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Outward, not Inward... Posted on May 14, 2013 at 06:33 AM

Morning Lobby! My last day on chat.. When we get finally come to the understanding that our existence isn't about what this world has to offer us, but what we can offer of ourselves, we might get it that in that elusive intimate relationship that most of us are pursuing, its about you being the best darn thing that happened to the one you have chosen to align yourself to. How you can be affirming, loving, inspiring and emotionally available for. If both were truly focused on this mindset..just think of how flippin awesome it would be. I tell you now, that that is what I want for myself, for all of us. If I don't get another opportunity to say another thing, I hope this will settle in your hearts and move you to do great things for those that you cherish. Luv you right where you are at my friends, but too much to let you stay there! Sandi[9:27AM]


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Hands on My Face 6/07 Posted on May 07, 2013 at 03:45 PM
I wrote this during a period in which my late husband had taken my sweet daughter to Ft. Lauderdale for hyperbaric treatment for her brain injury.  I was a very quiet morning in June of 07.       Sometimes a thought or a feeling will urge me to sit down and try to describe it in words, but usually something else will burst in and take away that urgency and it is lost only to find a permanent place in that corner of my mind called "things I regret." Now at this moment I find myself with another opportunity to somehow find permanence to what I have been gifted with and I am going to give in to the moment and take the time to give it a body so to say.


As my faith has evolved and my walk with Christ has shaped my "maturity," I have always found that when reflecting on what I think it would be like to be in the presence of Jesus, my mind, my whole being seems to warm and I must pause to let myself experience the emotions and feelings. Not just emotional, but physical. My ability to describe the experience in words is going to give you only a pale comparison to how true and deep I experience this. I guess that is why I have such a difficult time getting to a place both physically and mentally to put it on paper. I also firmly believe that dark forces have always been able to put into place obstacles to inhibit the creation that may somehow bring comfort and hope to others as well. I guess I am finally getting some "legs" under me and maybe, just maybe I will be blessed with prose that will do just that. By the way, I am not the author, just an instrument. My God, my real Father is responsible for everything good thing that comes from me. What a good and glorious day this is to have taken another step in His direction to allow him to give me the clarity to write this. Amen!

As I mentioned, when I take the time to pause and truly reflect what it will be like to be in the presence of the Lord in Heaven or how it feels to be truly comforted, the images that come to my mind are of stepping into the folds of two strong, warm arms clothed in white. I am a child falling into the safest of all places, being embraced and held for that "30 second hug.’ The purest love flowing from His embrace instantly removing all physical discomfort and pain -- immediately taking over me. All the hurts and disappointments that have kept me from being the content child He meant and longed for me to be are gone. What an amazing feeling of freedom. There have been moments in my life where I have experienced unconditional love, but they will never compare to how deep and true God’s love is for me during that moment. I am treasured and wanted beyond anything else.

Often during those moments when I worship, I will experience a physical type of worship that is reciprocated, feeling the Lords hands on my face. It draws my gaze upward and I am transformed into a little child for the moment. The physical act of placing one’s hands on either side of another’s face is an extremely intimate act that is rarely seen or experienced. We will sometimes do that to our special needs children to gain their undivided attention, but I almost never see it in our human world done for the express purpose of saying you are loved and adored over anything else. Long ago, when my daughter Brenna was just a toddler she would do that and say "I dooooooo" which was her response to me after a warm hug from me telling her how much I love her. Since she is now silent in her ability to communicate verbally and has not had the ability to use her arms for over 10 years, I ache for those memories and will treasure those pure-love expressions until the day she is able to reciprocate all of the "I doooooos" she receives from me in the meantime.

During those times when I can feel the warmth of my Father’s hands on my face, they are so warm, so gentle, yet they are big, encompassing the entire sides of my face. I want to immediately just give into it, laying my head to one side to allow myself to feel the strength there supporting me, giving me such unconditional love. This morning I have been blessed with this comforting feeling for reasons I do not know, but will gladly receive. It has stayed with me as I have written this while the phone has been ringing and dogs barking. Hunter has been blessedly asleep in the other room and has only stirred once or twice. Allowing my mind to focus and truly experience this wonderful lingering experience has been such a gift today and I guess the only way that I can truly honor our Father is to share my thoughts and feelings those around me. I am such a flawed and fragmented human. Finding quiet time is so rare for me. If given more than 10 minutes without a task at hand would find me unconscious if the seating conditions are right. I pray and commune with our Father "on the fly" most of the time. I am so grateful for those times I can be with him for more than a brief pause. I love you God and am so thankful I am one of yours, I am so thankful you can intervene in my life even when I do not ask for it and give me just what I need and more.

Webs Posted on May 02, 2013 at 11:06 AM

Sassism: Taking a moment after lunch to think, to pray, to thank. Trying not to dwell too much on my small minded plan, but God's plan. I can't help but marvel at the intricate web of our singular we try make ourselves, but we really are connected, our triumphs, our struggles, our joys and sorrows all flowing, connecting working their way to creating a much bigger enmeshed design. No matter how isolated we may think we are, God has us, even if its by a thread. Know that I am thinking of you, praying for you, cheering you on and so proud to be a part of your life no matter how small it may be. I love you. Selah

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Thank You Posted on Apr 29, 2013 at 04:26 AM

Sassism: Being brave enough to expose the weaker parts of who I am is not an easy thing to do, but in doing so I have found prayer and love from those who love me just as I am and too much to let me stay there...being prideful and stoic during times of loneliness and sorrow is my first knee jerk reaction, but does nothing to move me along through it to a better place....thank you God for the gift of expression, the courage to share it-good or bad, and the brothers and sisters who are compassionate and kind to me. Continue to help me make it present to those around me who are as human as I. Selah


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Ponderings X 2 Posted on Apr 26, 2013 at 05:29 AM

Sassism:  Take a minute to think about all that took place in the span of 24 hours to make today be today...are those happy thoughts, were you blessed?  Or are you thinking of the negative things?  And if you are dwelling on the negative things, are you doing so with a hopeful heart, perhaps pondering what you learned that will make you a better person?  What can you do to rectify it with a better perspective?...You see, we do indeed have a lot of control over our destiny after all...God is indeed good.  Selah  


Sassism:  Affirmation brings inspiration, and inspiration brings about purpose which then brings esteem that leads to action which results in blessings and that, my friends, is what coming full circle is all about.   There are many circles to move in throughout your life...I choose this one.  Be blessed.  Selah


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Alterations Posted on Apr 23, 2013 at 04:36 AM
Alterations by Sandi Finck (Notes) on Saturday, September 5, 2009 at 10:41pm    

Being of petite or short stature, I find myself in the pigmy section of the department stores on most of my shopping excursions. Most of the time I can find something that suits my taste, but there are times I am longingly gazing across the aisle at some stylish item in the misses department. Most of you know that the misses department has a huge selection of apparel specifically for women who are in the 5'6" height range wearing a two inch heel. I have to say that about 90% of these items do not work for my vertically challenged, chunky frame. Tailored looks with clever stitching are most flattering if you must know. Unfortunately, petite departments can be quite limited and even there most pants still need altering. But I am optimistic so I'll mosey (sp?) on over and see if my size is there and if it is....maybe just maybe I can get away without having to make alterations. You can forget about the pants and jeans....I have a 26 inch inseam. I know you are snickering so stop it right now.....capris for the average height can just about do it as pants for me on occasion. Some knit tops do nicely, but the more fitted items like jackets, pants and such require the skills of a seamstress and can cost as much as I paid for the item being altered. 

So why am I telling you my woefull tales of clothes shopping and my quest for a good fit? I'll do my best to convey something that has been rattling around in my head for a while now. 

While we journey through life on this earth it seems in many cases that we try to alter Christ to fit our lives. Our quest for that "good fit" or level of "comfort." The worldly mindset is that we are the center of the universe and that everything is to revolve around us, making our lives effortless, seamless. We become indignant when things don't go along with our plan. Oh we like the idea of living a Christ centered life, the fabric is of the finest quality, those that wear it, wear it well. We want that. So we put it on and wear it proudly, but after a while, something changes and it feels a little "confining." Too restrictive. It needs to be "let out" to give us some wiggle room. When we get that wiggle room we find that we become hot and uncomfortable so we cut some more to better fit our lives. A nip here, a tuck there.....After all these changes, what we ultimately get is not a garment that represents a Godly life, but a tattered, threadbare costume that no longer resembles anything Christ-like. What we should have been doing is altering our lives to fit Christ. Remember a long time ago there were those who tried to change Jesus to fit their lives while he was with us. So much so that they cut him, beat him, put him on a cross and killed him because he made them uncomfortable. But he never waivered. He was God's Son, made of the very finest fabric. He was, is and will be. They couldn't change him to fit their lives then and we can't now. We must alter ourselves to become like Christ. Making those alterations can be very difficult. For some it involves giving up old habits, friends and addictions that we found sinful pleasure in. It could be changing careers, stepping out in faith, serving where we have never served before. It involves shrugging off the world, giving up your limited understanding and resting on His Word. It means you may be persecuted for your faith in Him. So are you ready to make that first cut? 

Fresh Eyes Posted on Apr 19, 2013 at 07:18 AM

Sassism: Have you ever noticed the eyes of a child? Just try this with me..close your eyes and bring to your mind an image of a sweet child you know and picture their face in your mind. Now relax your own face completely, open your eyes and lift your eyelids to make your eyes open bigger, keeping your face, your cheeks relaxed...allow your shoulders to relax as well and just look.....give yourself a minute to just take in your surroundings absorbing the things you see, allowing yourself to hear what is around you. Do you see the facial expressions of the people around you? Can you see and sense their body language? Are they happy? Are they arguing? Are you listening to them talking? Is the radio playing in the background? Pretend your mind is new, without cynicism, doubt, fear, sarcasm, hate, sadness & mistrust.

If you are not in denial of your own role in contributing the above to a child, well then you are getting where I am going with this...if you think this is a bunch of nonsense..well, keep reading anyway, it may hit you upside the head one day. 

We think our children are primarily pre-occupied with play and don't take in their surroundings so we unconsciously subject them to our own strife, our struggles, the darker side of ourselves. I know we cannot completely shield our children from the things of this world, but we can and should be more aware of their taking in EVERYTHING..that is what their little minds are made for, its what they do, their primary function as children.

Over the years, the beautiful open expression, the look of reception and eagerness to take it in will eventually change. Those beautiful eyes will become guarded to shield the soul from things that hurt, disappoint & betray. Eyelids will come down, facial muscles will tighten and they will look away, or worse yet, look down. Their receptive body language will draw up, shoulders drawing in and as this is happening on the exterior, can you imagine what is going on inside, whats transpiring within their very little minds, their souls? 
Eventually it will come back to be displayed in their actions. 

Every unkind word you speak, every unresolved fight, every hurtful stare, every time you do not act in what is right is being absorbed by innocents in your path. A heavy responsibility I have often failed at myself. I am not writing this to make you feel less, I am writing this to remind you that you are more than what you have settled for and you are a powerful presence in the lives of the young within your own circle of life. It's never too late to do what is right, what is Godly. Selah

Salty Tears and Sweet Tea Posted on Apr 18, 2013 at 06:18 AM

I wrote this about 5 months after the death of my late husband...he was on this third mission trip to Zambia and came down with a kidney stone...on the way to the hospital 7 Hours away in Lusaka, the truck he was lying in the back of hit a concrete mile marker and flipped.  He died instantly.  

Salty Tears and Sweet Tea by Sass (Notes) on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 6:52pm    

Found a scrap book today....

the pictures had already begun to fade

it was made for you by our oldest

I guess it was for your birthday

the sweet faces of the babies we made

of you holding them..just took my breath away


I know you're in God's best of best places

he called you home unexpectedly

I see you in their precious faces

through my salty tears and sweet tea


It's been so hard to let you go

when we never said goodbye

so strange now to be all alone

how can six months just fly


I know you're in Gods best of best places

he called you home unexpectedly

I see you in their precious faces

salty tears in my sweet tea


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Who I Am To Me Posted on Apr 16, 2013 at 06:01 PM

This was written in 2/2010.

 Who I am to Me

Inner voices either wreak havoc or joy to the soul 
which reflects in the eyes of its beholder 
for all the world to see 
Try to fool the world with false bravado 
but the sensitive ones can tell

who I am to me 

Oh I get it, I hear it, and I want it 
but I can't seem to own it and make it so 
is this a lack of surrender I wonder 
I don't even know what the payoff is 
maybe mortal melancholy? 
who I am to me 

He knows who I am, what I've not become, what I've undone 
but He loves me anyway 
even who I am to me 

Sassism ~ Allowance Posted on Apr 16, 2013 at 03:12 PM
 It's amazing how things dawn on me and when they do. I'm in a serious hugging session with Brenna this morning and intentionally am shooting for a full 30 second hug and about half way through, I feel her acceptance of it..allowing the love I wanted to convey to often are we that focused to feel that from the other we are loving on? When Brenna was injured, you could only tell periods of wakefulness, pain, or sleep by her heart rate....her little face didn't show any emotion in the beginning, but when it did, the first one was of negative expression. Obviously. It wasn't until almost 6 months later after we brought her home from Kluge that she smiled. 
What a day that was. 

I then realized that I, myself, due to the things that have occurred in my life, have had one major feeling dominating my life inhibiting my ability to "allow" other feelings to emerge. Survival. Heaven knows how much cortisol and adrenaline my body has churned out over the years drowning so many other emotions. I had head knowledge from previous, healthier, happier times that they were there, but didn't give them their due. I have a lot of catching up to do. So, I know this is a bit raw, but I had to get it out because I honestly trust that God doesn't lead my thinking to these places unless I am to move in a better direction and if I'm going into uncharted waters, I am taking a few of you with me. So let's consciously allow ourselves to feel today. Selah



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Speed Bumps Posted on Apr 13, 2013 at 06:54 AM

Sassism: Surprised sweetly by a phone call from my most favorite oldest daughter this morning. Catching up with each other, I feel my arms aching for one of her amazing embraces. I swear that girl radiates sunshine, even through the phone. 

We were talking about some bumps in the road of marriage that she and her hubby were experiencing. When I get those calls, I try very hard to be a Godly influence (ya'll know the fence I tight rope walk on), its hard being impartial as her mama at times, but I think the Lord has my back. What I shared with her this morning I think is worth repeating in this Sassism. 

We do each other a disservice when we give the ones closest to us our reactions instead of our responses. In most cases, those reactions are our knee jerk thoughts that come flying out without the benefit of a few speed bumps that God should have strategically placed in our mouths. And what winds up happening is our responses (which aren't usually far behind those reactions) never get voiced because we have stubbornly pledged allegiance to those reactions due to our pride and they never make it out of our mouths. 

Those that we love deserve that pause, that couple of seconds that can either make or break the moment. Oh, and those moments add up to either a strong foundation of trust, respect and love, or they eventually erode away that trust, respect and love to the point of no return. 

An intimate relationship doesn't mean "no holds barred" in all areas. Yes, you want to be able to be transparent and candid with the ones you swore to love and protect, but there is also a responsibility of self control over your own sinful nature that should not be unleashed upon each other. We have an obligation to protect, not just from others, but from ourselves, giving our best to those we love, instead of giving our worst. Many can already attest that a wedding ring is not a guaranty that they are going to endure it but for only so long. 

You held each other up over the much so that you took the step to bind your heart to each other before God til the end of time. So you should be treating each other likewise until the end of time. .....Selah

Content to let this go.... Posted on Apr 07, 2013 at 06:19 AM

I am the woman you pass on the street, thankful that my life isn't yours.  My reality appears to some as too much to bear, not measuring up to the worldly standards and ideals that many have bought into.  I am a woman of faith,  Financially secure and has more love in her heart than you can handle, but the picture I paint is not up to standard.  My depth is too deep.  I couldn't pretend to be shallow if you handed me a million bucks.  I was hoping that possibly there would be a real man of character, strength and integrity, that could appreciate my openness, me and all that has brought me to this point, but alas this seems to have been just my ideal.  It is time for me to let this go and allow God to do this, for you, after all, are just a man.  

Roommate Posted on Mar 21, 2013 at 07:26 AM

 I am very transparent with my life to others and it might seem to come across effortlessly, but indeed it has not and not willingly a lot of the time. This is because I am not alone with my own thoughts. Haven't been for a while. You see, the Holy Spirit moved in some 16 years ago and has permanently set up household. Sorta follows me around in my head and my heart like a Jiminy Cricket, if you will. Tugging, poking and pulling on me to do what is right instead of what I feel. As I have matured in my life, in my faith, I have listened to him more, but not always. 

Some of you are of privy to my history as I have spoken about it publicly, but there are others who know only what I've posted here. So I will give you a brief run through: Alcoholic father, apathetic mother, sexual abuse, drug use, promiscuity, car crash, Jesus, widowhood, loneliness. I think I covered 48 years rather nicely and efficiently. Not the stuff fairy tales are made of to be sure. But in the middle of it is most important. Jesus. With Him, I've been able to overcome a lot of negative, sad, feelings and I am still overcoming other things since He came into my life. My life didn't get all rosy from the point I made the decision to have a relationship with Christ. There were still other sad things, and I am arming myself for experiences yet to come. If you didn't know it yet, this is how life is on this planet. 

So why the rehash? Well, you know how it is when you read something once and you get a certain perspective on it, but then you revisit it again at a later point and get an entirely different perspective and a new meaning? Sorta like scripture? (Oh I have to say I do love how His word is indeed living and breathing like that). Well its like that. A conversation with someone, or a new life event will have me rolling back through old memory lane and I will have a different perspective from my past to apply to my future. I've learned instead of shoving the unpleasant, and sometimes down right awful things of my past, its in my best interest, or the interest of someone else to revisit those places. I have a responsibility as a Believer to be reaching out, not only to those immediately in my life, but to everyone, to give the best I have to give. 

I'm wrestling with things now, very personal things that are on a deeper level that I've never quite understood, but am now aware of..its like having a splinter deep under the skin, its there and its been there for a long time, but you didn't know it until you stepped a certain way. You know its got to come out, and it's trying to make its way out. You try to ignore it, walking a bit differently so as not to disturb it, upsetting your balance, your normal gait...until other things begin to hurt and suffer since you've changed the alignment of your life..keeping you from being and doing your best. Its going to eventually make its way out, but there may be infection now, spreading into your life. You finally realize you have to go after it..not relishing the idea that you may have to dig, bleed and cut to rid yourself of it. Oh, and then there may be a scar when its all done. But the relief, the deep cleansing breath you will take once its out will be amazing. Then the healing begins. 

As long as we have others in our lives..those that are under our care, bound to us by vows, we have a responsibility to be the best we can be, to take the time and do the work to right the things in our lives instead of thrusting it upon them expecting them to deal with it. I think its time you cleaned out some space in your soul for your very own permanent house guest Jiminy Cricket aka Jesus Christ. Selah

Confessions of This Sinner 2009 Posted on Mar 12, 2013 at 11:59 AM

There will come the day when we stand before our God and I mean it when I say “Our God” because whether you are a believer or not, He created you and you belong to him. Now what He does with us on Judgment Day depends on whether we are believers or not. I am eternally thankful that I am; knowing I will be tucked away nice and neat in his pocket and not kicked out of Heaven only having received the privilege of a 25 cent tour. 

So, even though I may undeservedly qualify to spend my eternity with the Most High, I will still have to answer for sins not confessed while walking on the earth and I know I will have toasty buns when He’s through with me. When I go to the Lord in prayer I ask him to help me remember past sins that I’ve either forgotten, or buried deep down or because of my ignorance and pride, refuse to acknowledge them as mine. 

I remember a period in my life when I was about 13 when I was keeping company with a couple of girlfriends and we discovered the art of shoplifting. Now what on earth could a thirteen year old possibly need bad enough to steal? Make-up, perfume, candy, anything that would fit in the deep pockets of my big sisters tan trench coat. Yup, we’d casually stroll into the local Dart Drug having laid out our “plan” and go in together, split up, meet at the end caps and they would fill my pockets with treasures that we would either use, consume or fence to our friends at school. I think this lasted about a month until Mr. Store detective nabbed us one chilly afternoon.

Being that I was the one with all the booty on my “booty” the others were let go and I was remanded into the back store room to wait for my mom or dad to come get me. My mom didn’t drive so she had to walk a good mile or so to claim her juvenile delinquent. My father was at work at the time working the second shift at the prison in Lorton.

There is no way I can describe that horrible, sickening feeling I felt that day and many days after. Mom was furious, embarrassed and probably a little worried what my father was going to do to me when he found out. I probably tried to give them the rebellious teenage “I don’t care” attitude but I don’t remember anything except that awful feeling. I knew I was wrong, I was deeply ashamed, embarrassed, scared, and mad (that the other 2 got away). The walk home from the Dart Drug was a long, agonizing walk and Mom would burst out every couple hundred feet with some expletive or “your father’s gonna kill you.” I guess by now you have a good idea that I resided in “dysfunction junction”. 

Once we made it home I was sent to my room to wait for my dad to get home. I remember lying on the bottom bunk staring up at the top bunk’s steel springs, counting the squares, crying. I felt like a death row inmate waiting for the electric chair to warm up. At midnight I heard the front door open up and the familiar sound of my dad’s heavy black work shoes on the landing and the jingle of keys and coins in his pocket. He headed down stairs, I heard my mom and him talking, voices rising and then quieting again. I thought surely he was going to come up and jerk me out of bed and give me the beating of my life. I knew I deserved it, but I dreaded it. Nothing…..about 10 minutes went by and my mom called me downstairs. I thought at least I won’t have to suffer the embarrassment of getting my butt beat in front of my sisters and brother in the hallway upstairs. I made my way downstairs and my dad was sitting at end of the table on where he always sat. We had a table and chairs set that would have made the cast of That Seventies Show envious. A hideous brown laminate table with tan metal legs and vinyl chairs that squeaked. So dad was sitting there, his shoes off, his belt unbuckled, in his semi –dingy v-neck t-shirt (gray work shirt was already draped over the door in the family room), a True Blue cig smoldering in the ashtray by his left hand and a glass of sweet tea to his right. His red solitare deck of cards in front of him. A very familiar scene under very unfamiliar circumstances. And thankfully, he was sober. 
I don’t remember exactly word for word what he said to me, but I remember him telling me that he was disappointed beyond words, that even though we didn’t have much, we had enough and if I had to steal, he’d hold them off with his shot gun because he loved me that much. There was no physical punishment that night. Oh, how I wished there was. Looking into to my dad’s face seeing the disappointment and hurt, the silence that followed the days after, not being squeezed by his hugs and having my face tickled by his horrendous handle-bar moustache kisses was far worse than a beating. At least a beating had a beginning and an end. Being excluded from his affection and presence was a punishment I had never considered would be a significant consequence. As a teen it was my single goal to be as far from my parents as possible. Even though my home was fractured and dysfunctional on a good day, I knew they loved me. Eventually I was forgiven and life continued as before. 

The consequences of that criminal folly rippled far and wide for a long time. I had to go to a probation officer for a while, my mom had to secure a ride for both of us to and from. The embarrassment to my family, the inconvenience to my mom each week, the shame and humiliation to myself, I had a record until I was 18. All for a little Revlon, L’Oreal and gum. 

I’m not going to tell you that my life was forever changed and I turned a new leaf and became a model citizen, because I certainly pushed the boundaries in other areas like promiscuity, drug and alcohol use, lying. It didn’t sink in until was older and became a believer what the consequences cost me. I remember when I was about 18, I was in my 77 Plymouth Fury Sport (a.k.a. the “Banana Boat”) sitting behind the wheel in front of a 7-11. The convenience store had glass across the entire front of the store so I had no problem seeing a boy loading up his pockets with candy. Those feelings came back and my heart hurt, thinking of what I went through, what my parents went through. It all came back very fresh—too fresh. I jumped out of my car and went into the store and calmly told him to put the stuff back. The shock on his face, his eyes never left mine as he pulled his loot out and threw it on the shelf. He ran out of the store not once looking back. The store clerk looked at me puzzled, but then realizing what had transpired, gave me a nod and went back to ringing up another customer. I got back in my car hoping I scared the crap out of him along with the urge to steal.

I just had to. Posted on Mar 10, 2013 at 09:22 AM

This came to me so quickly, I had to pause today and get it out before it slipped by me.  I tend to get over busy and lose these little nuggets.  Please forgive me for over-blogging.  

Sassism: Dreams..our dreams are the fuel for moving forward in this journey and its so gratifying to see them fulfilled. But, there are some that get away from us, seem to get deferred, lost and abandoned and that becomes regret to many that have not made peace with their passing. Then, along comes these wonderful people in our lives that we invest ourselves in (some of which are our dreams realized), and fall in love with, and suddenly their dreams become our dreams and we come alongside them to become a part of their dreams.....isn't this just a wonderful thing? What we thought we had been robbed of has so quietly become not so terribly important to us any longer, especially when we realize they wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying without the sweet people we have fallen in love with at present. Yep, now that's a sweet dream come true. Selah

This is My Life...A song I wrote Posted on Mar 09, 2013 at 02:33 PM
This Is My Life (Song Idea) by on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 10:05am ·    

Some towel snappin

dish washin splashin

kids & dogs over which we're trippin

just being sassy and smart lippin

This is the life, yeah, this is my life


how could I have been so blessed

to be in such a big sweet mess

to have you by my side

couldn't ask for a better ride

this is the life, yeah, this is my life


A little kitchen dancin,

Some Monday romancin

laundry room lovin and

back porch huggin

This is the life, yeah, this is my life


I'll take it any old day

as long as you're in my way

holdin my hand

way past the old and the gray

this is the life, oh this is my life

What a wonderful life

Hey You... Posted on Mar 08, 2013 at 06:29 AM

I, yes me, am tangible, real.. and I want you to know that I want to inspire you, want to help you see that you are a gift that has so much to offer this are cherished and loved just as you are...don't let anyone or anything sway you to think otherwise...If I, yes me, tangible, real me, can offer this to you, can you imagine how our Dad in Heaven feels about you?  Own it, become it and then share it.

Luv, Sass

Bits & Pieces....a work in progress Posted on Mar 05, 2013 at 03:06 PM

The sound of  knocking on my bedroom window at an impossible hour in the dark morning had me throwing back the covers and stumbling to the opposite side of the room toward the curtained window.  Although I'm far from alert, it didn't take me but a second to put on the cloak of agitation...thinking of something nasty to say to my Manda-B for locking herself out of the house while letting her beloved Lucy for a pre-dawn a pre-dawn constitutional. This had happened before.  As I pulled back curtains, the surprise of not seeing Manda, but my friends Rick and his wife Christine looking at me immediately sent a weight of dread and disbelief through my entire being.  I half ran and staggered to my front door, unbolted the locks and somehow actually remember the words Rick spoke to me while were standing the entry of the front door that seldom, if ever was used. "On the way to the hospital.........accident..........flipped the back.........thrown .......... Bob...........was................killed."  I heard every dot, dot, dot in between, every pause in Rick's voice, saw the tears in Christine's eyes.    I think of that every time I spend more than a minute in that part of the house.


The night before, many phone calls, facebook status updates went out asking for prayer for Bob as he had been struck with what appeared to be a kidney stone while on his third mission trip to Zambia, the loving efforts to help him there at the village by the team were in vain and the pain was so severe, unable to relieve himself, advanced to a critical point and he, Tim and Melissa embarked on a 7 hour ride to the hospital in Lusaka.....I remember posting a status update asking for prayers, verbally giving Bob to God for there was nothing I could do thousands of miles away....little did I know that I was literally giving my husband to God that night..


"Whuh?,      What?      WHAT?!      WHAT!!!"  I kept repeating that over and over as I backed up into the living room....I remember being held, what?.....How?........a blur of things came out of my mouth, were running through my mind....I felt like that silver ball inside of a pinball machine....things, me, thoughts were bouncing around so fast...."How am I going to tell my sweet kids?    How am I going to tell his mom?"  "Really?......Really?  Is this really happening?....of course this is happening..........I remember sitting clue how long I sat there........I think I called his mom first.....the words came out somehow and all I remember his mother saying......"oh Bobby........oh Bobby" almost sounded like mewing from a kitten....  

Tears Posted on Mar 02, 2013 at 09:38 AM

Sassism:   An overflow of emotion from the soul; either from joy, sorrow, pain and yes, even anger. The expression of tears from one's eyes "the windows of the soul", alert others to our need for human intervention, hence the 30 second hug. Withholding and/or suppressing these jewels of expression can lead to internal strife. It is highly recommended to allow them to flow freely and among trusted friends that will catch them for you. Selah


The Climb Posted on Mar 01, 2013 at 04:31 AM

Sassism: If you feel you are in the darkest place, too far for human hands to reach, it's a good possibility that God has allowed you to be there for a little one on one time. I am finding that when I give up on my useless efforts to change my situ, let go of the notion that others can rectify my current condition, when I finally just let myself be in the presence of God and have that "talk," it is then that the light reaches me in that pit and my strength is slowly restored to start the climb out. With me, it doesn't work in the way of being pulled out and set on solid ground. Oh no, He knows I must learn a little at a time, while I am reaching up, looking for solid footing, grasping crags and crevices. The slow climb is a sort of lesson in muscle memory, the repetitive pulling, stretching, slipping, redirecting and pushing is forever engrained in my soul to be drawn from when I do at last reach the sunlight. Perhaps for such a time as right now to be shared with you. Our God is with us and he indeed does know our struggle and knows the journey we must travel in order to attain the most benefit, to draw us closer to him. Selah