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Random Ramblings, Back-ass-words,Daily Anomalous Deflections Posted on Mar 16, 2015 at 11:30 AM

ATTENTION: This blog is for the absolute personality seeking to take a break from the grind to laugh and meander 

                      through life's rediculous moments to find humor in humanities ooops and ah shit's. 


                      Monday's, Wednesdays and Friday's will be the days to post new and absurd random ramblings                                     collected from the internet varied with our own experiences that veer from the "mainstream" or                                   waaaay outside the box!



Please feel free to interact with these meanderings adding your own color of rediculousness to bring a smile or a laugh

to your daily life!  Enjoy!




 CAUTION: You must have a good sense of humor; personalities left on the pillow this morning may

                   not want to enter!

Online Marketing: How Does One Become A Super Affiliate? Posted on Mar 15, 2015 at 02:51 PM

    We all hear of Super Affiliates; yet, how does one reach that level?  Without being steered in the wrong direction? I am great at marketing in the stickbuilt world and I am by far the "idea" person that comes up with solutions way outside the box when everyone hits a wall. 


    How does one navigate through the sea of online marketing? Where is a good place to start? 


    Any advice would be openly welcomed!


Most Embarrassing Posted on Mar 13, 2015 at 01:38 AM

I think most of us probably has a few horror stories to share. Just to get a laugh because the damdest things can happen on a date. 


For me on a date I had on a long summer dress and while we were out in public I was walking toward the date and the bottom of my dress got caught under my foot and down went the dress and me.  There I was on the ground half naked! So I stood up, pulled it up, and then did a bow, what else could I do, right?  Funny to this day though.


I invite you to share your "oh shit" moments with us!

Funniest thing/s you did as a parent? Posted on May 14, 2013 at 08:46 AM

One of the funniest for me was when I had both my Daughters' and two of their friends all in the middle of Wal-Mart and all four were fighting LOUDLY. So I did the "chicken dance" right then and there and the girls dispersed in four different directions and stopped fighting out of sheer embarrassment.

My teenage Daughter thought she would start slamming doors when she got upset. So I removed her door from the hinges and put it in the garage for five days. She never knew how fond she was of a door and developed a new found love for having one!

And then the light she like to leave on in her room. So the light bulbs took a vacation in the trunk of my car. She loved that! But remember to turn it off when she did get it back!!

WHAT CAPTION WOULD YOU PUT WITH THIS PICTURE........ Posted on May 12, 2013 at 10:24 AM

I am back! Decided to keep the "Name this Photo" blog roll because what you guys came up with was so damn funny!! And for the newest "What caption would you put?" 



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Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses......... Posted on Jul 29, 2012 at 11:20 AM

Just wanted to ask if anyone here has a family member, friend, etc who has been diagnosed with lyme disease from a tick-bite or if anyone here has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, ALS, cronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia? My daugher, now 18, was bit by a tick 5 years ago here in California. Only less than one year ago did a Dr. figure it out after literally seeing more than 100 Dr.s. Her quality of life is nil and competing in gymnastics, cheerleading, high school are all echoes from before she got sick. Lyme disease is not only the most political disease in the history of medicine it is also an epidemic that many people don't even realize because they are not telling us. My daughters plight through this most devestating, complex disease has been that of frequent icu admissions, endless Dr. appts., constant symptoms that affect every system in the body and even worse we have been mocked, shunned, ridiculed, told it is all in her head to go to a psychiatrist, that she is making it up, you can't imagine what lyme patients are treated like for just saying they have lyme. The medical community is divided into two--one side follows the 15 panel Dr.s who determine the treatment guidelines for lyme and say there is no such thing as "cronic" lyme (my daughter having it for 5 yrs is proof is does exist) and that it is easily treatable which it is one of the most difficult to treat. These same 15 panel Dr.s are making money privately by taking the live organisms and profiting from what they find under the microscope leaving the patients to suffer. Lyme patients are not only victimized once but twice because the insurance companies are capitalizing on the 15 panel Dr.s and only pays for 4 weeks of I.V. antibiotics and beyond that you have to pay out of pocket for your treatment. My daughter also having babesia, and bartonella (parasites from the tick) which is now threatening her life and the Dr. that took her on as a patient is only one of a handfull who even knows how to deal with these parasites, plans on my daughters treatment being 5 years minimum. The other side of the medical community are on the front lines trying to fight an uphill battle because Dr.s are in danger of losing their license to practice medicine if found out that they are treating these patients more than 4 weeks. There are too few Dr.s educated enough about this very complex disease and the testing for it only catches 1 out of 100 which means there are hundreds of thousands of people cronically ill and either misdiagnosed or undiagnosed because the tests are not sensitive enough.

It has been proven scientifically that lyme disease is the actual underlying cause of fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, ALS, cronic fatigue syndrome and more than 20 other autoimmine diseases. If anyone has been diagnosed with what I listed it is recommended to go see a Lyme literate Dr. to be tested for lyme. I am wondering if there is anyone here who wants to share information or looking for someone esle who understands what this disease does and maybe looking for some encouragment or support. And if anyone has questions as to resources for anything to do with these illnesses please ask and I or someone else may know. I have quite a lot of resources that I can share if needed. And for those who want to know a little more about it please visit the following website I made and go to the "more on lyme" tab to watch the compilation of videos I provided that will give you a good picture of how much of a threat lyme really is--it is in every State, except Hawaii and around the globe. In my state alone there are 9 different strains of lyme in the ticks right in our backyards, parks etc.  Knowledge is power and protecting yourself and loved ones is important.....Also, ILADS is a great resource made up of Dr.s on the front lines fighting the battle of trying to educate Dr.s and so much more. The website is


I wanted to know anyone elses thoughts on the following:

     I am a very intuitive woman; I don't read minds, I just "understand" things a lot. Have you ever noticed that we as human beings housing a soul, if you will; manifest into our everyday lives the very state we are in currently? Let me give an example:

     I went to visit a friend of mine one day for the first time at his house and I immediately noticed that every built in cabitnet, or cupboard doors, or closets, they all were blocked with boxes stacked. I found that rather odd because it made it rather difficult to access anything stored in these places. What I realized is my friend is the type of man who is very private and secretive and not ready to offer up his faults or personal views etc, on any scale at any time.  He is sort of blocked emotionally and what was interesting is it manifests out into how he lives in his home on a daily basis.  Or take an elderly man I knew who had such a severe hunched back that he could not see ahead when he walked because his shoulders were hunched so far forward. Interestingly, he lived his life in a manner where he took on everyone elses responsibilities along with his own; therefore, "having the weight of the world on his shoulders" manifesting through his severe hunched shoulders when he was old.

I find this fascinating because you really can understand a person just by visiting them in their home, for example, or ailments that manifest our state of mind. Just wanted anyones thoughts on this. Thanks!

QueenOfRndmCrap   a.k.a. Crysta