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Stress relievers? Posted on Tue, Aug 01, 2006 16:02
I had received an email from a wonderful lady on this site whom was curious about a statement that I had made on a previous blog. The comment was of how I had a stroke. That first stroke I had happened the day after my 35th birthday..approximately 2 weeks later I had a second stroke. My second stroke was worse than the first, but what made it more terrible was that my oldest son had to witness it. Strokes run in my family and have caused many deaths, so majority of it is due to genetics...However, due to stress it may happen again. So I am wondering if anyone would happen to know a good way for stress relief?
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Ever heard of Criss Angel? Posted on Sun, Jul 23, 2006 23:51
HEY, I have seen his show. I do not think he is the Anti Christ. I think that he is very good at what he does. Someone would have to love making others wonder about the way he does his thing to be as good as he is. His show is great. I wonder if I could ever trust someone the way he has to trust the people that he works with. Way to go Criss Angel
Jumping the Gun Posted on Tue, Jul 18, 2006 09:54
Is there any real way of getting over insecurity? I am so used to men lying about numerous subjects, that I tend to disbelieve all men now. I dont know what I can do about this because I dont want to ruin something that maybe a good thing for me. What should I do?
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Call it insecurity??? Posted on Tue, Jun 06, 2006 09:15
I have been recently dating a man for almost a month now...I guess you can say that I am very insecure after what I have been through in my past...but my guy and I were talking and it came up that he still loves his ex...even though he tells me over and over again that he loves me and wants to get to know me better...I am worried that he will go back to I wrong for feeling this way or is it what most would consider normal? Any thoughts or suggestions would be highly appreciated...
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More Jokes...I love these things Posted on Tue, May 23, 2006 23:59
BARNYARD LITERACY So this chicken walks into the library, and she walks up to the librarian and she says: "Book." The librarian says: "You want a book?" "Book." "Any book?" "Book." So the librarian gives the chicken a novel and off she goes. An hour later the chicken comes back and says, "Book-book" The librarian says: "Now you want two books?" "Book-book." So she gives the chicken two more novels. The chicken leaves but she comes back soon. "Book-book-book." "Three books?" "Book-book-book." So the librarian gives the chicken three books, but she decides she'll follow the chicken and find out what's going on. The chicken goes down the alley, and out of town and towards the woods, into the woods and down to the river, down to the swamp, and there is a bullfrog. The chicken sets the books down by him, and he looks at them and says: "Reddit...Reddit...Reddit."