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OK... Valentines Day 92 Views 02/13/14

Just like to wish all a Happy Valentines Day,and would like to stress that there's still time to make that connection for a nice Valentine experience; Friday Night Date Night,also. The weather has crippled the South from Texas, mid Georgia, and is headed North, so, there might be some anxiety with those LDR/LTR's on the East coast. A little Cupid Conciousness is in order. A good wine with a nice steak near the fire might be a good home dinner with that special one. This weather makes us slow down, so, all the better! Yes, my funny Valentine http://youtu.be/jvXywhJpOKs?


1.Roses are red, violets are blue. If he's busy on Valentines Day, the side chick is you!

2.To all my friends who are commited: Happy Valentine`s Day!. and To all my friends who are single, Happy Independance Day 

3.Happy Valentines day, hope you all get some...... Chocolates that is! 


And then there is Jill&Bob,married 5 years ago, and discussing Valentines Day:


Jill:(dancing into the room) How's this look on me, Dear?

Bob:Well... If you cancel item 33 a&f on Your List, and grant me immunity, I'll tell you!

LV1 original :-)


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11:59pm est 61 Views 12/31/13


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Hyperlinks 59 Views 12/01/13

I have seen hyperlinks disapear from my blogs, and when I thread other blogs. I copied & pasted the report on the new Battleship, and it is missing. My SideShow blog just disapeared; very odd according to blog succession, and was almost totally Hyper's. Some law I don't know about? I can't see review time being this long, and it is a valuable method of exchanging thought on blogs. You can bet, mine are given as gifts. I posted about "Pawing" on Gen's blog, then hyped a vid showing cats and dogs playing, and "Standing Ground"....POOF....GONE. Do I have to describe the hype prior to posting it? Do I have to give it a rating?

Are we sensitive enough(within reason) to keep taste clean, generally?

Others have noticed hype's disapear also!

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...Talk About Gene's 95 Views 12/02/13

Imagine a time when we can read the genetic code of individuals, and be able to pinpoint irregularities either locally, or bodywide. That is the next generations, but the strong foundations of traditional treating of maladies are having a renovating effect with China's open door money flow(to them) for tests thru evaluations that Docters are using to correct mutations in the Chromosome zipper. TED(nice place for the TED talk hype) had a talk about diagnosing. It went like this:

Twins had the same malady which manifested as a sort of pausy. They were untreatable. DNA tests concluded that the main chromosomes mutations showed uncontroled levels of Sarotonin, so SSRI's wer given. They got much better, almost functioning as normal teens. Still not completely healed. Further study showed uncontroled levels of dopamine, so that was given. They are fine today. Unfortunately, if you are not in a managed pool, you can't get the tests done in the U.S. I think it's the healthcare cost saving wave of the future, and will eliminate 50 to 90% of maladies, and help one to live longer.

The point should be to treat genetic codes as mutated from years of chemically altering growth horomones, as well as heredity problems. I am seeing more intense research on the link between DNA's of normal cells in a region, or organ, compared to a diseased region. This reasoning links the chemical code to the Cromosome, and sub levels. The methods are converging, and making Biotechnology burn the lights 24/7. Care to comment?  

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Do The I's have it. 93 Views 12/05/13

This blog swings both ways. The original idea is a talk about Impeachment, and the, almost cooked, Republican Party, still flapping the fish pan grease. This has reached public embarassment stage, no matter how you look at it. Is there any compromise they will accept to help clear the due process of Bills being bottlenecked? They are off on a hunt now; witches know better the course. Sour grapes make vinegar.

O.K...So do the eyes have it in someone. Can you truely window the mind thru the eyes. There seems to be a channel when you look clearly in someones eyes, and a communication base. Is one leary of certain eyes, and what they project?

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Iran Deal Unveiled 278 Views 11/24/13

It was November 4,1979 when 52 American hostages were taken after Iranian's overran our Embassy. This spelled doom for the Carter Administration, especially with the failed rescue attempt, and fuel for Reagan in the hot presidential election. The hostages were released under the Algiers Accord,one day prior to Reagan taking the power of President in the U.S.. The rest is history, until this new momentum of Diplomatic talks,and a proposal to lift sanctions if the Iranian's abandon their quest for nuclear weapons.

What do You think? Will this be an "I told you so" moment the Isrealies are taunting, or the chanced breakthru the Obama Administration rode out of Syria on.

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Our Newest Battleship 60 Views 11/30/13

Pretty sleek looking,and self loads the ammo...3.5 BBBbillion!....Oop's....7BILLION !!! 

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BAU 35 Views 11/23/13

I have to say that the Tilt-A-Whirl aspect of Government puts the American People on a runaway jerk, started in 2008,and not to recover logic till the Campaign Cleansings 0f 2016. Of course, there is also the residuals of  Historical Proportion that guides the solution to the deadlock between the House, Senate, and forward solutions to change in a fast paced, technological world.

The smoking gun of this 8 year session, is an exposed document from the Republican written communique, being spotlighted in parallel with "The Nuclear Option"; Cloture given space.... eliminated..Back to 51% of the voting Legislature to pass Bills to Laws- due to a future view on inaction.

Redistricting has bubbled up, Judicially, and it's future is very questionable. This was actually revealed in the highly( Supreme Court) contested Florida elections  when Bush fought Gore(2,000). It would seem as though, they think they already have enough votes for 2014, and 2016; in a world of faster change, and a General Public vomiting from the distaste economically. 

This goes beyond Ideaology; There is talk of secession. Fear with ignorance, and resolve, I'm sorry, make a vial mixture to other ingredients in the "Republic" pie. BAU! 



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TGVNG 67 Views 11/23/13
The Best Time to Eat?

“Thanksgiving dinners take 18 hours to prepare. They are consumed in 12 minutes. Half-times take 12 minutes. This is not coincidence.”—Erma Bombeck

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Philippines In Anarchy After Devistating Typhoon 51 Views 11/13/13

The aftermath of one of the most powerful typhoons in S.E. Asian history raked a path through the Philippines this last weekend, leaveing widespread devistation, and desperate looting for food and water. The Philippines are accustomed to typhoons battering their islands, but this one, Haiyan(Yolanda), plowed the islands with winds of 195-235 m.p.h. winds, U.S. Naval Typhoon Comand sources revealed last Friday.  Looting seems to be centered on the aquisition of food, and water sources in this time between the storm, the resumption of some resemblance of normality in the hard hit areas, and the surrounding islands cut off from vital basic food deliveries. The U.S military is responding with necessity aid, but that is possibly a week away. Donations are being recieved.

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Seasons Beckon 58 Views 10/25/13


This should be a pledge for our lives, and I try to follow it. Africa has it's problems, but so does the U.S. Money seems to marginalize the budget for philanthropy to it's level, and sector giving seems to be the key.

We all have things around the house that had value to us, but are tarnished for the time it has possessed us, yet we have deposessed the passion to eye it, taste it, hear it..........  Valuable items can go into auctions for value, and the money proceed to worthy causes. That old woman shivering in the cold downtown should have basic comforts, no matter what the situation, including dementia(one of the hard realities of street homeless), and a 5 or 10 on the spot helps. Small homeless shelters are lifted up with a feed,  presents the occupants recieve that are practical to mental posturing, and the uphoria flows through their season. Group giving is fun, and rewarding.

The true reality is that giving builds character, and produces OCTONIN which is our natural euphoric drug of passion, elation that ONE made a difference, and rewards from  Elohi'm(Hebrew)

Meg(my youngest gal), lives by this, as do I, so you millionaires out there....SPIN THE WHEEL OF GIVING!

LV1QUILLIONTWIT:   @};-;-;-\;;;;  :-:-:-}









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TITLE&ARTIST 87 Views 12/25/08
Bet I can stump you with this song.You must supply the next verse,the title,and artist! Havn't I been good to you What about that brand new ring Doesn't that mean love to you Doesn't that mean anything If I threw away my pride And I got down on my knees Would you let me beg you Pretty please............
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SEX IN A SLEIGH 81 Views 12/23/08
Easy to draw a croud on that one.Now that I have your undivided attention,I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas,and a prosperous New Year. This is my musical present to each of you. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose Yuletide carols Being sung by a choir And folks dressed up Like Eskimos Everybody knows A turkey and some mistletoe Will help to make The season bright Tiny tots With their eyes all aglow Will find it hard To sleep tonight They know that Santa's On his way He's loaded lots of toys And goodies on his sleigh And every mothers child Is going to spy To see if reindeer Really know how to fly And so I'm offering This simple phrase To kids from 1 to 92 Although it's been said Many times Many ways Merry Christmas to you Carpenters
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Time to save yourselves from the minute joy relatives can bring. There are times with some people that the anonimity of a group of people seeking positive outcomes is more fulfilling than ones that are familiar. It's 5 o clock somewhere,and attitudes definately change with the latitudes. lying is accepted when mental stability is compromized. It,s your choice!
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And these children That you spit on AS they try To change their world Are immune to your consultation They're quite aware of what They're going thru Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes (Time to face the strange changes) don't tell them to grow up And out of it Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes (Time to face the strange changes) Where's the shame You've left us Up to our necks in it Time may change me But you can't change time David Bowie Changes
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TIME FOR LETTING GO 74 Views 12/15/08
10 days will pass till Christmas.By now you have finished your shopping,and most should be into the party circuit.This year was a spin,especially the last two months.The election is decided,the future is definately unclear;but it should not necessarily be a cause for concern. Eighteen years ago,on Christmas Eve,I was the willing participant tword the birth of my first daughter,Lindsey Rose. In my wildest imaginations,(and some of my thoughts test the perihelic borders),It never occured to me a Christmas gift would be delivered. She is now in College.I talked to her about the thought of letting go of her ties with her mother.She has always been independent,and with a Leo mother,it was a forgone conclusion. It was somewhat hard to bring a new life into the world Christmas Eve,so,in order to calm your fears of the future;I would like to offer this gift of continuity to you. I started writing this blog listening to Tina Turner with the same title.She was trying to plead with Ike Turner as I am pleading my case to you. I agressively seek the the best one can give while offering a channeling of there energies tword revitalization. Smooth runnings this Christmas,and positive thoughts for the New Year
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CUTS BOTH WAYS 103 Views 12/13/08
As you know,I'm always in good spirits.Typical Leo,I seem to always pull the humor of a situation,and entertainingly lighten the specific gravity of the etherical air around me. Those intuitive individuals caught in the spell of the moment. They walk away with a gift. I hope you're shopping travels today netted some intimately fabulous gifts (more)
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JINGLEBELL ROCK 25 Views 12/12/08
Jinglebell Jinglebell Jinglebell Rock Jinglebell shop till you Jinglebell drop Snow has been falling From Texas to Maine So everyone can feel The Jinglebell rain Parties here Carolers there Time's travlin fast Minutes fly off of the clock Dance and sing As you spread the good cheer That's the Jinglebell Rock LV1
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LV1 LOVE 33 Views 12/07/08
Time to spread some LV1 love throughout the planet. We've all felt the presure of life and the future for a few months now. Seems every turn in our lives,a cold chilling wind hits us. This has created some totally negative vibrations LV1 is quite attuned to. I could tell you to continue dumping these feelings into the stream of life,but that would be counterproductive. I now call for a cleansing of each and every vessel from negative thought. Never have I seen positve outcomes originate from negative thought. This will involve digging deep into your core values,and realizing the strengths they can supply you.
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MUMBAI 86 Views 12/01/08
In light of the tragedy in Mambai,and of the news reports spacificlly targeting Americans and English citizens;what do you think is the apropriate responce by the U.S government?
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