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The truth in why guys wink Posted on Sep 28, 2013 at 02:30 PM

This is the reason why guys wink and seldom e-mail....Now this is just my opinion and doesn't go for everyone. All of these dating sites including this one require money. Some of them and even the well know one requires both parties to be members and pay a fee. Guys are suckers.. We are pretty much expected if we were brought up right to pay for dinners, entertainment etc. The people who own these sites don't care, they care only about a fee and they too know guys are suckers. So what happens is that if you have ever been a member on here before they intice you by telling you that you have a message and you need to join up again so what do we suckers do......we join up again and either the member that winked at you doesn't have a profile or you never hear from them again. Yes, all of you women out there as well as the owner's can have a good laugh at me too again because I guess I too have those letters across my forehead. HA, HA, Ha on me.That's ok I can take it.....Ge wizz why am I laughing now.....this has cost me more money....HOLD IT !!!!! no I am not cheap so let's get that off the table first.

So why do we wink????Sadly its because we don't want to be scammed and taken advantage of because we think we are too smart. So we wink in hopes of an attractive woman to owr own eye responds and leads the way for once. I have been rejected way more times than most women on all these sites put together but it just seems so many profiles of women say "I don't respond to winks " I hope I have been honest in my accesement and I hope all of you cansee why we wink. I also hpoe you had a good laugh even if its at me and yes I am not a very good speller. Please forgive me for that. Feel free to respond and have a great nite.

some one answer this question Posted on Apr 06, 2013 at 01:22 PM

Here's the thing I need an answer for. People wink at me and when I try to view their profile no one exist there. I can see this happening once but evey week it happens to me at least two to three times a week. Has anyone else had this problem and how would they even get access to the site if they were not members ??