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What defines you? Posted on Feb 15, 2014 at 07:43 AM

Today has been an interesting, thought provoking, introspective day for me so far.  We write our profiles to attract others to us, but what is it that we really seek? It is fun to have chats with people who are putting their best foot forward and are happy-go-lucky. I like to be flirtatious and fun.  What happens when the curtain falls and there is nobody there at the end of the day?  What happens when the red carpet is yanked out from under you?  When your world falls apart? 


What do you do with the person who has everything you wanted, and THEIR world falls apart?  Do you turn tail and run, looking for another person who has everything, or do you become a support through hard times?  Sometimes, people need us.  Sometimes we need them.  What kind of love are you seeking in life?


Just some thoughts...