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Where's Bob? Posted on Mar 09, 2008 at 09:17 AM
Warning! This may offend some members, so I caution you before checking this profile. I can't believe MM does ANY screening when you come across something like this! Absolutely ri-dick-ulous! His username is Bobhere2000 and go figure, from South Africa too. Another female member (pardon the pun) brought it to my attention and she has reported it already, so won't be up for long. His picture title is "looking for fulfillment", he's married and feeling frustrated poor boy! Well at least he's entered "average" for physical appearance! I'm sorry if this offends, but after looking for scammers for way too long, being assured MM checks out the profiles, I just couldn't help myself today!
I Am Embarrassed FOR You! Posted on Jul 30, 2006 at 10:33 AM
I was just reading the blogs today and am so utterly disgusted I just had to post! I joined this site in hopes of meeting an exceptional man, but instead am watching grown adults behave badly like little children! The blogs have become a competition to see who gets theirs viewed more, they are used to visciously attack others, to throw accusations around which most times are unfounded, they are used for shock value and in general I just feel it's becoming a breeding ground for low lifes! I've been given a freebie but most definitely won't be renewing. The reason I let my membership expire was not only because of technical site issues, it was because of the rapid decline of membership. I am dismayed at the ugliness of so many and prefer not to have exposure to this negativity in my life. I have been a long time member and other than getting into it one time with a troll on the forums, which I quickly stopped and never did resort to name calling and spewing venom, I have managed to make some very nice friends & have communication both on the forums and blogs without attacking anyone! I truly live my life as I say I do, I treat others with respect and wished more would do the same. I don't understand the maliciousness of many members, and honestly don't want to! It's a clear message for all those reading who to stay clear of, why don't you get that? Maybe MM should just remove the option of blogs if this is what they bring out? I am saddened by it all, it shows such an ugly side to humanity. :(
Do You Love Storms? Posted on Jun 28, 2006 at 05:39 PM
I love a good thunderstorm and tonight in Toronto, we're having a doozy! Heavy rain, lots of loud thunder and bright light up the skies lightening! I love the sound the rain makes hitting the house, and to me there is nothing better than falling asleep listening to the downpour of a good heavy rain. It's great for the garden and the lawns too! Washes my lawn furniture beautifully too.
The Joy of Gardening! Posted on May 30, 2006 at 07:43 AM
I only recently got into gardening about 4 years ago and absolutely love it! Have always appreciated the beauty of well planned, well maintained gardens, but never truly got "into" it until I created my own 4 years ago. I had a big, open, green grass only backyard with absolutely nothing in it. I back onto a park which then backs onto a golfcourse so visually it extends my backyard immensely. The park and golfcourse are filled with lovely mature trees and a nice variety too. After my husband passed away I decided to treat myself to a new deck. We'd been boaters for 14 years and always away for the summer so it never really made sense to make the investment, nor did we have the time to maintain it. I consulted with a landscape architect who gave me initial drawings of what could be, but was far more expensive than I could afford at the time, so I did it in stages. Have a very large 2 level deck out of manmade composite decking that has aged to a nice grey and matches my brick perfectly. Lived with that for one summer and really enjoyed that I could step out from my kitchen and enjoy the view. The following summer I had a feng shui practioner that had been referred to me who specialized in gardens come over and she made her recommendations. The backyard is split into 9 areas, each with their own colour scheme and plant materials. I took these recommendations to a nursery and they in turn advised on which plants and trees would work in my environment, keeping in mind low maintenance. Late that fall I had the garden done & enjoyed it tremendously, although was told it would take 3-4 years before I could really appreciate it. I also had a small water feature installed and the water gurgling helps camouflage background noise. The third summer I had an irrigation system and lighting installed and what a blessing it was not to be dragging the hose and sprinkler around 3 times a week for hours at a time! The lighting at night really made the garden come to life. I find gardening to be very relaxing even though it's a lot of hard back breaking work, but it's so worth it! It's nice to get out and commune with nature and let your mind quiet down from the rat race of life. You also get to see immediately what your efforts have achieved, so there's a bit of instant gratification there too. I love the change of seasons we have in Canada, in the Spring it's wonderful to watch everything green up and come back to life. Various trees, shrubs and flowers are constantly blooming, and it really gives me a sense of new beginnings and renewal. As Summer progresses, new things come into bloom and by Fall, many of the trees and shrubs turn a brilliant red and the trees out behind my yard are a kaleidoscope of colours. Although Fall signals the onset of Winter, and the garden is put to bed, I have enough evergreens to keep it interesting even in the dead of winter. The outdoor lighting makes it a winter wonderland to enjoy too. Mmmm ... I just love gardening! How about you?
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Girls Weekend Posted on Apr 21, 2006 at 06:52 AM
Sun., Apr. 23/06 Got back home around 8:30pm, had really bad rain all the way home, but not much traffic. The cottage is close to Algonquin Park, but it's still quite early in the season so not many have opened up their cottages for the season. Just 4 girls ended up coming which was perfect, we all had our own bedrooms. Really comfortable cottage with all the amenities of home overlooking Lake Rebecca. There's something about being up north taking in all the beauty of nature that makes me feel very thankful for being able to experience it. The rock formations, the various evergreens, the clean, fresh smell in the air is something you only get at the cottage. They had a huge deck that could hold at least 100 people, and this looked out over the lake. Very peaceful and rejuvinating! Friday night there were only 3 of us and we had a great evening. Got the fire going, the music playing, the cocktails flowing and had a simple burger dinner. Lots of great conversation, loads of laughs, a little dancing and finally I packed it in at 2am! The other two stayed up till at least 3am, but I had my earplugs in and got to sleep right away in a lovely freshly washed bed. Woke up late on Sat. about 10am and no one was stirring. My g/f's dog Hera, an adorable Papillion woofed a few times and came out to greet me. I felt great because I'd had very little to drink, stepped out on the deck and just truly enjoyed the gorgeous view and the smells of the woods. The other 2 got up about half an hour later not feeling so great, but we got underway preparing a nice bacon and egg breakfast. The 4th lady was supposed to arrive at 11am, but didn't show until 1pm. Had a nice leisurely get ready and it was my turn to prepare the meal, so I made a huge pile of sandwiches, and waited for the arrival of Bev. She arrived, got settled in and we started all over again. Lots and lots of laughs, had a wonderful slide show on her laptop showing a property she'd just purchased in Panama, lazed around enjoying the fire and good company for most of the afternoon. Dinner was a fantastic sirloin, red potatoes both done on the bbq and fresh asparagus! Yummy, although a bit late 9:30pm! My g/f Kathy was on duty for Sat. dinner but had been imbibing a bit too much, so we all kicked in to make dinner happen, or it wouldn't have. One headed to bed at 10:30pm too hungover from the night before, I saw it through to midnight, but then bid everyone a goodnight and headed off myself. Sun. morning again I was the first up at 9am, got a coffee quietly and the rest of the crew got up about 10am. Had yummy omelettes for breakfast and then a huge platter of assorted fresh fruits for lunch. It was raining all day so we were confined to the cottage but played cards (euchre) and everyone fought over who didn't want me as a partner because I'm card challenged lol. I did my best, but didn't really have a clue what I was doing, but had a few laughs anyhow. We all chipped in on the clean-up, packed up our stuff and headed home about 5:30pm. All in all, it was a truly fun weekend with great, healthy food, really good music, a beautiful environment and I added this experience to my memories as another great Girls' Weekend! Very civilized, very fun. I just love the Girls' Weekends, they're always something I enjoy and look forward to, how about you?
Do You Like to IM? Posted on Apr 10, 2006 at 09:26 AM
I do! I find it a great way to get to know new people, and I also get to see how they think on their feet. Emails are nice too, but when composing, you have all the time in the world to really think about what you're saying, and you can edit before sending it. I find you can tell so much in a very short time from IM'ng. I am however, NOT into sex chat, just like that point to be up front and known. I tend to log on in the morning and stay logged in on the IM, but am not always at the computer, so if you do IM me and don't get a response, I'm not being rude lol. My profile clearly states that I don't respond to those without a photo, and this applies to IM as well. I feel it's only fair, you've seen my photos, and yes they really are current and of me! lol I generally tend to check the profile of who is IM'ng me first, if their profile is hidden or they don't have a photo, I'll admit I tend to click that little red X in the upper right hand corner. Even if the person IM'ng doesn't meet my criteria, I am always open to making new friends and feel that it's really worth it to take a moment and chat. So gentlemen, please feel free to IM me, I'm only a click away! Would love to hear your views on IM'ng too. I enjoy getting different perspectives.
Disillusioned with Online Dating Posted on Apr 08, 2006 at 11:53 AM
Hey thanks everyone for the comments, good advice and appreciate the time you took to add to my little blog :). I don't rely on MM solely for finding a partner, have tried several other sites too, but must admit, have not found what I am looking for. MM has become mostly entertainment and have made some very fun, new friends who I enjoy and yes it does help pass the time until I meet my guy. I have been single for the past 5 years by choice and very much enjoy my own company and friends and family, so it's not been a big priority finding a mate and I believe when it's right, it will just happen. I've spent much of that 5 years redefining what type of life I want, always had a tendency to put others' feelings first, but know now I have to be happy first before being able to welcome a new partner into my life, which I am. I am a stand by your man type of gal, providing it is a healthy, respectful, evolving relationship. I get along extremely well with men, always have, and treasure my long term friendships with them. I'm very accepting and accommodating with a partner, but do expect the same in return. Don't know if I agree with only the men contacting though, it is 2006 after all! I've seen many comments on this from women not to initiate, but many men have told me they like being contacted first so the onice is not only on them. I've tried both ways, and neither work all that well lol! As far as photos go, I don't have many and the ones posted are fairly casual, which is my preference, although I do occasionally enjoy getting dressed up. My clothing tastes tend to the tailored, classic side. I have seen many photos on here that I find don't leave much to the imagination, and that's okay, but just not my style. I am who I am, and would not change that for the world. Maybe I am too picky, but I don't feel I am, I just know what I want and am not prepared to settle for less, life is too short for settling. Just the fact that I'm stepping out of my box to try the dancing tells me I'm open to new experiences, and it sure is a blast! Next I'll try cooking classes I think! Good to try different venues and see what's out there both in experiences and people. Life is all about learning and growth, but you have to make the effort, so I am! I'm looking for a very special man, someone who recognizes my potential, values old fashioned morals and values and appreciates what I bring to the table. The problem with online is that most never take the time to get to know one another, which is really a shame I feel. I in turn want a man's man, someone who is very intelligent, knows how to communicate well, a fabulous sense of humour to keep up with me, a strong presence and someone I can respect and admire and is looking for a great life partner. Thanks so much for everyone's input again and good luck in the search!