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Maybe God wanted us to forget about race Posted on May 20, 2011 at 11:16 AM

When I was young, I have never dream of dating a foreigner. I grew up in an all Chinese family, traditional. I was always very proud of me being Chinese. We've got a lot of culture, history and all that.

And I somehow believe that I should date and marry someone that's also Chinese.

When I went to the States at 16, the thought of dating a non Chinese Amercian had rarely crossed my mind. Nor did I find them particularly attractive at the moment ( I also wasn't that much of a looker at that age. Chinese are late bloomers. We are awful looking when we were teenagers.)

the whole time I was in the states, only dated Asian guys. It was when I went back to hong Kong, I started to see western guys. I remmeber the first time I went out with this gorgeous american lawyer, we were walking on the street, and we ran into a friend of mine, I couldn't threw myself across to the other side of the street faster!!! hahaha

But then, afterwards, somehow the western guys started to appeal to me more and more. To a point, I married one and now have a gorgeous boy. Simply the BEST looking baby ever. Ever since he was born I got calls from magazines and commercials wanting to have him.

I look at the kids at my son's nursery. There are a lot of mix kids. Some asian/caucasian mix, some black white mix, some black asian. You name it, they got it. (it's an international school). And they are generally better looking, healthier, with fewer genetic diseases, fewer allegies.

It really got me wonder. Maybe that's how our future human being should do and God intended it that way. Maybe, a 100 years later, there won't be black people, white people, asian .. (well expect maybe the arabs.. ), we will all be one united color. Beige. and everyone just get along.

What you think? crazy thinking?

So I am half way on the other side of the world.. Posted on May 18, 2011 at 02:34 PM

As more and more people from the West talking about the best new girl friends should be coming from Asia. How are the women here really like?



I thought I might as well give everyone looking east a lesson or two before you do look this way.



I am now living and working in Shanghai, China. for those of you that thinks China is still this little communist country where people share their belongings and obey the partys orders, I can let you in a big secret. ------- this place, is more captialist than anywhere you have been and known



And I have been and know some places. I grew up in Hong Kong and was US educated for High school and University. I lost the american accent now and replaced with what they call "a common wealth accent"



but please, common wealth. That colonial isn't it? and we hate the word Colonial. We don't order that breakfast, never. I can immitate a good Queen's english as well, and I won't mind a Queen's breakfast at all.




I am a world traveler and have been many many places in the world, except Africa, and latam. Which I am sure I will go soon. My next trip is in June, going to France -- Paris, Nice and Cannes. For the advertising festival.


So you see, the communist red china has their share of world travelers. someone that has lived, and spent years in the west, and faithfully returns. Maybe it's not so bad afterall eh?


Oh have you heard of those pumpkin farmer looking countrymen of mine, going on champs elysee and with bags of cash and buys half their shops? those are we I am more scared of..noevelle riche with no taste but just bags and bags of cash. (yes no credit card, just cash)


There's good stories to tell here. So I might kept this blog on and see if I can help you answer some of your questions about ladies from the orient