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Happy Fathers Day to all Dads!!! 82 Views 06/16/06
I wanted to Say Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's on this site.My parents Divorced when I was 17 and My mom Married the most funny,intelligent,caring Man,My Stepdad,He died almost three years ago and I miss him terrible.He was A dad to me my father was a Father a big diffrence. I think there is a quote that goes something like this "Any Man can be a Father but it takes a special man to be a Dad" happy Fathers Dad to all.
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yes why do white men read black women's profile 621 Views 06/08/06
But indicate in their match prefrence any race but black/African American? or White as a prefrence?everyday I see where several white men view my profile and some send emails but when I read their profile I see they are seeking a match that is not of African Black/Decent can someone tell me why this is? this is 2006? I will say I have lived all over the Country and overseas as well therefore I have dated men of diffrent races to include several white men.what is going on here?
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