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QUIT POSTING PHOTOS 1056 Views 02/26/16

I have been on this site (on and off) for a few years.  Never have I seen women or men post SELFIES on the blogs.  What happened to posted on your profile or private photos???   So many fake people (fake boobs, lips, hair, etc) in the blogs.   The BLOG used to be fun where people would exchange ideas, thoughts, it seems to be a porn site.   Come on MM...clean up the site.


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PHOTO BLOG HOGS 344 Views 02/04/16

I have been on this site for a few years (off and on) and I must say the BLOGS have changed a great deal.  What is with the cheap PHOTOS with no conversation or topic????    Do you really think your photo is going  to attract someone???

Photos need to be posted on your PROFILE and not the blogs.   There is such a thing as "blog etiquette.   We post on blogs to share ideas, thoughts, views, conversation.   PHOTOS do not tell us anything other than you want attention.  

Please be considerate and post your "duck lip", half nekked photos on your profile.  


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HACKED ACCOUNTS 151 Views 12/18/15

I have had a handful of friends tell me their account has been hacked.  This usually happens when you go off site to an email someone gave you or clicked on a unfamiliar link.

For your own SAFETY please:


1)  Communicate only on THIS SITE until you have verified who you are talking to.


2)  Do NOT give  out your personal email, phone number, account numbers, etc. 


3)  Do not provide a stranger your full name until after you have met him/her


The first thing a SCAMMER will try to do is get you OFF THIS SITE (or any dating site you are on).  He/she will tell you membership is ending soon so please communicate on yahoo (the most hacked site EVER), gmail or another site.  They will ask for your full name, phone number, etc.  

Sadly.....many naive  men/ women will do this and, in doing so, will get hurt emotionally and financially.


Once the SCAMMER feels he/she as earned your trust he/she will ask you for money.  Excuses include:   lost passport, family member is sick, stuck in a hotel, he/she got mugged, lost airline ticket (to come see you).  The list is endless.


An honest person will never ask you for money!!!!!


If you feel your account has been hacked or if you think you are communicating with a scammer please report this to SUPPORT immediately.  They are more than glad to assist you.   This site takes SCAMS seriously and so should you.



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IDENTIFY A SCAMMER 322 Views 11/05/15

Every dating site has scammers.  THIS site takes scammers seriously and investigates every complaint and will remove scammers immediately!!!   There are a few things you need to look for when talking to a man/woman that could be a potential "scammer".


1)   They are not very talkative (in private chat) and answer questions with short answers.


2)  Their English is terrible!!  They might even tell you they are from a different country to explain their bad language.


3)  They are Engineers, Gemologists, in the Medical field, in the US Army (that one pisses me off the most).


4)  They will call you dear, queen, lovely, hello pretty, etc. 

5)  They will tell you age or distance does not has no boundaries....blah blah blah.


6)  They "will llike to get to know you better"., if you dont mind. 


7)  If someone is serious about you they will want to meet you (face to face) within a short time.  Scammers will make excuses not to meet you.

 8)  Do not give anyone (that you have not met) your phone number or personal email.  Scammers are eager to get you off this site and will usually ask you on your first conversation.   Communicate on this site until you are sure he/she is genuine.



DO NOT send money (and they will ask you for it).  They will tell you their mother or kid is sick, their computer is broken, hotel denied credit card, they are widowed or spouse was killed in an accident, their kids lives with grandparents.......lots of sob stories. 


If you question someones identity......ask this site to help you to check him/her out.  They are happy to do that, after all they hate scammers more than we do. 


We are all looking for someone to love and there really are some amazing people here.   Dont be will have to weed through the crap to get to the good stuff.   I hope  this information will be useful and save you some grief down the road.  Happy searching!! 



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