspiration for my mornings first smile. Maybe today is the day that you are no longer Caught in a dream but instead freed to this realm Where our souls can finally embrace with passion That only two patient lovers kept apart too long Could possibly understand. LP
Inspiration to an ailing friend Posted on Aug 23, 2007 at 09:54 AM
There are times of weakness, times when no matter how many souls are around still you feel alone. There are times you feel so sick, you wonder how can you continue. To surrender this gift, this curse. It would be so peaceful, allowing the soothing, hypnotic swirls of the ebon abyss to claim you. So, you fall. Yet, there it is that brilliant flash, the memories of seanson's past. A spark ignited, it's flame burns stronger. It's embers spreading, as it consumes the soul in a raging inferno of....Hope! Coursing through your veins, this fire rages to your heart. Somehow, your heartbeat gains strength, sending that fire of hope into your lungs. Heart and lungs joined as one, nourishing your body with hope. Hope that only the soul within can give. Eyes bolting open as you realize! I am falling into the abyss! Not ready, arms reach out for anything. Is it to late? Then your hands find hold, your eyes focusing. Finding many pairs of eyes gazing upon you. Further focusing what do you see, many hands reaching out for your's. Who are these souls? Your friends, and family. For you were never alone, each giving a piece of themselves. Giving you strength, health, and Hope!
With every effort Posted on May 21, 2006 at 06:10 PM
It would seem the quest must continue. For as sure as I was to have found that which I have sought for so long, alas I have missed her once more. But it is not with a heavy heart that this quest continues. Instead a renewed energy fills my soul. For my latest life experience has brought me that much closer to her. Her voice gaining strength from a whisper dancing on the wind to a soft conversation heard just around the corner. My quest will come to an end. Finding us both face to face lost in the passions of our eyes, and on that day two hearts will become one.
One more night Posted on May 23, 2006 at 07:24 PM
Resting against a coconut palm feeling the rough bark against my hands contrasting to the soft milk white silk sand pressing between my toes. My eyes gently closed smelling the salty ocean air. The night breezes dancing through the palms a gulls cry in the distant. Your voice on my ear I fight the urge to open my eyes for fear of it being another dream. What is the soft whispers spoken I am not sure, but as I finally open my eyes I feel your hand in mine knowing that you are finally at my side we share our first true sunrise together as the suns golden tendrils stretch out over the horizon touching our skin. Joy of knowing love has found us at last together.
a rainy day Posted on Jul 23, 2006 at 07:01 PM
The rain came light to my skin. It didn't take long before I was soaked through. Ah but what a wonderful thing it is to dance in the rain. Jumping from puddle to puddle, and spinning on the walkway almost out of control, but always just in. The laughter in my heart, and the mischievous glint in my eyes can not be held in even if I tried. Soon I have others dancing and laughing with me in the rain while others watch from inside smiling feeling the joy of life shared with all in the moment.
Lionphish at an end Posted on Aug 25, 2006 at 02:12 PM
This lionphish is swimming toward the sunset in search of a new reef to explore. Thank you to the audience of bloggers who have enjoyed my fluid thoughts in verse as my right brain synapses continue to fire spontaneously. Until this site I never pursued my writing, and because of it I shall continue once I've gone. My life has found a new chapter and the means to pursue the goals I have set forth in my never ending quest. With each passing storm there will always be a rainbow to follow. Never give up on that which you believe most to be true to your soul. As this months subscribtion ends I bid adieu. Lionphish
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Where is Superman? and many other tangable statements Posted on Aug 18, 2006 at 07:12 PM
Skating down a freshly polished wooden floor in a pair of knit socks. Laughing histarically even before the inevitable collision with the door. Picking yourself up and skating back down to the other end filling the whole house with healing joy. Being told that Superman doesn't exist, and then finding him every where you go in the people you meet. Realizing you don't have to have super powers to be a super human being. It all starts from within the depths of your soul, and cascades outward to everyone you meet with each word and deed you do. (Just be careful not to be a Luther!) A Florida boy seeing a snow bank for the first time, and racing up to the top with the other kids to slide down the snow slide. Only realizing after the snow flips up into his shorts that maybe wearing jeans would have been a better idea. Waking up as a child, and riding your bike outside to find friends to play with until supper time. As great as t.v. is and video games are our children healthier and happier for it? The constant burst of synapses firing in my right brain like a choir of spider monkeys singing "Shout kick my heels up and Shout!, hey-ey hey! Shout! a little bit louder now Shout!" So many thoughts and ideas my left brain running around in circles with it's hair on fire screaming "Must have order, must have calm!" It is within me that I have 3 good business idea's, but alas no business sense to get one started. Though it is said it only takes one amazing woman to capture the focus of the unorganized and undisciplined man. Lastly lying my welcome mat made of artifical grass before me, and rubbing my feet on it. My eyes closed chanting; "Goosfraba, Goosfraba" LP
Spontaneous outbursts of creativity not combustablilty Posted on Aug 17, 2006 at 07:08 PM
Walking faster than the speed of light while juggling a camera, a toothbrush, and a raincoat. Jumping from tree to tree testing the theory of gravity, defying logic, missing a branch and finding the ground quite hard. Water sking badly and wiping out spectacularly and losing my swim trunks by a beach of people. "Hi there have you seen my swim trunks? Trying to talk to someone who doesn't speak english, and thinking if I talk real LOUD and s l o w they will understand me perfectly. Imitating Shamu while sliding down my son's Slip'n'Slide. Losing in a tickle fight, and laughing so hard soda shot out my nose. Dancing with someone special our eyes never leaving the others. Each movement already danced with our souls. Lying on a beach in the soft, silky, white sand making sand angels. Thinking, always thinking of new and creative ways to enjoy life to it's fullest. While promoting spontaneous bursts of creativity and joy. Laughing and smiling because I get it even if no one else ever will. LP
Never Surrendering Posted on Aug 06, 2006 at 07:42 PM
Torn and tattered not the least my armor dulled and rusting Do I sit here now alone with only my thoughts to keep me warm The words of so many singing in my ear Give up the quest for none now exisit Yet your eyes burrow into my minds eye If I were blind still I would see Standing there before me a mirage in the mist You have always seen beyond the tatters and dulled armor For you see the radiant soul burning within Yet even I am human and hope may wane Only for a moment does my faith give ear To those who would see me falter For the mob may love a hero But they love even more to see him fail Yet even as these thoughts slip my mind My resolve solidifies as the night gives way The sun's early light blessing me with it's life giving touch The Abyss can tug at another As I am a child of the light with no time for doubt Though my love the quest in finding you may not end As my search continues I will offer a healing hand by word or by deed To everyone placed along my path Deserving or not it is not my call Only that all are children of God We will always be together in mind and heart May I one day be worthy of finding you in the flesh LP
Storms of life Posted on Jul 28, 2006 at 02:06 PM
Though to each of us a maelstrom of uncertainty, hurt, and dispair comes at us when least we feel prepared. Do not let it overwhelm and loose you in its swirlling chaos. For no matter how great the storm may be, in time it's winds will blow themselves out. Once more the sun will peirce the thick cloak of clouds. It's radiant arms wrapping you in warmth, and encouraging you to grow. Do not be afraid to open up and accept this gift of renewel. Look to find the vibrant rainbow after the storm that you may carry it forever more into your heart.
Relaxing Posted on Jul 27, 2006 at 07:54 PM
When stressed out to your limits what do you do to relax? For me nothing works better than a welcome mat with artificial turf on my bare feet. What about you?