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Occasional musings and doings of the author

My blog address: http://MillionaireMatch.com/blog/Aladdinscave
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Recommended 98 Views 09/17/13

I see I'm recommended.

By whom? How nice.

Perhaps I have behaved so impeccably that the webmaster, representing MM, has recommended me. Perhaps there has been a write-in by members. For a moment I was curious. But then I thought.

Who am I to reject an unsolicited compliment? As a man, I receive too few and have an inexhaustible though unacknowledged appetite for more.

When I was younger, perhaps influenced by a traditional home, a single-sex education, and an intellectual and rational spirit, I used to take the Henry Higgins view: "Why can't a woman.....be more like a man?" It led to some misunderstandings, when for example I tried to explain to girls who had gone off my charms that they were being a little irrational. That was not a successful chat-up line. Girls found it tiresome. In retrospect, what I marvel at is not that they went off me but that some really sweet and attractive, sometimes even beautiful, girls liked me in the first place.  

I have got to like, understand, and in turn be liked by girls much more as the years have gone by. To be recommended by a robot (if it is she) is a pinnacle of achievement, and today, the day I discovered it, is a day that will live forever in my memory.

So, ladies, join with me in a short toast: "The recommended ones!".




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Thursday 46 Views 08/08/13

I have paid to become a gold member again. Why, since I don't post my photo?


Of course, if people don't respond to me, I think: it's because there's no photo. If they do, I think: why is someone attractive answering me when there is no photo of me? Perhaps their picture is fake; perhaps they are fat now; perhaps there is something wrong.


No, not really. If someone responds to me it is because they either don't know what they are doing, or they read about me and some little thing enabled them to see what kind of person I was, and like me or want to know about me even without seeing me. If the latter, then perhaps I shall like them for that if nothing else.


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Busy Friday, lazy Saturday 51 Views 08/03/13

A very busy Friday, and I had slept little on Thursday night. An ex had called just before midnight, and kept me on the phone chatting for 2 hours 52 minutes, while she drank. When I say chatting, she was doing that, and I was mainly listening, but she is easy to listen to. At one point she was making me listen to a passage from the third sura of the Koran being recited over the telephone; her point was an interesting one, and quite intelligent, and I listened to it with interest. And the time she played it again. And the third time.

Where was I? Yes, at work. Tired. But busy. So after work, having accidentally missed lunch, I felt hungry. I also felt slightly celebratory, having just learnt that a deal had come off. Two, actually, though one I cannot claim much credit for. What to do? All the sensible people were leaving for their social events and their weekends outside London.

I decided to kill two birds with one bullet. The introducer of one of these deals, who I had offended sometimes by giving him a hard time when progress was slow and he communicated badly, wanted to talk about another opportunity. He was available. He is civilised and likes an occasional celebration. So I told him to meet me at a nearby Tapas bar, where we met and had two bottles of Cava and some very authentic tapas. The food wasn't quire enough to dispel the effects of drinking on an empty stomach, but enough to enjoy. So we wet the head of the deal and discussed future business. And Opera. I think. But I can't remember. Actually I had an extra glass. All was harmony when he left. My daughter then joined me for some more tapas and another glass, before heading off for a party.

I went back to my office and left at 2.30 a.m., wondering why it was so late. When I got back, I came on this site. Some very pretty girls, who seem nice and quite promising. I haven't put my photo up, probably a mistake, but I can't get used to the idea someone might see me and recognise me. Hundreds of others don't mind this; so why do I? 

I sleep at 5.

So this morning I am up late, catching up on rest after a week that never slowed down. Very lazy.

This afternoon was even lazier, watching the Test match - cricket, for those who don't know - on television. I can't remember a lazier day. And then I checked this site again, in the course of my surfing.

So here I am, blogging. I did text and viber and chat with a few friends. One in Dubai - she was complaining 'it's very hot here and very little to do because of Ramadan'. Another here tells me 'I am not really feeling very well at the moment. Lot of things going on. As I said I can hardly cope but I will be ok. xxxx' and 'miss you'. Surely taking her mother and friends to a hotel outside London for her mother's birthday can't have been that traumatic, so there must be something else. My ex who had called on Thursday had spoken on Friday when I was in the office and said she would call today to meet after shopping, but she didn't. Haha. Before she had been calling every day without getting through (though she's ex from some time back); once I spoke to her the artificial scarcity of Aladdins on the market had ended and so the price went down. Other calls and texts as I caught up with my social life after a week or two of ignoring people.

I must go to sleep now. This blog is my first: I'll get the hang of it. But at least it is a little of the real me.  

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