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Looking for a new sports car Posted on Sep 09, 2013 at 07:24 AM

Try out the Jaguar f type. It's not Ferari fast, but pretty close(0-60 4.2 sec and a 186 governed top speed), handles very well for 3600 lbs and sounds like no car I've ever test drove. Yes, it does look a bit like a Miata, but don't be fooled, with 495 hp this is like no Jaguar I've ever tried. Far lighter than their xkr-s. Handles much better. Jaguar has a hit with this car. Should compete well with the 9-11's, R8, ect... Give it a look.

Anyone watching Magic City or Ray Donovan Posted on Aug 01, 2013 at 12:18 PM


Those are two great series. Kind of guy shows, but well written. If you haven't seen one is on showtime the other on Starz. Magic City is about Miami 1959 and tha hotel and Jewish Gangsters mostly. Somewhat Sopranos like. Very good


Ray Donovan is out of Hollywood with Liev Schriber playing a Boston transplant PI working for the movie industry while trying to keep his Whitey Bulger like father, played by Jon Voight, recently out of prison, out of his new life in LaLa land. Really good too. Ray is quite the multi-tasker.

How to not be insulted or offended Posted on Jul 26, 2013 at 10:30 AM

1. The first and easy answer is choose not to be. No one can really offend or insult you unless you let them. Even if that is their desire the best way to handle is to be strong enough to ignore.


2. Often times people look for reasons to be offended. It's a weak position to put oneself in and only lends to drama and hurt feelings and back and forth childishness. Think about it; What is the upside?


3. Don't confuse disagreement with insults. They usually aren't meant to be, but in laying out an opinion can be perceived as such if the offendee is overly sensitive.


4. Don't be over sensitive unless you desire to be easily offended. In which case disregard the above and enjoy the drama so similar to 4th grade recess. See an example of 3. Cute, huh?


In summary those that intend to offend can be easily handled by ignoring them and easily empowered by any negative reaction. It is all in the hands of the offendee. Those who don't mean to offend will not take kindly to those who assume it was their goal.

Food for thought Posted on Jun 23, 2013 at 08:24 AM

Look around the animal Kingdom. What you will find is with most animal species it is the male that is naturally, thru selection, more physically attractive. This is somewhat subjective, but generally considered to be the case.

We humans, animals that we are, can be argued are likewise. At least naturally. Both genders do all sorts of things such as shaving, make up, augmentation, working out, ect... that attempt to improve our looks, but naturally, as with most animal species, if unbiased by gender attraction it is the male again.


So how does that apply to MM you wonder.


In the US about one in 10 households have a net woth of 1 million or more. By far most those households are lead by a male member, over 55, and married. All that said, think of the likelyhood of finding a single attractive male with a net worth over a million. Do some math, and understand there are far more attractive women than millionaire single men. Think how in demand an attractive, younger, millionaire male is.


Good luck in your search.