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Blog title: Adult ADHD.
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This is going to be a short blog. I am wondering if there is anybody on this site who has ADHD?

The reason why I am asking is that I have ADHD and I am having lots of problems meeting people. I'm currently taking Concerta, which helps with my anxiety and impulsivity. But I am working on all of my other social skills in order to get a head and meet people.

If you have Adult ADHD, please comment on this blog.

My blog address:
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How come people don't read profiles. 391 Views 07/02/16

Hello All,


I mentioned in a previous blog that I do want to have kids. Today, I got a message from someone who is interested, but when I looked at his profile, he doesn't want to have kids. Did he just look at my profile photo and not what I want in a mate? There's more to a person than a photo. And I do read profiles just to see if the man wants the same things that I do.


I don't want to date someone who doesn't want to have kids. I don't want to end up arguing with them over it. I know that I can't change someone's mind. I tried that before unsuccessfully.


The whole idea about dating is for people to relate to each other, that's why there is list of words to see what the person wants. And one of my non-negociables is having kids. If you don't want them, don't bother to date me.


But all in all, I think that most people here can relate in the way that why don't others read the profile before responding or winking at someone? I know that there is block option and I do use it a lot.


What do you all think?

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And now for something controversial. 149 Views 06/15/16



I've already post this on the forum, so why not on this blog. And this one is for both sexes. I'm in my 40s and I do want to get married and have kids. The problem is all of the men that I have dated, never wanted to do that, plus they were jobless.


And I currently communicating online with a jobless guy (I have never met his guy in person, but on another dating site. He has passed the scammer check, and I will meet him in person when he does get a job. Which at this point is taking forever) who is undecided about having kids. He would want to have kids when he is ready to impart wisdom on them. Or something like that. He does want to get married, but the problem with him when it comes to having kids is that most of the attention will be on the kids. However, I did tell him that the problem isn't the attention that we women put on the kids. The problem is that we women were taught to put other people's needs first before our own. That's the problem.


Anyway, my issue is where are all the men in their 30s,40s and 50s who want to have kids? I know that they are out there. Besides, my issue is not just for women but for men as well.


Let me rephrase it this way: how come people who want kids attract people who don't want kids and how do we fix this issue to attract those who want kids?


And by the way, the reason why I decided to join millionairematch again, is to find that one man, with a job, between 32 and 52 (The reason for age limit is that I can't relate to someone under 32 or over 52), tall (I am tall myself), who wants to have kids, and share more of the qualities that are in my profile.


Of course there are other things that attracts one to the other, wanting kids is part of the value system as well. What do you all think?

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I'm Back again. 72 Views 06/12/16

Hello All,


Sorry that I haven't been on this site. I have been busy. I'm not much of a blogger either. I do write as a Career. I don't work at home. So it's more of a motivation to write when I am not at work that is the reason why I don't blog. Plus I have my own podcast too.

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What has been going on... 146 Views 03/22/16

Hello All,


Again, I tried to keep up with the blogs as much as I can.


I have a review coming up on my job. I'm nervous about that.


Plus, I have visited the nearest big city to where I live right now, with a group of other women. There's another group in that big city that we all wanted to join, but there was one issue. I don't have the issue it's the woman who drive me there.


There's a girl who just moved to University that was living in where I live now. But a few years ago, that girl got the woman's husband on drugs, and I don't know what else happened, but those two women had a fall out as a result.


The woman told me about before we went. But as we met with the group, I talked to the girl. Then the girl started to want to talk to the woman she betrayed. Thankfully nothing much happened because we were there to do something else.


But then the subject came back after this meeting, and I didn't know who it was the girl's name was mentioned (I don't remember names all that well just faces. But the girl's name was an exception).


But as I got home, I was thinking that if we go there and those two start fighting over something that happened years ago, I don't want to be in the middle of it.


I've learned my lesson about gossip in the past. I've broken up a group because of it. I don't want to be a part of it. What do you all think?

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Podcasting, work and award shows. 149 Views 03/06/16

Hello All,


I'm glad that the comments on my previous posts have died down. Now I can focus on other things. However, I haven't been blogging because of work and podcasting. I don't want to talk about my podcast too much because I can sell something here. All I can say that it's about a hobby of mine.


I was going to blog about why award shows seem to focus on what women wear, when the majority of the women who watch award shows cannot afford a thousand dollar dress. Plus I think that shows like "Fashion Police" promote bullying. I know that the target market for people who watch "Fashion Police" are women over 25, but do they know that these women also have daughters that watch with them?


I remember watching a Canadian talk show were one of the hosts, who used to judge celebrity clothes, saw her young daughter do the same to one of her friends. That host was appauled at what she heard. Of course, she didn't like it. I don't know if that host still judges celebrity fashion.


Also, men don't care much about fashion. Of course they want women to look good, but it's the personality that's more attractive than the clothes. Men, am I right?


A few years ago, I read a dating book from a "real" man. I don't remember the name of the book, but in it, it mentions that he saw the show "The Biggest Loser" and there was one woman, whom he thought was more attractive in the before picture than the after one. What do you think?



Also, when I was living in my hometown, I did go to very upscale store, just to browse. I did go to the Dolce and Gabana section and saw a pair of colorful pants for $12,000. I could not afford it and I didn't like the pants anyway, so I left it there. I'm still thinking to this day, that even if I have a million dollars, I would still go out to buy pants for $30 at Walmart and not $12,000. But that is just me.

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Reason for Not Blogging Lately. 120 Views 02/20/16

Hello All,


There is a reason why I haven't been blogging lately. I'm waiting for all the responses to my past blogs to die down.

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Something Interesting 331 Views 02/10/16

Hello All,


I found something interesting when it comes to blogging here. Particularly with the Dating Scammers (Which I want to put to rest for good). It's mostly in the responses.


Women took it more seriously, and the men thought it was a joke. The men even thought of my other blog of asking if there were other Canadians on this site a joke (When I really just want a conversation via blog).


What do you all think of this? I mean that women take it more seriously than the men on blogs.


By the way, I'm not talking about all men not taking my blog seriously. I know that the some do. It's also the same with the women, some might not take my blogs seriously. Those don't bother to write. Again, this is my observation. But I do like a good discussion.


How about the fact that there is racism on dating sites?

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Canadians 133 Views 02/07/16

Hello All,


I'm just wondering if there are any Canadians on this site?

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Blogging and comments. 690 Views 02/07/16

Hello All,


A week ago, I thought about writing about how to catch a scammer. I did that with my first post. When that got published, I did get two comments. One warned me about people not taking it serious, and the other did laugh at it. However, with the first comment and the mention of another writing posting the same thing (She was a reporter and didn't continue on with it).


What my thought process was before sending the second tip was much the same as when I started podcasting months ago. So far with that podcast, I got one comment on Facebook, and it was negative constructive criticism, which I press like on that post (I still keep it). I wasn't too sure what to make of it. I was going to mention it on the next podcast, but decided not to. But that comment did call me out on a mistake that I have made, which made me think of another episode (Which I haven't done yet).


Then I googled something about handling criticism on the podcast and here's what one writer mentioned. He mentioned that 1/3 are not going to like your podcast, 1/3 likes your podcast, and 1/3 don't care. So my attitude was to keep the podcast going, even though I still have one comment, which was a learning experience.


In the past, I would have quit, but I am still going. That's the attitude that I had with the posts about Scammers. And guess what happened when I posted the second to fourth tips? People did take me seriously.


I guess that second guy thought that "Catfish: the TV Show" was a fake, until I wrote back to him and said that it's an actual TV show on MTV, he should google it. But one can really learn a thing or two about scammers on that show.

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Catching an Online Dating Scammer Part 4. 222 Views 02/06/16

Hello All,


So, you checked their profile, photo, correct grammar, and they answered your question. Now it's time to get off the dating site and onto emails and texting. You think that you are now safe. Think again.


Tip #4 Email:


Well, the only way that I can explain a situation by email is by a personal story. There is this one guy that says that he is from the states, but when he writes, he sounds like an immigrant. But anyway, I did do what I did in the previous sections and thought that this guy was good. But I had to trust my own intuition on this guy and I did ask if he knew anything about Paganism (I am Pagan after all). But fortunately, since it was by email, I did get his name and googled it. I found a Facebook page with someone that wasn't the photo that I saw on the dating site. And the guy answered my Pagan question with a copy and paste answer.


And like dating sites there is a way that you can block someone from emailing you. It all depends on your email server.


Tip #5 Texting:


There is a way that you can tell that the person is a fake just by their cell number. It's hard to google the whole cell number, but the first couple of numbers you might have to get familiar. The first couple, I mean the Country Code and the area code. I know that most places in North America (That's including Canada), the country code is 1 (Before the area code and the phone number). If the person says that they are from the U.S., but their country code is not a 1, they are scammers. It's the same with the area code. Now for a personal story which I would call, "A Tale of Two Texters".


I'm not a big fan of texting. I do it at work when the salespeople are out of town, in case they get a phone call. But I don't like people who text 24/7 or people who text me in the morning when I am getting ready for work. I have met two gentlemen (One from Winnipeg, and the other from Texas)through another dating site and they both emailed and the phoned me. The one from Texas did I check and he's the real deal. I also checked the photo of the guy from Winnipeg, and that seemed fine. I did talk to the guy in Texas and everything was fine. I also talked to the guy from Winnipeg, but he said that he now lives in Florida for two years (That should have been a red flag because if you move then you would mention where you moved to in your profile. I did.). That was an okay conversation.


Both of them also did text me in the morning. I wrote back to both of them I don't like to text in the morning. Guess what? The Texas guy listened, the other one didn't. The guy from Florida was still texting me in the morning.


Then, I do remember this day. Because I trusted my gut in thinking that I don't have any connection with this guy in Florida. After work, I found an email from this dating site saying that the guy from Winnipeg/Florida was a scammer. So my intuition was right.I blocked him from the website, my email and downloaded some blocking apps for my phone for him.


What happened to the guy from Texas? I still email him (He texts me ocassionally). We still haven't met because he's looking for work. I'll meet him in person once he does. In the meantime, I am looking for someone who does have a steady job. That's why I'm here.


Tip #6: Money


Everyone knows this but there are some people (Particularly women) who think that they know the person they haven't met, still do this. I'm going to shout it out. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, DO NOT SEND SOMEONE YOU THINK YOU KNOW, BUT HAVEN'T MET, ANY MONEY. I don't care if they were in a car accident, have cancer, or a family member is ill, DON'T SEND ANY MONEY.


Fortunately, because of the previous examples I have learned, I have not had anybody ask me to send them money. If they did, I would tell them that I am broke, which is the truth. But I do have a personal story about such a thing.


There are people in former Communist countries, as well as third world countries, that think that everybody who lives in North America, the U.K., Australia and some other First World Countries are all rich. And you can thank Hollywood for that representation. I've heard from friends who worked with immigrants that first thought that. I knew of one immigrant myself, my own mother.


Both of my parents are from a former Communist Country. My father was a refugee from the 50s and worked as a laborer all his. He passed away three years ago. My mother came from that same country as an immigrant in the late 60s.


Both of them grew up in a poor village. My father came to Canada, because he didn't want to be a part of the Red Army. My mother came to Canada thinking that she was going to marry a rich man. Boy, she was wrong. Both of my parents started to argue about money when I penny-pinching dad found out that my mom was sending thousands of dollars to her family back in the old country. I do remember one such incident myself.


Just a few years ago, I overheard my mother saying that she was talking to her side of the family, one them lied about being sick, and so she sent them about $4,000. Then when they called her back, they told her that they spent that money on a car. So, on one of the car rides home, I blurted that out to my dad, and that night they had an argument.


Otherwise, these scammers really don't understand that, like in their country, there are rich people, middle-class, and the poor. If they were to immigrate or become a refugee, they are going to have to work hard. And unfortunately, that means that they might have to scrub toilets or drive taxis, even if you have a Ph.D in Medicine.


Tip #6: Intuition.


I think that everyone is their own psychic. Not in predicting their own future in trusting that gut feeling or intuition. What I mean is, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

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Catching an Online Scammer Part 3. 206 Views 02/03/16



For those of you who didn't catch Part 2, it was about Googling the person's picture before you respond to it. This one is all about the message.


Tip #3: Read the message for any spelling, grammar, or other errors.


This one is the most obvious so far. Yes, we all make spelling errors and accidentally hit the send key. But, let's just say that you communicated with a someone who says that they are from the U.S. and are constantly misspelling words or have constant grammar errors. The truth is that they are not from the U.S.


As for other errors, well here are two personal stories on other dating sites. There was one guy that did respond to my profile. His profile picture was done by a professional and has a blonde guy with big red sunglasses on. In his profile, he says that his hair is brown. I did question him on that, and he responded that he never wanted to put a picture of himself on that site. What I did next was hit the block key.


The second happened years ago at another site. There was one guy, I think that he was from England or somewhere, and his response to me was almost like an essay. I didn't read all of it, but I did respond to it. Then a few days later on the same site, I get different guys picture, and I think that he is from the States. But the response was exactly the same as the first guy that I got. Yes, word for word verbatim. Or should I say, the same scammer just copied and pasted it. I never responded to the second email. I did let this other dating site know and did show them. Then I blocked both of them.


If you do respond...


This is more for the ladies, I don't know what scammers say to the men. So, for you men, tell what things scammers write to lure you in. But I've noticed that most scammers would say something like "You are very beautiful..." and something on the lines of poetic. I know that what I am saying is tricky, but I learned years before the Internet that no one falls in love with a photograph. Yes, I know that there are real men that would write something like "Hey Babe.." that we all delete. But here's another trick that you can do, that I do, that will let you know that who you are communicating with is scammer. Ask them a question.


If they do respond, at least they are real. If they don't respond to the question and still comments on how beautiful you are in the photo, block them immediately. I did ask one guy if he was on another site, if he was looking for a long term relationship or just sex. Of course he didn't respond to that question and just went onto his poetic "I think that you are beautiful..." Of course, I click on block.


I know that some of you women love it when a man speaks to you poetically. But the truth is a real man wants to get to know you first, and making small positive comments without being poetic.


The next tip will be about communicating off the site via email or text.

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How to spot a dating scammer online before they scam you. 143 Views 02/01/16

Hello All,


Yes, I do have some tips to help you do online dating safely. However, I am going to do it in installments because one of my tips will not work on this site (But will on others). And feel free to add your own tips here.


Tip #1: Watch Catfish: The TV Show on MTV or online.


In fact, watch as many episodes as you can because those guys do give good advice as to how to spot a dating scammer. Note here that I mention to watch as many episodes as you can because some do end happily and others don't.


I'll give you tip #2 within a day or two. Actually within two days, because I have to meet some people for dinner tomorrow night. No, it's not a date. It's hard to meet the right guy in a small town that is who you are looking for. Most of the guys that I end up with smoke or love to hunt, and I don't like either.

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Spirit Guide of the Week. 91 Views 01/31/16

Hello All,

I am going to do, what I do on my podcast. That is until I find another blog that will pay me to do this. On my podcast, I always do a different Spirit Guide. These Guides can be Gods/Goddess, Totem Animals, etc. Here's the first one that I will write about. Tell me what you think.


The Spirit Guide that I am going to talk about is Brigid.


She’s the Irish goddess of healing, music, poetry, prophecy and smithcraft. She protects women during childbirth and she has dominion over wisdom, education, and learning. Brigid is also associated with sacred fires and holy wells.


Let’s not forget that Brigid is the daughter of the Dagda, which makes her a member of the Tuatha De Danaan. Legends say that she was born with flames coming out of the top of her head.


She is a master shapeshifter and may appear in Maiden, Mother, or Crone form.


Brigid is also the mother of invention. She made the very first whistle to help keep women safe from being raped.


What you can offer Brigid is the following: Blackberries, works of creative inspiration, eggs, ale, coins, you can light candles in her honor, and a cake may be places outside your window on Imbolc.




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I'm Back. 157 Views 01/30/16

Hello All,


I'm back. I am thinking about changing my username because some people think that I am a man writing this, not a woman. So here's a question for you all. Is  a blog a way to meet people on this site?


I have already updated my profile and I am waiting for man to connect with me. Or rather a man that I can connect with. I'm not going to the one searching. Here's the reason why.


Since prehistory, men have always been the hunters. If I start the hunt, then they expect me to all the work for them. So I let the men do the hunting for me. I hope that I made myself clear with that one. But I would rather be the gatherer and not the hunter.

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The Friend Zone. 104 Views 06/20/13

Hello All,

I was thinking about another topic to write about. This one came about a week ago, after talking to an attractive young woman (She does have a boyfriend). Like me, she's new to this small town and is from another province (We're Canadian). She was talking about how the women her close to her age ate her job are more cliquely (These are small town girls that were born here and still act like they are still in High School). Oh, this young woman's job is at the Pententiary (However you spell it).

But then she mentioned that she doesn't like being around women all that much because they tend to be mean, and that most of her friends back east are men her age. I actually told her that it's good because one of those friends, might become her boyfriend in the future.

But then that got me thinking about a mistake that I have made when I was 19 or 20 years old. I do remember being just aquaintance type friends with this one guy and the only thing that we did (I think that it was with other people, I can't remember), outside of college, was to go see the movie "Philadelphia" (The one with Tom Hanks). Thinking about it now, I think that he wanted to date me, but we ended up just as friends. He was just a few inches tall and blonde. The only thing that kept him in the friend zone was that he was a nerd. Again that was my mistake.

I also do remember as a kid during class when the teachers wanted us to be in groups, I always ended up with a group full of boys. I was wondering why not the girls. But then again, I realize now that the type of female friends that I wanted were more tomboyish. I've never found a friend that was like that. Then my mother always tried to have me be friends with girls who were more into fashion and being pretty. To note here, I did play with dolls, but most of my play was imitation of what I saw in real life rather than dress up play, I mean that I did cut one of my brother's doll's hair as a toddler, and I accidentally ripped Barbie's head off her neck, just trying to comb the tangles out of her hair. Yes, I was a rough child.

But, now I am thinking that I should have been more friends with boys when I was in High School. I say High School because I was teased sexually in Junior High. Or even college.

I can see why this young woman thinks that it is better to be friends with those of the opposite sex. The big example is how both genders treat gossip. I'll give you another personal example.

This example is both work and school related. I was working part time as a part time File Clerk at a mechanic's shop (There were also two other women working in the office besides myself). And I went to Academy of Learning at the same time. Now sitting at lunch with a bunch of men, I've learn that they love to talk about sports, electronics, and somewhat relationships. If I talk to a woman in her forties about the latest technology, the tech lingo gets past her head.

The topic of the school lunchroom with a bunch of women is exclusively about relationships.

Now how both genders handle gossip.

The men that I work with. I've heard the guys talk about the married boss might be cheating on his with with one of the women at work. Nothing mean or nasty, it's just more like wait and see what happens.

The women that I went to school with. Now the women that I had lunch (Oh Academy of Learning is a correspondence school, but you have to go to the school) where learning to be nursing attendances (Or something like that. I was taking Administrative Assistant). The director of Academy of Learning did teach these nurses and these women hated her. I've heard them complain about her. However, I get along with her without any problems. Case in point, when it comes to gossip WOMEN ARE JUST PLAIN MEAN.

My point is that it's great to have friends of the opposite for two reasons that have to do with dating.

1). This one is difficult because it is all about getting out of the friend zone. Yes, you can be more than friends, and the benefit is that they already know you before either of you got serious. But the difficulty is trying to get used to the idea that becoming more than friends. Also, the friend might not want you to be the boyfriend/girlfriend.

2). If you can't get out of the friend zone, that friend will be a great network in finding you a date. Yes, it could be a blind date. But it's great.

I wish that I could follow my own advice. And by the way, I do work with a bunch of men at theis small town radio station. However, all but one is married. The one that isn't married, already has a girlfriend, and I am not that attracted to him anyway. However, it's hard to find a date in a small town.

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Where are all you good quality men out there? 167 Views 06/16/13

By the way, women can read and comment on this too.


Whenever I join a singles club or do something like take a dance class, I noticed that there are more women than men that go. I'm wondering why? Being busy is just an excuse.


The internet is not only place to find a date. In fact, going out there an meeting women is still the tried and true tested way of meeting the one that you will settle down with. And also try to find hobbies that are great for both genders like dancing. And you don't have to be Fred Astaire to join a class. Hey, there are women out there with two left feet that never danced before, and you won't be judged.


I know that you are afraid of rejext, but rejection is a part of life. Have you ever been rejected by a beautiful woman at a bar? How did you handle that? And by the way, the bar isn't the best place to meet a woman you want to spend the rest of your life life, unless you like to get drunk and love having one night stands. That's why not that many men and women want to go to bars because that's all it is.


Why not try meeting a woman at a coffee shop. It's easy if you see sitting there by herself reading a book or on her computer sipping a latte. If she rejects you, fine, go on to the next woman. Actually I have had that done to me, but it was at a mall cafeteria. The guys that did this weren't my type to begin with. They were creepy. So my advice is to be genuine and down to earth. Women do like that.


For all you men out there that are over 40 and want to date women in their 20s, why not try to expand your horizons and date women in their 30s, 40s, or older? They're not as b****y or always complaining as you think they are. They might at like the 20 year old women that you would love to date. Besides, if you already have been through marriage and kids and don't want to go through that again, but you want to date 20s, I'm sorry, but that is not the way to go. Most women in their 20s have never been married, dream about marriage, and children. They don't know what married life is like and they have never been divorced. Women in their 30s and beyond might have those experiences that you have and they also do not want to go through it again either.

But if you are a man who has never been married, over 40, and still want to date 20 year old women. I understand your logic there, That's fine, but you still might have to expand your horizons. There are women in their 30s and 40s that are in the same boat as you are. And plus you are living in a world where there are lots of ways to start a family aside from just having sex.

See men, there are a lot of choices out there that are not found on the Internet. So go out and learn how to dance or hike with a group, or join Do something and not just sit on the couch, which is something that I am going to get off of right now. I"m going to take a walk by myself.


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Getting Off The Internet. 79 Views 06/09/13

Yes, I am one of them. I do remember years ago, getting off the internet, only to find everyone else still wired to the Internet. This is a catch 22 because someone like me does want to meet people, but they would rather be texting, emailing, or chatting online instead of real life.

I also know that I am not the only one that tried but realized that getting off doesn't work because everyone else doesn't want to meet face to face or do something fun. Or rather, the only fun thing people want to do is be on the computer.

I hate to say this, but it is twice as hard for adults with ADHD who don't have any friends, or have a few friends and acquaintances. Someone like me does want to improve on their in person social skills and not see people's heads looking at looking at messages on the phone.

I just asked a question to one of those ADHD sites about how to have fun outside by yourseld and someone said that it is difficult. I need to find seeker motivation or something like that. I am doing it, but it's hard to find other people with the same mindset in a small town. And that where do I find fun seeker motivation. Every time I try something new, I don't follow through or finish that project. So I need something that I can stick with for good and I'd know what it is. I want to find out, but I don't know where to start to find out what that fun is. I'm only doing this for self confidence and not rely on finding other people to have fun with.

As for going to the big city, I don't drive, and I don't intend to drive in the future (Anxiety reasons). So I would have to take the bus to go to the nearest big city. But the last bus schedule going back is 6 p.m. in the evening.

Has anybody tried to get off the Internet, only to find that everyone is still wired? Did you try to encourage others unsuccessful to do the same? And how does one find that hobby that they stick with that gives them self confidence without relying on people?

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Scammers and Liars 221 Views 06/09/13


I know that there are people on this site that were scammed by others who posts fake photos and make up fake information about themselves.

On the chat room, I did mention an incident on another dating site where I did respond to one email. But then, I got another email with a different photo, place, and person, but the red flag was that the information that they emailed me was exactly the same fluff as the one that I responded to. That's when I decided to let the owners of the site know about it.

Now I am thinking to myself the reason why I don't get scammed to the point where I'm not broke. And by the way, I am not rich either. Maybe it is that I am not a big fan of the romantic flowery language. It's that type of language that sweeps a woman off their feet. Oh, I don't know what kind of words that scammers use to when they target men. All the male readers, can you please tell me what words they use?

I've been told so many times in real life that I'm beautiful and I know that. But I know that there is something else that makes a man want to want me. Perhaps, intelligences? I don't know. But I know that real men do not like flowery words. And I don't mind attention, but I hate being put on a pedestal. I don't mind being worshiped as a goddess by the men that I date, but not to the point where it is on a pedestal.

Perhaps it's also the writer in me that also says no to this. 

But speaking of Scammer, I would also have to mention liars. I just had a guy on another dating website respond to me. I did look at his profile where it says that he is 49. But in his photo he has grey hair and looks like he was in his sixties. I blocked him. I know that there are men out there that grey prematurely. I know of a fellow graduate who is a year older and had grey hair. But he had youth in him. I don't mind dating 49 year old men with a little bit of grey in his hair either. It's just that the photo didn't match the age for me. And I thought to myself "Been there, done that." Now let me tell you that story.

I met a guy on one of those phone chat lines back in the early 2000s. I was in my late 20s and just broke up with my first boyfriend of 5 years. The guy that I met said that he was in his late 30s and he is from a wealthy family. 

When I met him, he did want to buy me the whole world. I told him that I only want extravagent gifts only on special ocassions. Which he did by the way. And the only extravagent gift that I remember him buy, was a crystal candle holder that my mother still has. He also mentioned to me that he also wants to get married and have kids. I also found out that he was Jewish. Well throught the relationships (Which was mostly friends with benefits), He complained a lot, and he did fear that I was going to leave him, take his money, and get back to my ex. I've done none of that. He also did say that he and his friends did spy on his ex-girlfriends and found out the truth.

Anyway, I did have one of those make-up, break-up relationships with this guy too. During the last one (Which he said that he didn't want to have any kids, or I think that it was), is when I decided to become Pagan. But when he wanted to get back with me again, I started to question the relationship on my own. I also do remember that he also did spy on me (Which I didn't mind).

His friend was in the park that I usually walk in asking if I want to go out with him. I flat out said no. Then I got a call from the millionaire boyfriend saying that he was 16 years older than me and never wants to get married or had kids. That's when I decided to break up with him via email (I know that's a cowardly thing to do). I was shocked that he lied to me. What else did he lie about, I don't know? But I had to do it because I know that honesty is hallmark of a successful relationship.

About six years ago, after I've been to a fair, the liar called me wanting to resume the friends  with benefits relationships. At first I was the nice, but he did not get it and resumed to call me to get me to his bed. I did snap at him and I haven't heard from him sense.

This is the reason why I am picky when it comes to the age of the men that I now date. It's more about relating and communicating to them for me.


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Creating Your Own Dating Site. 99 Views 06/08/13


This is not about how to create your own dating site. And i do like being on this one. I did read an article that confirmed one of the issues that I have been having with all dating sites. That is there are some men out there that don't bother to read the profile, but would rather look at the picture. I can't do anything with the fact that men are visual, so thankfully there is the blocking option.

So, in saying that. I'm going to turn this discussion over to you readers. If you were to create your very own dating site, what would you change or make different from all the other ones?

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Double Standard. 166 Views 06/06/13

I know that there are men out there that don't think this, but I might as well post this double standard.

On other dating sites when I mentioned that I am almost 40 and never been married, some men feel sorry for me, and say something like "But you're so beautiful, how come you've never been married?" This bothers me for two reasons that I will mention later.

Now for a man who never married and is turning 40, that is a different story. No one feels sorry for him.

Now, there are times that I wanted to cry when some guy says this, and other times I am thinking that I am not the only beautiful 40 year old woman that has never been married. There are many. In fact there are many beautiful 50 and 60 year old women that never been married. What's wrong with that?

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