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Is it really true... Posted on Thu, Apr 06, 2006 09:23
...that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach? Does a man still appreciate a woman who truly can cook, or is that really far down on the "list"?
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My Swedish Easter Posted on Sat, Apr 01, 2006 09:06
Easter is coming up, and I wondering to myself what I should do this Easter? The first Easter in history that I have will spend by myself. I wish I was a kid again, where I would dress up as a witch with colorful make up, colorful clothes, a kettle, a broom (since I had to fly to Bl?kulla later) and my drawings I had made, and then you walked around in the neighborhood and knocked on peoples doors, and gave them a drawing and you got either money or candy to put in your kettle (nice trade). Mmm...If I only could do that once more in my life...well, I can't and this Easter I will probably spend with my neighbors and do what I did for Christmas, have a Swedish traditional Easter (at Christmas is was of course a traditional Swedish Christmas) with eggs and drawings. Wonder if I should make all my neighbors draw some pictures and then we could However I am wondering if there is anyone else out there who will spend Easter by themselves? Wanna come to my party? ;)
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