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Hmmm...CHRISTMAS... Posted on Dec 24, 2014 at 08:26 AM

As a little girl climbed onto Santa's lap, Santa asked the usual, "And what would you like for Christmas?"  The child stared at him open mouthed and horrified for a minute, then gasped, "Didn't you get my E-mail?" 

Q: What's the difference between snowmen and snowladies? A: Snowballs me!!! 

This holiday season, in lieu of gifts, I've decided to give everyone my opinion... (:LV1:)

I'm Going As... Posted on Oct 31, 2014 at 03:05 PM

Well...I'm going as a wizard,grandfather. My daughter had an 8lb8", 20" Halloween born(Wee hours), boy. I've already  done his Astrochart. Wizard Gran'Pa's do that. 

There has been an upswing in  purchases of HAZMAT Suit's, for Halloween in the US.  I'm sure, the suits can be re-used, if an outbreak should occur. Let them solve the AC problem, and I'm game for one!

So, what's your costume, and where are you headed, this Halloween?


Thoughts About Joan Rivers Posted on Sep 05, 2014 at 09:48 AM

Whether it was the throat, or the other end; someone screwed up Gingerly. One can see the problematic outcomes of a nicked vein,or artery in the neck; especially, if done within the throat. This presents breathing problems immediately, and if an esophageal airway is not established immediately, she would have drown in her blood. The blood loss is the second major factor, depriving the brain of vital chemicals. The Office was ill equipped to run a Code. Every Nurse should be able to run Code's; where  anasthetics, and more complicated surgeries are done. PRNCSBRYSN was running Codes at UTMB...Galveston-6 month's out of Grad's...Joan, with surgical comedic precision: Removed this heckler...

Joan Rivers still had many sources of income; no slacker. The Late Nite move to Fox, sank hopes for an anchor with the 2, Prime-time Latenite spots; The Carson call not helping.  Her Steely, trailblazing, Woman Comedian nature issued women into that particularly zenith high of laughter; she made her own. Who could top her? One, in a million female laughter Giant's. Whose going to fill her shoes, and walk her path?

Heaven is already laughing, With Robin. Joan passed a little after 1 PM, yesterday. She was due behind Heaven's Late Nite Desk; filling in for someone, at 11:29 ! :-0LV1

Holy Toledo Posted on Aug 04, 2014 at 02:33 PM

This is what I'm talking about, water fans. So, Phosphorus has created massive algae plumes, rendering Toledo without water for 3 day's; with NG/FEMA scrambleing in the Great Lakes. With the flood's, and now this Algea problem; some thought should be given to proper water management, Federally. This Algae will be killed by some chemical that will haunt us in the future. We have water problem's NOW. We have farmer's and Rancher's; starving for water,NOW. How much snow does Canada give us? 


The pie is split between Farm runoff, household cleanser's, sewer runoff and the perfect condition's, for Algea growth. I think, a Chemical recovery/water management/ Hydro Plant is in order,with balanced,retention lakes, adjoining City's,  Where Needed. Save that water,while providing good water to drink, and grow! ShovelReady?

TODAY IS YOUR...: Posted on Jul 26, 2014 at 09:29 PM




SOOOO... 2016:.. Posted on Jul 25, 2014 at 02:44 PM

"Hillary Clinton said she may not run for president because she loves having time to hang out with her friends. Thankfully, most of her friends live in Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Florida, and the great state of Pennsylvania." –Seth Meyers


"Today Obama was in so much trouble he called Hillary Clinton and he said, 'Could you start early?'" –David Letterman


"New Rule: Republicans trying to turn the Benghazi attacks into a scandal that taints Hillary Clinton’s chances at a 2016 presidential run must realize that scandals don’t weaken Hillary Clinton, they only make her stronger. Travelgate, the Rose Law Firm, Whitewater, Vince Foster, Monica Lewinsky…Hillary Clinton eats scandals for breakfast. If the Republicans keep this up she’ll not only be President, she’ll appoint Bill to the Supreme Court." –Bill Maher


Hillary goes to a psychic all the time, and they have good ones at Bilderburg gathering's. After the day's affairs, group's usually have seance's, where, people can red phone the passed President's. Hillary wanted to talk to JFK. She asked him,

"What advice can you give me on the 2016 election"?                    JFK paused...And said,

"I believe, if you can keep Bill away from partying with the Secret Service...In Texas...You'll have a good shot...And other's will not"!  :-)LV1ORIGINAL(-;

On The List Posted on Jul 17, 2014 at 05:06 PM

I'm always amused at the talk point's caused by someone's action's, here on MM. Someone chooses a better mode of travel, over visiting another place, gives prominance to altercation's in one's running list. Priorities change, with the journey of life, and, vision's expand with the yearning's of road's not taken, or, want's to explore it. Thing's on the list hold you back, sometimes. What checkmarks have you put on your list, and, How has it changed since 30? A Saturn Study...Go figure! :-)LV1(-:

CONSTITUTIONSPEAK Posted on Jul 17, 2014 at 01:13 PM

One can learn a great deal with learning another's value's,and specialty quark's they have on life, and, a mosaic of pieces of their lives; there, on the table of friendship.

So, what are some quark's of your persona? I got in a conversation with a beautiful artist in 12th grade. We were tossing around mystic stuff,before class. She told me, she had a cast discription, before the dream. She was dead serious.


The other side of this blog is that forum to express, how you feel, about your liberties in this, Photogenic Monitoring Society. Our Constitution put's Government in a small box, to the freedom of Individual  

Threshold Of Trust Posted on Jul 02, 2014 at 07:39 AM
the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.
"nothing happens until the signal passes the threshold"
Trust is up there amongst the 3 top items on most women's list.
What is your threshold of trust,rather;
What methods do you use to varify trust?
Not grandma, or Great's way, I would say.
On Education Posted on Jun 09, 2014 at 02:34 PM

I have 2 daughter's; one taking a breath, and one in-play on her 1st year of College. Their mother has always been in the nursing industry. NPR did a view on what this Education derective will do to cycle higher minds through the College mill. One point of this is the degreed people, having to find any kind of work to survive. Should Education be balanced with an aggressive effort to aggressively pursue funding of the job market; creating a more precise, manufactoring US market, and following other Nation's with worldwide manufactoring unit's that utilize these under-employed individuals? We speak of unemployed individuals as deadbeat's. What about the woman at Macy's, selling shoes for commission; Her business degree discounted?

Fun Physical Stuff Posted on Jun 06, 2014 at 04:18 PM

I have gotten into...A fresh look at excercizing, especially with the aging process. After that run, if you go into ritualistic stretch, meaning, you get crackin', you will feel a rise in your flex muscles,and those vertebra's will pop back in place. Some of those outcroppings of the disks could benefit on the acute stress motions. I pop daily, and have found that an in-motion, warrier stance produces so many cracks...You feel great. Those muscles need work, also. A studied individual should know their meridian's, and solve stoppage, by working the knot...thru the muscle length. Feet, and hands have connect points to ailes throughout the body...Making the connections...It will crack you up!

Mystified Posted on Jun 05, 2014 at 02:54 PM

If you don't know by now; I'm mystified by contriversy's worked under the radar, and bear simularities to former plans, some might concieve. The grassy knole shooter has pretty well been determined. His assistant also The bullet used, has been determined. JFK's brain's were retrieved by the First Lady;Jaky. So; triangulation. 4 shot's. So many players on this. Hoffa...gone.JFK wanted a gold standard. One man knew all. Names have been named. False flags, with tail wagging dogs, innundate our society. Can we reach some sort of purity, with our Constitution intact?

Songs I Like Posted on May 25, 2014 at 05:01 PM

Some guide their life by the wisdom of the songwriter. What is your favorite? I like the message of this one provides:

"The Pretender"

I'm going to rent myself a house
In the shade of the freeway
I'm going to pack my lunch in the morning
And go to work each day
And when the evening rolls around
I'll go on home and lay my body down
And when the morning light comes streaming in
I'll get up and do it again
Say it again

I want to know what became of the changes
We waited for love to bring
Were they only the fitful dreams
Of some greater awakening
I've been aware of the time going by
They say in the end it's the wink of an eye
And when the morning light comes streaming in
You'll get up and do it again

Caught between the longing for love
And the struggle for the legal tender
Where the sirens sing and the church bells ring
And the junk man pounds his fender
Where the veterans dream of the fight
Fast asleep at the traffic light
And the children solemnly wait
For the ice cream vendor
Out into the cool of the evening
Strolls the Pretender
He knows that all his hopes and dreams
Begin and end there

Ah the laughter of the lovers
As they run through the night
Leaving nothing for the others
But to choose off and fight
And tear at the world with all their might
While the ships bearing their dreams
Sail out of sight

I'm going to find myself a girl
Who can show me what laughter means
And we'll fill in the missing colors
In each other's paint-by-number dreams
And then we'll put out dark glasses on
And we'll make love until our strength is gone
And when the morning light comes streaming in
We'll get up and do it again
Get it up again

I'm going to be a happy idiot
And struggle for the legal tender
Where the ads take aim and lay their claim
To the heart and the soul of the spender
And believe in whatever may lie
In those things that money can buy
Thought true love could have been a contender
Are you there?
Say a prayer for the Pretender
Who started out so young and strong
Only to surrender


Not Budging; South China Sea Posted on May 10, 2014 at 02:45 PM

We have feared the conglomerative efforts of the Chinese, usurping power in greater expance to treaty arrangements. Guam became a launch point of our B2's long ago...Short hops to hotspots in the world scheme of strategy. Diego; well, Who knows, but the spotlight is on China, and how they are expanding with military power.

I've heard that the U.S is comfortable with a balance of dominant's in the region to quell the lesser threats, but that takes a fine line of Diplomacy. We are building resources in the region.

Russia has grouled, China fire is present. The world needs time to heal from 2008.  How threatening is China, opposed to other Nations, and should this be a checkerboard alliance, once again? 

It's Good To Be...... Posted on May 10, 2014 at 01:35 PM

Who do you know who knows

What do you ask of those

When do you call it done

Where is your place of Nun

Why are you not there, now

How,Holy Cow,Oh How!

Connected;Really Posted on May 10, 2014 at 11:53 AM

Are we really connected to our environment, social villiage, or is there overload in social order. Is our thought processes constantly in high-peak, or are we sheltering ourselves due to continual bombardment?

How do you handle the flow?

Brigadoon Posted on Apr 08, 2014 at 08:57 PM

Like...Did Russia go into a deep hibernation...and wake up to a new reality........After Sochi..........?

I Went: Posted on Mar 18, 2014 at 11:08 PM

I went out on a limb to find a soul

Someone who  channels my goal

So, I do wait

Looking for the traits

For the someone

Who should be

The rock

That has the roll


Louis-Bar Posted on Mar 11, 2014 at 07:33 PM

Maybe, some of you Nurses can chime in on this. A female,below her teens presentd with all synthoms of LB. After research, levels of dominant AFP proteins are innundating,and preventing electrolyte passage to the cells. This is an electrolytic malfunction,cellwide. She is in Clinical Trials with John Hopskin's;the best specialist.

Stanislov Braginsky has already cured a child(in the 70's) that presented with the same mannerisms that LB patients present with. I think of this as a genetic rebalancing,systemwide. I councelled her mother this, this afternoon.


Most should know where I stand on using data from DNA/sub DNA, to solve complicated maladies. One thing is sure; Potassium levels, as well as sodium levels are part of the problem.Usually, Cancer growth's haunt the future of these kids. I had to act on this!

China's Empty Cities Posted on Mar 02, 2014 at 04:03 PM

Hey, you Real Estate Buff's might be able to solve this problem of Location, Location, Location. It seems like the Chinese like the, "Field Of Dreams" view of urbanization. Seems, there's a 5 year gap from 1st phase build, and percieved urbanization. What plan would fill the city? Any ingenious answers? Those are money pits!