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If millionaire isnt your interest, then why choose this site 342 Views 02/18/14

Being a millionaire maybe important to some, but I highly doubt it's important for all. 

Many ask, "Why select this particular site if you're not looking for a sugar daddy?"

Here's my personal answer: I'm in NO need for a sugar daddy. I own my car, and thanks to my previous house, I'm barely in debt. As an entrepreneur, I enjoy working on new concepts and I'm highly driven. This site, regardless of the name, has far more attractive and classy people to select from then any other site. I have researched competitor sites, and while this particular one is listed on the top 10, in my humble opinion, should be number ONE. My intention is not finding a man who can financially guide me, but rather find a man with similar drive, affection, chemistry, love and mostly, PASSION! I believe a two year break (myself being single) is enough time to focus, invest and dedicate time to meet someone special. Long distance or seeing someone once a month is not for everyone but may not be an issue for some. There is more to life then finding someone for sex, money and greed; instead, focus on mutual attraction and finding happiness.


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Something I thought I should share 367 Views 02/20/14

I had written this post online for my followers and I assumed it would be ideal to share on MM too. I've read a few post on MM and noticed how gossip, rumors or making PRE-JUDGEMENTS and assumptions become easy for us to do. It's a typical reaction for humans, but have we ever tried correcting ourselves and learning to speak with a more positive outlook? Maybe there was a reason behind the actions? You might learn, giving people the benefit of the doubt is far more pleasing then being negative; after all, we are all human and desire the samethings in life, no? Just a thought... 



Gossiping and spreading rumors are my least favorite things to do. I'd rather be on the "unsociable" list, then be around gossip or people who thrive from damaging other peoples lives. Remember there is always two sides to a story! Don't surround yourself with negativity, as they may be gossiping about you too. - 
Start your 2014 with a positive outlook and love. Even if change of scenery is required, then start making that change today. Become inspiring and use your years of experience wisely. Instead of trying to correct others behavior, try changing your own. No one is perfect, but making an attempt to improve is better then believing no improvement is needed. - "Make A Change And Start Improving Your Life Today, Not Tomorrow." 

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Happy V-Day Everyone! 129 Views 02/13/14

Happy V-Day Everyone! Hoping you are showered with love on this special day! Love you all.

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I'm back... 139 Views 08/09/13

Hello Everyone.  


I heard someone asking about me and why I deleted my posts.  Let's just say I preferred to keep my personality and opinions private.  


Also, I believe we all have opinions and by others expressing themselves, we shouldn't get offended and play sides or judge.  Hoping our dear friend Orlando returns to the blogs as should Hope too. :)


Anyway, I'm back but this time hoping to truly find the love of my life as I'm ready to love and be loved in return.  What can I say, I'm a Taurus/dragon.


Hope everyone is doing well and your dates have been a success. 


I haven't been on a date but to LA for an interview to prepare for Sundance Film Festival.



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