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HILLLLLLARIOUS FIRST DATES Posted on Apr 09, 2018 at 06:21 AM

I was talking to a very nice man that had a nice (unverified) profile photo and very nice write up.  We decided to meet for dinner a half hour from my home but 2 hours from his home.

The hostess seated me at the table reserved for my date only to find a man that looked 20 years older AND he brought a huge service dog.  Since he drove 2 hours to meet me I decided to stay.  He said he posted an older photo to attract "his kind of woman" and he was sure once we met I would fall instantly in love.  It was hard talking to him because my eyes were focused on the food stuck in his beard and his rowdy service dog kept jumping on the table eating our food.



I am sure we all have had  some funny or weird dates so let's hear them.  We can all use a good laugh.  And NO......I never talked to that date again!!!