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    I consider myself a fairly tall woman at 5'7". The majority of men I have dated were always a few inches taller than myself. When I was with ......

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My Rose Got a Wink Posted on Aug 19, 2014 at 11:44 AM


Go Figure.


By a guy with only shades of gray. Ha !


Must be the waxing of our Full Moon last night. 




I wanted something different. 


However, stupid MM kept pulling down my rose. 


Guess they didn't like it either...




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Did I just delete my blog "My Rose Got a Wink" ? Posted on Aug 18, 2014 at 11:13 PM

It had 902 comments.. I replied to 3345roc because he lit a fire under me... I posted it under the wrong blog so I hit delete & now EVERYTHING is gone... I have ONE window open which still has the last page of comments... Is there any way of keeping it?


Dammmit to hell roc.. Your rude comment to LV1 caused this whole damned thing !


I'm sorry... I used your photos to... Posted on Jul 10, 2014 at 10:11 PM

Then he never told me why. 


Just another FACELESS profile...


I received an email asking (more like complaining) why I took down my great photos.

(uhhh sorry??)

Then added he wasnt sad because he had already downloaded them. 


FOR REAL ???  WHY ???

Whatever... I'm back to the bare (Ha) basics. 

But ya'll know I have my nice ones 💖


The many shades of Gray... Faceless Photos Posted on Jul 08, 2014 at 08:34 PM

I don't understand why someone creates an online dating profile,

yet refuses to post their photograph?


Does it make them feel superior making people "Ask For It" ?

Do they lack confidence in their physical appearance?

Are they Super Famous & need to hide on here (Ha!)


I personally delete winks & emails from people with (as 

I am calling it) Different Shades of Gray. 


Input anyone? 


**No rose winks involved... LoL.. 

**Don't try to figure out my last 

    phrase, unless you've followed

    the few blogs I've started. 



Whoops, My Bad for hollering.  


Honestly... Being Honest is Important Posted on Jun 07, 2014 at 10:22 AM

If someone put in their profile that they absolutely Dislike Liars... BUT, they have not put their true age on their own profile.. Well, isn't that horribly misleading AND yes, very very Dishonest ?? !!!




With that said. I am guilty of said crime & feel the need to make the change. Since I was in high school I have been told I never looked my age. At 20 I looked 15, at 30 I looked 20 at 40 I looked 30.. Now I am 57 years old... BUT, because I have kept myself in good shape, and was blessed w/good genes, I look much younger than I am.


I saw on one of the blogs that if a woman says she is younger, she will attract more men. Reason being... they will often put 45 or 50 as their 'Date Match Age' ...which drops me out completely.


So I made myself younger (Very easy process & quite invigorating.. lmao).  However, the men I have attracted were quite interesting... Most just want arm candy, the rest looked like they could be my Great Grandfather (lmao).


Age IS important to ME. I don't care if a man is a little younger or a little older. All I want is this... When I am in public & people see myself & my date.. I would like them to think "Those two make a nice couple and they look to be in the same age bracket"... NOT.. Is that his daughter? Is she a Gold Digger?... I want both my partner and myself to VISUALLY COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER.


So now, I'm out of the closet. Ha !! It feels good because it was actually hard reversing all the math for my blogs...


THE REAL PROBLEM... What if you meet someone you like A LOT... Your age WILL become important at some point... Then what happens? The man labels you a liar (because you were, no matter what the excuse), The man may wonder what else you lied about (worthy cause to wonder)... AND then your true age may be very important to him & be a deal breaker.


MY DECISION...If I'm not liked, loved or whatever for who I am ... INCLUDING MY AGE... Well... it's the other person's loss.


I wonder how many other women are honest about their age?

Over 300 views but too much Negativity Posted on May 07, 2014 at 11:17 AM

I deleted my blog about MY QUESTION of Being on the Bed with Cleavage. When

it reached the point that people's charachter, personality, habits, hobbies, etc. were

being attacked by some unknown virtual being across the world.




I just got tired of reading it. Some Really good people made nice comments

only to be insulted. Life is too short to deal with negative people.


A blog is not worth the energy if it attracts self centered, egotistical, insulting people.


The End


WHOOP WHOOP - Color Gone !!

How Important is a Mans Height ? Posted on Apr 28, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Dating a Shorter man...


I consider myself a fairly tall woman at 5'7". The majority of men I have dated were always a few inches taller than myself. When I was with someone near my height, I felt akward towering over him, especially when wearing 3-4 inche heels. It wouldn't be possible for 'me' to dress up in flats, the glamour of sexy shoes would be lost. We all know that heels make our legs look awesome and I haven't met a man yet that didn't think a woman in heels wasn't sexy.


So I wonder, is it old fashioned to think men should be taller? We all see stars walk the red carpet with women who Really Tower over their dates. My guess is these women were former (or current) models who's average height starts at 5'9" & goes above 6". Maybe that's a Hollywood thing, I don't know.


For me great confidence comes with being tall. I don't need to ask men to grab something high on a shelf when out shopping, etc. When I'm out w/girlfriends I'm the one to help them. My everyday flats are usually 2 inches so that makes me 5'9" casually.


In closing when I don my heels & a nice dress, I feel like a Queen... tall, statuesque and full of confidence.


How do WOMEN feel about dating men who are equal in height or shorter?

How do MEN feel about dating women who are taller than them?


What do others think? Would love to hear both perspectives.

When I see 65 yr old men Seeking women 18-30, I think CRAZY Posted on Apr 28, 2014 at 11:46 AM

I gotta ask...WHY would a 65 year old man be looking for an 18 year old?


I see many profiles of men looking for women 2-3+ times younger than them. Wanting

them to be 18 or 21.


Am I CRAZY or does anyone else wonder what a 'mature man' (written sarcastically) wants

with a little girl, just out of (or still in) high school.


At my age I wouldn't even consider being with a 'man' (again sarcastic) 18 years old.

I want a man who can hold an intelectual conversation, share life experiences, has a career, a

home (not with their parents) and is incredibly independent (mentally & financially).


An 18 year old ??? I just don't get it.


What would we have in common? Dress (style of clothing), music, travel, physical activities (I guess other than sex Ha!) They wouldn't even be able to go out for an adult beverage.


When I was 18 I thought anyone who was in there mid to late 20's were OLD !


What do you Ladies think ?

AND how many winks & emails do you receive from men wayyyy older than

youself (only to think.. NOT... then delete).


HONESTLY, do we really want to go out with someone who is older than our own fathers?

Any Thoughts?


 Repeat Whoop Whoop for Purging The Pink !!