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Blog title: out of my league
Blog description: well after looking at who's available here for the men, i think i must be living in cuckoo land as i am so out my league it is not real. Maybe i should get my head out the clouds and come back to reality. I don't compare to what's on offer here, but it is interesting to read about other people. Wishing everyone the best for their search and hope you find your happy ever afters.
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another first ,but this one was not a good one Posted on Sat, Apr 07, 2012 00:00
Today i had to do something that caused me such pain and sorrow. My daughter came to tell me that my elderly gerbil had died and that the other one had started to nibble at it, ok handled that before was ok with other gerbils i had had, until i took out the dead one to discover she was not quite dead, her tumour in her tummy had broke the skin and the other gerbil decided to rummage and pull things about (sorry pretty disgusting) ( as they would i suppose in the wild), i then had to make the decision to end the life of the gerbil who was injured. I broke my heart as i smothered it in my hands as i could not just leave it to die on it's own, it was all over in seconds but felt like a lifetime to me and i know what i did was the best but i hate myself for having to do it. I hope i never have to do that again, why do i kept pets only to break my heart when they die.
feeling pleased today Posted on Thu, Apr 05, 2012 00:00
took my car to get new tyres today and i researched what i needed and got a good deal and was not treated like a bimbo who knew nothing about cars. My ex used to do all the car stuff so i was so pleased to have done it my self another first of many in my new happeir life.
out of my league Posted on Wed, Apr 04, 2012 00:00
Having been on here for several days now, i have come to the decision that i am way out of my league in comparision to what others have to offer, there is no way i can compete. I need to get my head out the clouds and bump back down into reality and accept i am not likely to get anywhere on here. It has been interesting reading about people on here and i wish you all the best in finding your happy ever afters.