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The First 1000 Days Of Trump - Day 69?-495?... Posted on Mar 29, 2017 at 01:22 PM

Sooo...There are three investigations into the aspect that Russia influenced the National Presidential Election- House, Senate, and F.B.I... The C.I.A, N.S.A, and F.B.I,along with 14 other Agencies of the Intelligence Community are Dragnetting all of the participants. Dragnetting is a slow process, to prevent participants from escaping from the Net. How many of Trump's Associates will be caught up in this? Will Trump ultimately be caught up, and will have to Resign Before Impeachment? How effective will a Trump Presidency be, when All of the Facts are Known?...The Gloves have come off...How will Trump Roll With the Punches?...Let's Play Hardball...Day 69...

The Gorsuch Nomination will be confirmed, regardless of the Garland Controversy....


UPDATE: Day 406...DACA,The Wall, Opiates, Infrastructure, Debt Ceiling, Puerto Rico, Mueller, WhiteHouse Defections, Loyalty, Kushner, Don Jr., Instability, Congress, American View, European View,SE Asian View, Putin's View, Political Election Tampering,  RocketMan...


Just gimme a Big Mac&Fries...


Are we at Mar-A-Lago yet?...


LINKS, HYPERLINKS, and PIC's Posted on Nov 05, 2016 at 11:58 PM

We have been through this before with MM not allowing links to the You, as opposed to MM allowing one to CUT,COPY,And PASTE a PIC. In my view, there is no difference. The person makes a choice to copy a CUT , and then paste the CUT on the YOU. They then can decide if they want to view the CUT beforehand. When you CUT a link; it is not Hyped, and requires these 2 steps


With a PIC, They have no choice beyond the POLICE of MM. It becomes an either/or situation. Either, you allow both due to fairness, OR you discriminate by your choice. My CUT'S( allows the person to copy the CUT) are so original, and RIGHT for the blog, Yet they are missing from my NEW BLOG. I have never posted a CUT that has been detrimental to the spirit of good nature here at MM. I do realize that there were some here in the past that were sanctioned for threading Pic's that were very distasteful to women, and some other bloggers  they did not like. These were usually taken down by MM in a day or two, and/or if someone in the community complained.  


I find it very strange that MM, while linking to FB; would sanction a CUT which requires one to copy the CUT, then PASTE the cut on the YOU; to get the whole meaning of my BLOG, or THREAD.  I think most of your members here have smartphone capabilities, and stream countless bits of information, and other media as they wish.


Is anyone here offended with my Cut's to song, or information on the You that would inhance the blog? I hope not. I try to run blogs,and threads that make people think beyond the norm of the street.



LIVABLE IDIOSYNCRASIES Posted on Nov 05, 2016 at 05:23 PM

You both love cat's, but he will not clean out the litter box. You like things organized, but she takes her clothes off at the door for you to collect,and wash, or hang up. You like your space, but he/she is always in it.

These are just a few things that go on with an established relationship, with each partner playing a part in the relationship...

So...What ideosyncrasies can you tolerate. How would you cope with these personal trait's?

How about snoring. If you believe raising the bed, you, and your partner in crime sleep in; Well...Some OCEANFRONT PROPERTY is about to become available in Arizona. Care to invest?


Confidence is at the head of my list. As you can tell;I like a woman-easy on the eyes, who can work a room. I like inventiveness...And, Though it is painful...She smacks me verbally...LOL


Well...You decide what is PAIN, and GAIN from a partnership. This REALLY involves the LIST'S one makes, before,and after finding a suitable partner.


The HARD STUFF...What will you compromise with your list?

The Woman Vote Posted on Apr 16, 2016 at 01:52 PM

Currently, the Balance of the Sexes is 147 Million women to 143 Men, as the voting Public Tallies. Will this Voting Public steal TRUMP's Trump Card? Will we see a Female in this R Contested Conferance in Cleveland? Pop the Popcorn, Fan's.

Hillary says she eats hot peppers for strength, on this run...No wonder she's got the RED AS* for those who oppose her...(:LV1:)

Robin Williams said, If we had a Woman President, We would never have WAR...Just 3 weeks of Banter, followed by 1 week of Severe Negotiation...

...Things that make you go HMMMmmm...(:LV1:)

Middle School Memories Posted on Apr 16, 2016 at 11:59 AM

In the US, these years fall between 7th&9th grade, and can be dicey with the development of winners in our society. So many emotions at play. Have we missed the Golden Years of our children? There are so many emotions flowing in this 3 year period, and some maturity growth to adulthood. What have we as  Parents, missed from this time? How did your Middle School experience shape you for thevworld?

Life's A Beach... Posted on Apr 09, 2016 at 11:35 AM

Took my Sis who had a stroke in 2012 to the Beach last evening, and went out on the pier, about 300 feet into the Atlantic. Her right side of her body does not function, so she cannot walk. That breeze that blows from the land was very refreshing to both of us. She saw the sunset, with those amber tints, and that beautifu crescent moon that appeared at dusk. 2 small Hammerhead sharks were caught, so i wondered about the swimmers on the shore.


Looks like SCORP"RN"CS has found a beach, somewhere down in the Gulf. Hope her renovations are not taxing her mind much. She's a renovator, With Pluto tearing down the old, and making things new, and that Mars aggression, She's liable to have an MM Party down around St. Pete! That would be a hoot!!!...ROMANTICGODDESS is still in Gainsville, last time I checked. SAGPRNCSS is in longwood.

I like to walk the beaches in search for sharks teeth. The breeze hitting your face, and a booty of a handful of collectings puts another prospective to life in general!...

Take The Leap Posted on Feb 29, 2016 at 04:58 PM

This is a special time for some out there in the world. For some, this is the day every 4 years that their birthday comes around. This is a plus for some...Like...If you've been here for 40 years on earth, You're just 10 years old according to birthdays. This really works for our Senior Members, at 80. They are 20, but enough of this fuzzy math.


Feb. 29th is also the day that women can propose marriage to those they wish to marry. Fortunately, the women here have a match search engine, so let's get going Gals...Time is up at Midnight!!!


My Pick Posted on Feb 21, 2016 at 03:43 PM

After all of this BS with the Candidates, What is your consensus to a Pick for President that might last till 2025?


 What do you really want from this President you will chooze November 8, 2016?



STRANGE "SELFIES" Posted on Feb 05, 2016 at 01:05 AM

Our panel of judges are assembling in the hopes of picking the most unique,strange SELFIE in the MM Crowd. Sign up to be the judges of this wacky contest. Let me be first...OOOoooHaaa...It's already there,Top Left! Don't be shy,now!


I age slowly,Rock...The lines are still the same, yet more refined; As the personality ages!!!

Some see beyond their persona...

Boehners last day.. Posted on Sep 29, 2015 at 09:19 AM

When the bell sounded, and the gavel slapped the wood; Many were attuned to the Changing Of The Guard of the Speaker Of The House. Boehner relinquished his responsability with the reality that someone was needed to pull the Republican Party to a more cohesive body in order to satisfy the WILL Of The PEOPLE. Go back as far as your brain allows. and you come up with shattered dreams these Candidates proposed, and blame centered on the Process of  Continuity of the GOV't...REALLY...


DC is broken, declared Boehner, and Paul Ryan has realized the heat of the Cauldron he finds himself in. How many splinter groups does he have to satisfy, and how can he prevent Obama to push the Executive Action button, when Ryan follows the trail of Boehner, and get's NO thrown in his face...Pop the Popcorn...Laugh with the world...Dance with the music!

Our Parents had another way to consider our Voted Leaders...It was called TRUTH!!!  

Applying Common Law- The LGBTT Community Posted on Sep 16, 2015 at 03:14 PM

We procreate with a seed & an egg. That is how a Human is born to this world, and has been the Standard for eon's, including the archiological digs being unearthed today. That's what GOD decided when he made the First Couple(maybe, a second couple). The LGBTT Community is not new. The fact is that there have always been this Community through the age's over this Spance of Time of the Human Race. That's hundreds of thousands of years, if you believe in Carbon Dating. I'm sure you will find Adoption rules in Basic Common Law, through the ages. There are rules set out in Deuteronomy for slaves within the Israeli Community. God never let these people have residence in the Tent Camp, While wandering the desert. The vows one took, through the ages were between the Man&Woman.

 USSC Meister VS Moore set Marriage Laws in 1879 by referring to an 1839? Michigan Common Law. I'm sure there was an LGBTT Community back then, but they were looked over in this Common Law of Marriage. Why?

All of this LGBTT Litigation is to recognize two men, or women as partners due all of the benefits a contractual Partnership covers. There is no need to change the ageless Marriage Concept, according to GOD in Genesis 2:18-24.

We come forward in time to the 90's, and the LBGTT Community active in acheiving a small voting block of the GP Voting Public. THey Today garner 8-10%. It would take some changes in the Tax code to incorporate benefit sharing with the LBGTT Community, but this should never have been solved by changing Historical Common Law with Marriage. That could have been done by a Directive. We must truly protect True Common Law. It has been drawn by over 5 Major Common Law streams, including Pre-Muhammad Islamic Common Law.  85-90% are heterosexual unions, in the USA. 33% of the Nation States are still fighting it out in Superior Court. The other 50+% don't care about the USSC Ruling. That does not change the Common Law Norm.

What are you're thoughts?   LV1

Year Of The Goat/Sheep Posted on Jul 23, 2015 at 06:12 PM

I'm really perplexed as to which animal behavior this year will yield. This is the start of the Run For The  President Race, and it's had it's Branding moments already, with a Max effect. The Bible talks of two finite goats during festive offerings. One is burnt to ashes, and one is set free...With Levites chaseing the Scape-Goat to a cliff...Both are doomed to death. Something about the Sacrificial Lamb must take prominance in this discussion.

I Get It that most people don't associate animal patterns with everyday life, but they should! We are all classified as animals, no matter how you cut it...(:LV!:) 



Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.

Winston Churchill LEO...
BUT I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND... Posted on Jun 19, 2015 at 10:38 PM

What are you looking for, and where do you think you'll find it...???

OMG'S Posted on Jun 19, 2015 at 10:08 PM

Feel Free To Post Any OMG'S

A-Z Travel in 2015 Posted on Apr 28, 2015 at 01:49 PM

Any Travel Tip's out there...

Bruce Jenner Posted on Apr 28, 2015 at 12:51 PM


The SHELL Game Posted on Apr 08, 2015 at 04:56 PM

Royal Dutch Shell has succeededed in buying a majorNatural Gas distributor for billions on this day. Most people find a smaller Carbon Footprint with Gas, wanting to foul the air in a less Aeromatic way as opposed to those Charcoal Briquettes one uses to toast their Steaks. The Gas Alternative has been News since Gore ran on it. after Clinton.


What was Ross Perot(1996),and T Boon Pickin's message...Gas. So, it's 2015, and the  transformation to a lesser Carbon Footprint. REALLY! With a Decade or two of Bickering with Climate Change; The Dutch have figured a long term market!!!

I'll let Gore go on this one. He could not figure HOW climate was going to change. Ross Perot had Grafts of Change, but no-one understood them( most did not). T Boone Pickin's told us what is happening now,10-20 years ago...It's All About GAS,Naturally!   LV1

Ferguson Goes To Charleston...Baltimore Posted on Apr 08, 2015 at 01:50 PM

Another Black Shooting,and on Video- complete with an alteration of the Crime Scene with the Charleston, SC Cop moving a Tazar to the dead body of a man, shot in the back(Against USSC Law). The Police Shooter has been charged with Murder due to the Video. Somewhere along this line, the Civil Rights of every Individual in America must be assured Regardless Of Race, Creed, Color, or National Origin, in ORDER for routine Police Action safety, and those connected to it to go home safely!

Most traffic stops in populated regions of the US are generally recorded by 3rd parties. This practice has been upheld by USSC Law. The incident in Charleston was captured on the Police Cruiser Cam, as well as 3rd party recording. We expect Police to maintain a certain level of order in this society, and situations unfold quickly in Police Action situations.


Most citizens are nervous when traffic stopped, with situations in public, or at home-normal. L.A., New York N.Y., Milwaukee, Ferguson, and now Charleston among other Cities have this question of Rules Of Engagement with Police Action with citizens of the U.S. Some Groups are already frustrated with the general No-Bill litigation factor with some questionable Police Actions. I'm not saying all police are trigger-happy, but some No-Bill cases are riddled with Rules Of Engagement problems.

Any Thought's?

So, We move to Baltimore...Baltimore has a 6 to 9 block arc around those Pic's you see. They invented Grime. The Insurrection Act was provoked how many Cities Ago???...

Water, Water Everywhere, BUT... Posted on Apr 08, 2015 at 01:08 PM

News on NPR is not good for Potable Drinking Water. SoCal is seeing shortfalls in Hydro-Water from the snowy Mountains, and tributaries supplying Reservoirs with water to further treat for Cities. The new bath is once a week, with Consumers in SoCal having to mask the smell of the other 6 days-Baths have become valuable.

Taiwan has similar problems with Potable Water. Australia has already invested in a reverse-osmosis System for(I believe),Victoria.

Should the US consider Desalinization Plants for their major Cities along their Coast?

Are we capturing the water from the massive snowfall that hit our Nations midsection,and East Coast?

We are composed of 75-78% water.

Will this Water Famine go away?

Should adaquate water be traded through a system of moving water to Higher&lower Priority Reservoirs, 'Nationwide'? I see tunnels under the Sieras with tunneling bores. another theory of this is using the fall of mountains to create Hydro, with a People Ride attached. This line is 12-36" Steel  Tube Lines, Welded every 20', and subject to the Credability of the X-Rays.

Those Pipes feed major&minor Reservoir's, and may help replenish water to stave off Desert Conditions aggressing on our Country. Hotels On The Sieras. Let's just establish a water moving system,Nationwide. Rome tried, as archeology proves.

Israel Has To Pipe Water to their Settlements. They fertilized a desert, and now grow Olives. 

Fracking sends sound frequencies,deep into the crust by directional drilling. The flow of water& fracked oil converge into a pool. Underground Farming for oil Pockets. Mixing water with oil!!! HMMMmmm...:)


In the end, the WOMAN wins. Beyond the wife showering with the kids, she also lounges with you, in the Jacuzzi. More Kids!

For the poor...The Civic Baths are back...Just like San Francisco 1983 And/Or Rome... Women Settle With Life! (:LV1:)

Charlie Hebdo Posted on Jan 08, 2015 at 02:23 PM

FREEDOM OF SPEACH...That's what I get out of Paris! People usually look at the finites of that FREEDOM, to figure PROBABILITY...Dates...Warnings...LKNO(Last kNown Occurrences...SHEESE...BENGAZI...)SHEEEeee...T...MO!