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MARS CLOSEST TO EARTH ON AUG. 26TH Posted on Aug 20, 2006 at 01:36 PM
It's been visible for all of Aug. but supposedly should be viewed the size of the moon(by the naked eye,) on or around Aug. 26th. Won't be this close to the earth again for 20,000 years. Don't miss it! Tell kids, grandkids about this big onece-in-history event!
BLOGS WITH THE MOST "HITS" Posted on Aug 20, 2006 at 12:43 PM
I've found it to be a fascinating study of sorts, figuring out just whose and which topics of blogs get the most "hits." Upon observation, it seems that anything Casey or Healey write are a "given," with Alluring's all time top blog on the labeling of beautiful women.(3421 views,) followed by exposing men on mm with 2837 views. Now...the next questions I have are...Is it the writer, the person her/himself that attracts our attention to their blogs? Is it the quality of the writing? Could it be the predictability or consistency with which the blog is written? Or, perhaps it's the truthfulness of that which we find in the blog and our ability to relate to it? Is it the topic? The style with which they write? Such as SV's dry humor or Sepelo's wit and sarcasm. Is it Deb's flair for the funnie? Lovely's "youthful wisdom," or September's positive, upbeat approach? Maybe it's all of the above! Looking over the blogs in general, I was noticing the BLOG TOPICS that got "hits." Subjects of SEX in general get hits, such as "after having 5 words.." got 1003 hits. This is significant. (Any blog with 500 hits or more is significant, most ranging in the 200-700 range on average.) Some blogs are just bizarre in nature, written to attract attention, like Healey's "coupons for dinner on the first date" (with 1783 hits) and Alexiaa"s "drama blog" entitled: "My right nipple caused havoc," (which she misspelled as hovac,) but in any event, it is a blog that scored well. Another question is WHO is viewing these blogs? Mostly men for Alluring's blogs? Mostly women? Mixed? How about handsome Casey's-mostly women viewers? How can we tell? (Curious minds want to know...) Also, do we know if the VIEWS and RESPONSES are tallied together? I didn't see different numbers so am asuming so....If so, who are the VIEWERS and why are they only VIEWERS? My point here? Um...not sure there is one... but I HAVE noticed that it seems the "sages" among us.. namely the Southern Starrs, Lionphishes and Willports do well, but don't fare as well in the "numbers game" (in general,)as some of the others. What do you think accounts for this? Another thing to consider: the TYPE of responses to the hits: There's the ANGRY hits, (or those that provoke strong emotion,) as in the case of Foobard's and sometimes Tysst69 and definitely Cybil's, and esp. when the Will/Steve475 "duel" was going on. I, for one, do a lot of "curiosity" hits, esp. in the case of Alexxia and Foobard just to see what these crazy people will say next. And isn't it just THAT? The unpredictablilty with which they that the motivation they need to keep attracting curiosity blog readers such as myself?!? So...what do you say? What types of blogs or whose blogs attract your attention? Is there a pattern that you've noticed? What blogs seem to "get to you" or keep you interested in reading more? Is it the topic? the writer?...
YOUR DREAM JOB Posted on Aug 16, 2006 at 07:33 PM
Ok folks...we talked in another blog about our "day jobs. Now... in your dream of dreams what would you LOVE to do if not doing what you are doing now? These are mine: To open an internet cafe/coffee shop. Not a novel idea, but there are currently NONE in my town and one is needed. Interior re-design. (I'm already doing it for all my friends for free, I need to get paid for this!) I want to open a late teen/young adult/ nightclub. I've even picked out the building. How about you? What do you dream of doing if you weren't working your "day job."
TUFF LOVE AND ALCOHOLISM Posted on Aug 09, 2006 at 07:19 AM
Turning to my online 'buds' for help. Haven't dealt with this before and wondering if anyone here has dealt with a loved one/friend out of control with alcohol and in denial. In a nutshell: Boyfriend's sis is in denial, already a "weekend alcoholic," and after just losing her husband to a massive heart attack, she's really gone off the proverbial "deep end." She is drinking like a fish, night and day. She is in total denial. My boyfriend (her brother) is getting calls from friends/family members that she has gone too far and that he needs to do something to help her. She resents any suggestions to this effect. He hates to upset her further than she already is. I say employ some badly needed TUFF LOVE. Not only an alcoholic, but a DIABETIC. She is 48 yrs. old and heading for disaster/death, imo. She ignores her diabetes completely and continues to drink. She has deep diabetic 'ulcers' on her legs. I am only too familiar with that as my mother in law suffered the same, (not being an alcoholic.) What do my buds say? Throw her in the car, take her for an outpatient visit? Is there a more appropriate place to get her the much needed help she needs? Her brother and I are going to attend an AA meeting to find out more info. on the best approach to this. She does not see her need but WE DO and plan to do something about it. We might just save her life. Opinions/ suggestions on this? Thanks all.
WHERE DID YOU GO COACH FRANKIE? Posted on Jul 23, 2006 at 06:59 AM
Miss your thought provoking posts...
THE STORY OF YOU.... Posted on Jul 18, 2006 at 08:23 PM
Here's a fun thought: Think of which actor or actress would best portray YOU in a movie of your life. I think Steve would be portrayed by Clint Eastwood. Alluring would be played by either Sophia or Gina... Ferrariduck...Donald Duck. Help me out guys and gals....
MEN'S FAVORITE FEMALE ACTRESSES Posted on Jul 10, 2006 at 03:50 PM