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  • Although I am new to this site, I have run across many posts asking for information on success stories, if people really meet, or how this really works? Just joined here, but where dating millionaires is concerned I think I have some real experiences to share. I am sure there are a few others of you that do too.  So for those that want the GOOD, BAD and the UGLY of what dating millionaires online is like, well here it is!

  • Love always, Scholargirl xoxoxox
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Real World: Found him... Posted on May 05, 2013 at 07:31 AM

Sorry to blog and run after only being on the site two weeks.  Maybe I will get back and finish this saga at some point, but for the moment (hopefully longer) I have found my match. About to be wisked off for another date and I want to focus on him instead of being here.

There are great guys here, ladies. I talked with at least a dozen that made it though all of my preliminary checks and at least appeared to be who they were.  Just do your homework.  It is not hard to find out about someone who is honestly successful. Mine was EASILY verifiable. Hope your search leads you to one!


The Real World of Dating Millionaires Online Posted on Apr 25, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Although I am new to this site, I have run across many posts asking for information on success stories, if people really meet, or how this really works???  I have about a dozen experiences of dating and relationships with moderately wealthy to the significantly wealthy, single and married, local and long distance, high political figures to quantum physicists, those that swept me off my feet, and those that were truly a disaster. I have met some wonderful men along the way.


So, you may ask, why is SHE not married??  Truth is, I didn’t ask to be.  I was fun and single enjoying life.  I am very comfortable giving others their space but maintaining day to day communication.  I have had relationships up to 2 ½ years like this and traveling together often. I have even fallen in love. Not everyone is comfortable with this, I understand, but the tides are turning and maybe this girl is ready to be serious if the right one for the long haul comes along. We will see!!!


My plan is to post about a different experience each week.  Feel free to throw your experience in there too!


And then there was a prince...


First, I will start with why I didn't come to the table with some of the hesitation and skepticism that people tend to have when starting online dating.


On business about 5 years ago I decided to take a break from mundane conference mumbo and join the local happy hour scene at the hot spot on the docks.  Sitting behind me was a group of loud, obnoxious gentlemen that I tried to more or less ignore; however, the young one of the bunch strolled over to give me this AWFUL pick up line!  To punish him I laughed, got up and walked over to where his 50+ yr old buddies were sitting, sat down and began to chastise them for sending the poor kid (10 years my younger) over with such a poor line.  We laughed and the young guy sat back down not knowing what to think.  Well, they convinced me that another friend, a chef, was going to make them dinner and I should come along.  Against my better judgment I agreed and on the way to the cars, the young one grabbed me and headed me to his car.  Well let's just say it was very high class with VIP on the plate.  I was a little taken back, not knowing what I had gotten myself into. He was cute, flirtatious, and cocky!  We took the short drive there and the restaurant had been cleared out except for the 5 of us and the chef friend prepared all types of fun things for us to eat and the expensive wine started flowing.


As my new friend stepped out of the restaurant to take a call, the men started to whisper to me about "Do you know who he is?" and telling me all about his background, title, and wealth.  I was stunned, but not overly impressed still.  So what, the guy was a prince with all of the things that go with a bratty, lifestyles of the rich and famous,  Regardless, I continued to get to know all of them.  Turned out they were all in the same boat of wealth and success; key benefactors of the university I was there to speak at who got together as friends there once or twice a year.  They were all quite legit, as I later found out.  


I ended up having a bit too much fun and acquiescing to the prince's desires in a moment of weakness.  In his boastful, morning pillow talk he told me all sorts of things.  I was shown millions of photos with Barbie doll like women (which I am not as he even made sure to tell me I was the oldest woman he had ever been hanging all over him near his cars or in his planes...ugh. He even boasted about all the women dying to meet him on a dating website.  I almost choked when he said that.  Him????  On a dating website????  He fessed up that they all were...all of the buddies I had met the night before.  


I had no aspirations for this young prince, although we did become friends and to this day he still calls me for advice about  Rather annoying, actually.  I did however begin to think about my new stage in life, being single, and wanting to get away from the home grown wannabes in my local community and how much fun I had with people that had explored the world and had new things to offer.


Within a week I was internet dating for millionaires...

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