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Blog title: The Great Bowling Alley of Life
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A Discourse on the Great Bowling Alley of Life.  

My blog address: http://MillionaireMatch.com/blog/MillionDollarBab
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What the Alpha Dog Could Teach Us All About Courage 42 Views 09/28/13

It rained all day.  I enjoy rainy days sometimes.  But the Alpha Dog does not.  No, not at all.  The Alpha Dog is a sunshine dog.  He's terrified of precipitation from the sky.  Not so much thunder, or lightning.  The rain itself.  It's so wrong.  Hail?  Good gracious!!  He's heard stories.  He's been thrown in the bathtub, too.  

And so as the rain poured, the Alpha Dog found himself in a predicament.  There is a covered deck, but he's just too terrified to go anywhere near the rain.  

I went outside and tried to coax him out.  I could see wheels spinning in his head.  "In that??  You must be joking!"  Eventually, mostly out of embarrassment, he ventured out, then turned around immediately and ran back to safety inside.  

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The Universe 53 Views 09/28/13

I read a book around three years ago that stated that all its principles were based those found in the New Testament.  I suppose I could sum the book up as another form of the power of positive thinking.  


Except.  I noticed that instead of crediting God with hearing our requests and giving us something we hoped for in response to our faith in God, it always said that the Universe was doing all this for us.  The book said, to paraphrase, "Check it out!  Ask the Universe for something small and see if you don't get it.  The Universe has the ability to hear you and do things for you."  There were lots of interesting examples of this.  "OK," I thought, "They're using the expression 'the Universe' to mean God."  Maaaybe.


At first I thought that this was interesting, and I made a "vision board," as it suggested.  A vision board is a big piece of construction paper you put pictures that you have collected up from places like magazines that represent some dream or aspiration you have.  I thought that was a neat idea.  It originated from the business world, where some smart person or group thought it would help the company focus on what they were trying to accomplish.  


On my vision board, at the top, in big red letters, were the words, "I CAN."  I found this somewhere in a magazine.  There were some pictures, like of a pretty dream house, etc.  Well, I suppose it was OK.


I talked to my sister about it and soon after that she sent me a deck of cards that resembled tarot cards.  Uh ho.  Evil evil evil!  I looked through them curiously.  They were beautiful with artistic pictures.  You were supposed to ask a question, and draw a card to get your answer.  From whom?  No, no, no.  I set them aside, tyring to figure out what to do with them.  I actually hid them so no one else got sucked into playing with them.  Pretty soon I got sucked into playing with them.  I took them out, BUT...I didn't ask a question.  That seemed safe.  I'd just draw a card and see what happened.  The card I drew said, "Go ahead!  Ask!"  At that point I threw them away.


But I digress.  I noticed that I kept hearing people in conversations saying things like, "Then something marvelous happened, and it was clear the Universe was working for them!"  People often substituted 'the Universe,' for 'God.'  A friend told me about a garden she had, and she claimed that the archangel Michael would help her with it.  I think she believed that she met with him sometimes.  I knew right away that she wasn't getting help from the archangel Michael, because Michael is the angel of the nation of Israel, and she wasn't Jewish, and because being an archangel, he's too busy for gardening.  It's like she told me that the President of the United Stated called her every day to see how the progress on the house was going.  Especially if you weren't even American.  


Another curious idea I started hearing was about 'the Ascended Masters.'  OK, I knew about that.  A little, anyway.  New Age philosophy basically.  The same people that always talked about 'the Universe' helping us, talked about 'the Ascended Masters.'


But what was wrong with all this fundamentally?  Well, I bet none of these people would try to convince me that they prayed to a tree or a cow and marvellous things began to happen to them.  Or a rock either.  Yet, in essense that's what they've done with 'the Universe.'  Like a tree, a cow, a bird, a rock, or whatever, these things are created.  They are worshipping the created rather than the Creator. 





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The Fowl of the Air 62 Views 09/21/13

Suppose one day the birds figured out exactly what was going on.  Especially domesticated ones.  Yes, I refer again to geese, but also to ducks, turkeys and chickens.  And game birds, too. 


One day, they were all able to communicate to each other that these little cages, or barnyards, were not ending well for them.  That hatchet...what do we do with that??


And then, they decided to rise up and put a stop to it.  They would start with intimidation.  Like calling us on the phone in the middle of the night.  First, heavy breathing...then  "cock a doodle doo!!" 


We're out at "Chickens Are Us" getting a nice piece of fried chicken, when we notice chickens massing outside the door.   They rig up the car and drive it away!  Hey!  


They hire lawyers and sue us for frivolous things and unfrivolous things.  


When they see that these tactics aren't working, they get tough.  Bird armies form and declare war.  


We huddle in fear in our homes.  What to do?  I know, divide and conquer.  


We put up signs saying, "Turkeys eat free!"  And the turkeys get their corn.  They break ranks.  Turkeys are special.  The chickens get together.  It's not about them getting corn.  It's about their little chicks getting corn.  The ducks feel the same way, and so do the geese, who have been the most vocal and aggressive of the bird war, hissing and flapping and biting people.  


OK, we extend our offer of corn to all fowl of the edible ilk.  Some of them feel that this is victory over the oppressor and they have been heard.  Others are suspicious, refusing to cave.  These birds become even more aggressive in their efforts.  Some "suicide birds" fly into jet engines.  All sorts of mischief.  


We begin to arrest errant birds, putting them up in birds jails.  Oh, the squawkking that is heard from bird jail.  Chained by their ankles, they take their little cups, and rattle them on the bars.  Guard!  Guard!  Squawk!   We are bright enough to cut their communication lines to the other birds, and execute them and take them down to Chickens are Us.  


The rebellion falls apart.  The birds are given propoganda about how silly it is to believe the vicious untruths told by some birds on the extreme fringe.  They had it good in the barnyard.  


Still, there are reports of bird attacks here and there.  But the war is over.  These are just bird crazies. We start to convince the rest of the birds to put them in their place.  Let peer pressure fix it.  Some of the more outspoken bird leaders band together and form The Society for the Betterment of Birds.  There are other noble groups such as Nestling Scouts, Ducklings of the Revolution, and The Feather Guild. The gist of it is encouraging good birds to peck not so good birds.  Classes on pecking become popular.


The cockadoodledoos in the middle of the night start to disappear.  We celebrate with fried chicken.

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Ornitho Psychosis 68 Views 09/22/13

A rare psychiatric disturbance in which the patient fixates upon birds and other winged creatures. The condition is mostly seen in France.  




The patient typically begins with butterfly fantasies and progresses over the course of his illness to wishing to harm such animals as geese.  Differentiating this aberration of the mind from normal minds requires psychiatric skill, honed to perfection by the French, where one can find most of the literature on the subject.  


Patients usually relate that they were taken to catch butterflies with nets as children.  Their mother will say that she was just trying to amuse the child.  Flights of fantasy form, and before long the patient obsesses about anything with wings. 


Frequently such a person will relate that they have a pilot's license.  


Others resolve this conflict by hunting ducks, geese, and such.  


Psychiatrists puzzle, especially in France, where the condition is rampant, on the inner workings that manifest in ornitho psychosis.  It is believed that the sufferer begins to irrationally place his/her feelings of abandonment as having origins with the winged ones.  Hatred of winged beings may form, possibly rooted in the notion of some perceived threat posed by them.  The patient may claim that he fears hunger, and wishes to eat the winged thing.  He may, conversely, fear a direct physical attack from the winged ones, ranging from pecking, biting, hissing, and wing flapping, to being carried off in the talons of a raptor to be consumed at his nest high in the clouds. Too, bat phobias are a nearly universal facet of this group, who will cite fear of rabies as the cause of their discontent. At its extreme level, the patient confuses any winged form of life with a pterodactyl.  Other delusional behavior may involve the conviction that one is able to fly evidenced by flapping one's arms.  Attempts at reproducing bird sounds, such as clucking, crowing, quacking, and gobbling are not uncommon.  There are even cases in which the involvement of the psychosis extends to flying squirrels.  Often they begin to eat large amounts of sunflower seeds.


Medication is currently the only treatment.  Hours of babbling on a couch may help.

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The Debt Ceiling 128 Views 09/18/13

Watching CNBC, I saw Jim Cramer emote about the debt ceiling, and its effect on the market.  "When Boehner speaks, someone needs to pull the plug on the microphone."  


I noticed the market was down today, mostly because of the Fed meeting.  How could the knowledge that the market would be down on a given day be turned into money?  Hmmm...


Then our President made an appearance on the tiny screen.  There's the real money, figuring out when the President will speak.  Every time he speaks during market hours, the market goes down.  


He was saying that the Republicans are extorting a position out of him by using threats of not raising the debt ceiling and that in a few days the situation will become epic in proportions and crisis crisis crisis.  


Yeah yeah.  It reminds me of reading that the hospital was closed for a day, and the mortality rate went down.  


What will happen?  The same thing that happened last time.  Our President will select the most aggravating things to shut down, like sending all the people that do search and seizure at the airport home so people can't get on the plane, which obviously would blow up if they did.  A whole lot of nothing.  Will the Social Security check be sent?  What will Gramma do?  Scaring people.  And the "crisis" will again blow over.

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The Cure For the Common Cold 136 Views 08/18/13

Do I know the cure for the common cold?  Well, if I did, I probably wouldn't tell you.  There are laws about that kind of thing.  They call it practicing medicine without a license.  I can tell you what I do when I catch cold.  It's still a free country...I think..


And how do I know this?  Some time ago, I decided to go to the health food store.  Around here it means a trip out to the wilderness, to "The Mission."  I doubt if you could find this place if you didn't know where it was.  But a whole lot of people know where it is.   Why call it a mission?  It's run by missionaries.


 Missionaries know all kinds of remedies.  They used to go to Africa a lot, but they've gotten too old now and hung up their spurs.  While they were in Africa, terrible things sometimes happened.  Sister Cecilia told me of a family that all came down with yellow fever, I think it was.  Some of them died.  


I went to the Mission and asked about Sister Cecilia.  Another missionary that I didn't know took me over to a nearby house to see her.  It was July, and she was lying in bed, all covered up with blankets, and a hot water bottle on her head.  "Are you sick?" I asked.  "Ooooh, no," she said.  "Why are you in bed with all the covers?"  


She told me that she had been to Africa, and contracted malaria, and that the Lord showed her that every time she felt a relapse start, she should immediately take a hot bath.  "How hot?"  "I get my temperature up to 104 degrees," she said.  "How do you do that?" I asked.  "I fill the bathtub as hot as I can stand it.  It stings when I get in.  Then I cover the water with black plastic bags to keep the heat in."  She went on to say that she kept her temperature up that high for 20 or 30 minutes, and after that she kept her temperature up over 100 degrees for another hour, which was what she was doing when I showed up.  "Then I make sure to completely rest for the rest of the day."  


Over the next few months she continued to do this, and always managed to nip the malaria relapse in the bud.  She said she had had the most dangerous kind of malaria, that causes encephalitis.  She became even more aggresive in her treatment, and instead of waiting for a relapse, she took the hot bath cure twice a week for a year.  She told me that since then she has never had another relapse.  


"It works for all kinds of illnesses," she said. "Not every one, but probably all viruses."  Retro or otherwise.  Bacteria also. She warned me not to do this while I was alone.  "I have passed out doing this, and you could drown in the water."  


The next time I had the flu I tried it.  I never got my temperature up to 104 but I did manage to go over 103 for about 30 minutes.  Whew!  I guess it's about like a sauna.  I was happy to see that the next day I didn't have the flu.  But I noticed when I tried it again that it wasn't a good idea to let it get full blown.  I did best to do hot bath cure the minute I realized I was coming down with a cold or the flu.


These days you'll never hear her say to get your temperature up to 104.  She says 103 now, for 20 minutes, then a hour over 100.  I told her I had only managed to get up to 102.5 most of the time. "Oh, that should do it, " she said. 


Germs just don't like heat.  That's the reason the body runs fevers.  It's an attempt to kill germs.  In Arkansas, there is a national park called Hot Springs National Park.  The town there is called Hot Springs because it has geothermally heated springs.  There are bath houses there just for taking therapeutic hot baths.  Back in the days after the Civll War, people went there to recover from afflictions resulting from the war.  


So that's what I do about the common cold when it happens to me.  I take a bath once a week whether I need it or not!

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Wild Goose Chase 144 Views 09/01/13

How to hunt organic goose:  

Go to a park with a lake.  Take corn with you.  Feed the corn to the geese, along with with a sleeping pill mixed in.  Wait for a goose to fall asleep, put the unconscious goose in a pillowcase, and throw it in the trunk.  

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Carpet Repair 43 Views 09/13/13

Little bleach stains sprinkled all over the beautiful light blue carpet.  Yes, some of them my fault.  Little? One where someone else had taken a wet spray bottle of clorox and put it down on the carpet, leaving the outline of bottom of the bottle in white on the pretty blue carpet.  Boo hoo.  


I happened to buy some pens of many colors.  One of them was a light blue.  It occurred to me that it was the same color as my carpet.  I colored in the stains with ink from the pen.  Perfect match.  I can't even find the stains knowing where they were.  Yay!



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Happy Yom Kippur 49 Views 09/13/13

Happy Yom Kippur.  

I do know what that means.  Day of Atonement.  

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The World's Best Chicken Soup 68 Views 09/10/13

Behold, I will show you a mystery that not many people know.  How to make real soup.  You can't go out and buy real soup anywhere.  Anywhere that I know of.  

Some day when you've roasted a chicken, or really, anything with bones, save the drippings, or "the treasure," as the French say.  Save the bones, cartilage, skin, and the feet and comb if you can get them.  Not the feathers.  

I usually chill the drippings and separate the fat from the part that will look like jello.  The jello goes in and the fat I put in the frig for a while.

I put the jello from the drippings, the skin, the bones and cartilage in a pressure cooker, cover about 2 inches above everything with water, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and pressure cook everything for around three hours.  I'd say three hours is minimum, six wouldn't hurt anything.  But not having time to watch it more than that, I put it in the crock pot for 12 to 24 hours after that.  And this can go on longer, too.  In the old days, people sometimes just simmered indefinitely, partly to preserve the food.  

After this, I pour the soup through a colander and when the bones and skin cool, separate them.  The soup is done when the bones will break easily.  

There are levels of success.  Whatever you have at this point is good.  But when you chill this and the whole thing gels just like jello, perfection has been achieved.  

I like to add vegetables, like onion, garlic, and celery.  I also add salt.  

There are lots of uses for this soup as a base when chicken broth is called for.  The great thing about this soup is that the minerals and other nourishment is very well absorbed by the digestive system.  You can partically feel your bones and bone marrow growing.  Besides that it's mmm mmm good.

PS Just in case you ever have feet to put it, they need to be cooked in a pressure cooker first for about half an hour.  Then remove the skin, which I throw away, and put the rest in the soup.

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Daffodils and Tulips 76 Views 08/18/13

I ordered bulbs to plant this fall.  I always go crazy when I do that and when all these bulbs arrive, it's hard to get them all planted.  Pink daffodils, yellow daffodils, really the best choice because deer don't eat them.  The deer ate all my tulips this year.  And yet I bought more tulips.  Pink ones, red ones.  And one that is red and white stripped and blooms in late spring.  There was also red and white stripped sorrel, so I bought that, too, but it blooms in the late summer.  It was so pretty!  

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Environmentally Friendly Transportation 31 Views 09/01/13

I just think we should hitch up millions of butterflies, put buggies on them, and have them transport us around.  

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Happy Rosh Hashanah 63 Views 09/05/13

Happy Rosh Hashanah

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Brother Goose 51 Views 09/04/13

My heart knows what the wild goose knows 

And I must go where the wild goose goes. 

Wild goose brother goose which is best 

A wandering soul or a heart at rest?

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Another You 61 Views 09/03/13

There's a new world somewhere


They call the promise lamd


And I'll be your someone


If you will hold my hand.


I sitll need you there beside me


No matter what I do


Cause I know i'll never find


Another you.


If they gave me a fortune 


However great or small


I could lose it all tomorrow 


And never mind at all


But if I should lose your love dear


I don't know what I'd do


Cause I know I'll never find


Another you.  

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Syria 145 Views 08/27/13

What will happen in Syria? everyone is wondering.  I can't imagine much will happen because we really don't want to get involved.  When we heard that Iran seemed to be building nurclear weapons, did we take action?  Oh, let's see.  Well, there were speeches about sanctions.  There were warnings to Israel not to attack Iran, but that seemed to be what we hoped would happen.  Let them deal with it.  Now we hear that there is a civil war in Syria and that chemical weapons are being used.  Our leaders have said in the past that this would be crossing that invisible line and wouldn't be tolerated.  So I'd say now our leaders are mostly trying to figure out how to appear to have not tolerated that, while effectively ignoring it.  We'll send a message.  Many, many firecrackers will be exploded.  Stay tuned. 

I could see this going south for us in all kinds of ways, mostly amounting to terrorists retaliating against us for whatever we did.  What did happen to those nuclear weapons?  I think I heard that the Israelis used an electronic attack against them.  We don't really know.  I suppose the Iranians are still sitting in underground bunkers complaining about being hacked.  Another thing I've heard is that Iranian nuclear physicists keep being killed mysteriously.  

Meanwhile, the stock market is perplexed.  Well, are we going to stop eating donuts now?  Why is Krispy Kreme taking a hit on this news?  But wait, Chevron is up.  Why?  I guess there is speculation that our domestic supply of oil will help us if we behave badly enough in the eyes of the Saudis that they cut off our oil.  Other purveyors of domestic oil are also up.  But then why is Union Pacific down? Wouldn't all the need for increased use of transportation benefit them?  

A friend once told me that every time they had ever seen economic turmoil in this country, there had soon been a war.  They felt that the purpose of the war was 100% to buoy the economy.  Is this so?  I don't know.   

There is one thing about the idea of an attack on Damacus that really bothers me.  Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus.  Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and shall be a ruinous heap.

This prophesy has never been fulfilled.  If I lived in Damascus, I'd move.

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Dangerous Dangerous Fracking 234 Views 08/20/13

Voices of dissent have called me on the carpet about my thoughts on dangerous, dangerous fracking.  Naturally this causes me to drink the wine of astonishment.  


The first sip of this wine is that I don't have any involvement in fracking to start with.  Well, you might argue, I have received "national attention" on my views on the Permian basin.  True.  Several people from all over read that blog.  


Earthlings, it's not all bad!  Our nation desperately needs oil and natural gas.  It's a survival issue.  And we need to have our own, not a supply coming from potential or actual enemies.  "Arsenic in the water!!" is cried.  "No groceries in the grocery store!" I counter.  There is already arsenic in the water!  How much more did fracking add, if any?  A molecule?  We have wheels that absolutely must spin. Windmills aren't going to make that happen.  


But read and weep.  I control no aspect of fracking.  OK, a billionth of the Chevron corporation maybe.  

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The Alpha Dog Comes In 79 Views 08/12/13

It is possible to corral horses by putting up sheets of fabic that do nothing more than block their view.  They don't challenge the sheet but stay within the confines of the corral of sheets.  It's something I saw on TV once.  They said it was less likely to injure the horses also.  

The Alpha Dog doesn't think like this.  I have a door that doesn't latch.  I thought I could just close it and convince him he couldn't get in.  Before long he flung the door open, as if to say, "What's the meaning of this?!"

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The Sprout: Humane Treatment of the Seedling 41 Views 08/06/13





Overwhelming interest in the plight of sprouts has motivated me to impart my wisdom on the subject. 



1.  The whole miracle happens when a seed comes in contact with water.  


2.  You must decide how many sprouts you will want and when.  


3.  You must determine what sort of sprouts you want. 


4.  Be prepared for heartache, especially at first.  Crop failures happen.




There are several popular ways to make a little sprout nursery.  Most people start off with a large mouthed one or two quart GLASS jar.  I think it's important that it be glass, because sprouts take in everything, and plastic just shouldn't be one of them.  


The jar needs a ventilated lid.  A lot of people use cheesecloth and hold it on with a rubberband or something.  Also, there are lids that are sold for this purpose that you can find at a health food store, or on the internet.  Let me just say, I like "The Sprout People."  BTW there are beginner kits that have a container and seeds varieties.  One other point about the lid.  There are sizes of the holes of the lids.  The thing is to keep the seeds in the container, so if you have tiny seeds (like broccoli) or the seeds are just starting, use the smaller "day one" holes.  As the sprouts grows, you progress to larger holes.  


One really good method is called "The Easy Sprouter."  This is a little one quart terrarium that sells for about $5.  Yes, it's plastic.  I'd say it would be the best way to go, except there's only one way I know of to get them, which is to go online.  Google "The Sprout People" or else "Easy Sprouter." Glass jars can also be purchased from The Sprout People, and lids.  


OK, so you have prepared your sprout nursery.  Now you put in some seeds.  Most people start with mung or alfafa.  Also, they're the easiest to find at places like health food stores.  Put in about two tablespoons per quart into your container.  Fill the container with water, and let the dear little seeds soak for a few hours, like overnight.  Then pour off the water through the lid, so all the seeds don't fall out.  


Your sprouts have now been watered once. 




It's a great day for the little seed.  Imagine it's excitement!  Where will it go?  What will it be?  


You are captain of its destiny now.  If it's a mung, it needs to go into a dark place all the days of its nurturing, until it winds up eaten or in the regrigerator.  This is a larger seed in the great scope of things, and if it gets too much light it becomes woody.  No, keep it in the dark and it will be tender and juicy.  If it's alfalfa, just put it on the counter.  Sprouts need shade from full sunlight. They're too fragile for that.  But after day one they can go live on the windowsill.  (Except for mung.


It is very important that a jar be tilted at an angle resting on its lid, so that the water can slowly drain off betweens rinsings.  I just find a bowl and prop it up in that. 


BTW this isn't necessary with the Easy Sprouter.  It drains from holes in the bottom that collect in its outer shell.  


At the end of its long, busy first day, the sprout need to be rinsed a second time.  Just fill the container with water and pour it off, and put the jar back in its bowl in a tilted position. 


And the evening and the morning were the first day.  





By now, you should see budding on the sprouts.  Hurray!  Prospects look good! 


The sprouts need to be rinsed twice a day.  





By now the sprouts should have taken wings.  They are just about ready to fly away to their destiny.  


But one important step remain.  They need to be dehulled.  You could just put them in a large bowl, fill it with water, swish the sprouts around, and let the hulls rise to the surface and brush them off.  You might like to use a salad cleaner - those things with the cord you pull on top to clean lettuce.  The important thing is, after you've rinsed off the hulls, drain the sprouts by putting them back in their jar in a tilted position for a couple of hours





Your crop is now ready for harvest.  Yay!  You have successfully gardened.  Now for the reward.  


Well, you can either eat them right away, or put them in the refrigerator.  You can store them in the container you grew them in, with the ventilated lid.  You can put them in a plastic baggie.  


If you eat them right away, what can you do with them other than eat raw sprouts?  Well, some sprouts, like alfafa, are good prepared like salads.  Broccoli is another one that's good this way.  I have a blue cheese dressing I like to make for broccoli sprouts, but if I do this every day, I'll gain weight.  Or put oil and vinegar on them and sprinkle with parmesan cheese.  


The mung is also OK for salad.  I like to sautee onion and garlic and then stir fry the mung.  Not too long!  About three minutes.  I use about a half teaspoon of salt per quart.  They're good like this or you could beat two or three eggs and mix them in that and fry them like pancakes for five minutes on each side.  Then you have egg foo yung.  YUM!  


That's the basics.  Sprouts respond to being blessed, just like people.  

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My Favorite Commandment 51 Views 08/09/13

One Saturday a couple of years ago, it occurred to me that it was the Sabbath.  Nice.  A thought entered my mind, "Do you remember the Sabbath and keep it holy?"  Uh oh, God.  "Yes..."  "How?"  "Uhhh...well, I just remembered that this is the Sabbath...  I haven't murdered anyone or held up any convenient stores."  I was bargaining already.  "What have you done to remember the Sabbath?"  "Done? What should be done?"  "Did you work today?  It's supposed to be a day of rest."  "Oh." 




So, I started to think it over.  First of all, which day of the week are we talking about?  Does it matter if it's Saturday or Sunday?  I don't know.  I decided on Saturday, because with all the church, and visiting, and dinners on Sunday, it just gets unrestful.  Plus, if you start the Sabbath on Friday evening, and end it Saturday evening, you've still got Saturday night.  So, Saturday it was.  




First, I made it a day of rest.  I tried to let myself really, truly get bored.  No TV, no phone, no travel, no computer.  Maybe some reading.  Sometimes I would lie in the bedroom with the lights off, especially if there was a thunderstorm, because then I could listen to the rain on the roof.  I would pray that God would speak to me, and then just wait.  Sometimes it was a long wait.  Sometimes it would thunder right after I prayed that.  I assumed it was God.  When I did hear from God, it would be music, beautiful music, or a walk down a favorite memory lane.  




I saw that I needed to prepare ahead for the Sabbath - chores done, everything fresh, meals prepared ahead.  Special meals.  




The whole day became special and every week I had a holiday that I looked forward to.  I was surprised to notice that I got more done during the week.  Why?  Probably because I was rested.  

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