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  • So I haven't been on here in about 5 years. I've missed tons of emails from seemingly great guys...I'd love to get back into chatting it up however I've put on weight since I've been on. I now classify as a "bbw". It seems society doesn't like this very much! I know I am good looking but I wonder if there is anyone on this site that would see me and my body as good looking or am I going to be snubbed off to a BBW site since I am not model thin? Hmm...Just curious.
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BBW Chicago Posted on Sat, Mar 01, 2008 14:20
I am returning to this site after 5 years and missed many emails from some seemingly great guys...Well I am back now and updated my profile with some changes. I have put on a bit of weight since I was on here. I am actually now considered "bbw". (I hate that term!) I know I am still good looking even though I am big. However, I'm wondering if I am going to find anyone on here that fits what I'm looking for AND is going to think I'm beautiful...or will I be shunned?! Hmm.. Just curious. We shall see