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  • Not much has changed, and yet nothing is as it was.  Three years later, and I was thinking about this place.  Do you remember me?  I remember you.  Sarah, Moldy, so many  more.  Deb, Dubs, G (elevator eyes), Az, Darcy,'s funny, when I came on, you were all missing the old days and I was the new kid. Now I'm the one who recalls when we  mud wrestled :)  Are y'all having fun yet?

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Love Letter Posted on Feb 08, 2011 at 10:22 PM
Happy almost Valentines Day to my favorite believers. I've been so gone that I wanted to drop in to say hello and tell you what I've been up to! I just finished, on Sunday, as large production of Les Miserables, which I've been rehearsing for since October. It was tiring, with rehearsals almost every evening, but, as always, well worth the effort. A huge succes, played to audiences of 2000, 50 cast members and an amazing 20 piece orchestra. We were met with hopping ovations at each show. Our conductor, Dan Earl, is a gifted icon in these parts, and the director, Scott Van Der Horst, created a magical hybrid of concert and drama. But there's more... This was a student production, noone on stage over 19, and represented more than 20 schools in 3 counties. Both my sons were cast, and my oldest landed a major supporting part. This is my bazillionth show, but their first, and also the first time we have ever performed anywhere together. I was the rehearsal pianist and performance synthesist, my score consisted of about 45 instruments and sound effects. Sitting in the pit, I faced the conductor directly, back to the stage, but I could occasionally turn to watch them, swelling with pride and joy as my sons, along with their cast-mates, delivered poignant performances night after night. The pit chuckled at each performance, since, when my son was singing, I was beaming and sometimes audible. There was no doubt in anybony's mind which ones were mine, lol. I'm posting a photo of my oldest son, in his solo spot during "The Night". This life-changing experience has just now, in the last few months, shown him his own talent and inspired him to continue with acting and vocal coaching. I'll take some credit there...I begged them to audition. I would have bribed the director, but he saw their talent without my shinanigans :) And...that's pretty much that, lol. Back to life, I suppose. But I've missed chatting here and wanted to check in and say that it's been a ride for a while, aI'm utterly exhausted, and am very happy with so much of it :) I hope you've all been well and that you are thriving and finding love and the happiest of times.
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Girls Night Out Posted on Dec 13, 2010 at 03:43 AM
Timberoo founded a "Cigar Lounge" and while I admit I enjoy a good cigar now and then, it is a bit of a boys club. So Migs suggested a girl club, and Timber thoughtfully answered with a "beauty salon", imagining that it would endorse our bonding. But (and maybe I'm wrong)...those moments, hair in foils or dripping with deep conditioning - those are between us and our stylist. When I want to be with my girls, it's a night out, a few drinks, post-stylist, in my sweetest tall boots. Here we can converse, one on one, or just whoop it up with our chick-y comrades. To get us in the mood, here's a photo of my last girls night out, a month ago, with me, left front. This is when we discuss men, kids, careers, travel plans, shoes, break-ups, hook-ups, and the persistent male domineering of TV controllers. This is where we let our hair down, or put it up - whatever we feel makes us most shiny. We wear more makeup - or less, depending on how we feel tonight, with none to impress, save the women that already impress us! To further begin our lounge experience, I will confess that, by the end of the evening pictured, I was deeply melted into the comforting arms of my dear friend A, next to me in white pants and black top, while best friends Y and H, both far right, stroked my hair and feet. IMHO, this is how we women are different, no?
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Feelings...the good, bad and ugly Posted on Nov 01, 2010 at 10:04 PM
I feel fear. That feels like heat in my neck and tightening of my scalp. I feel like I do when I watch scary B-grade SciFi movies. I love scary B-grade SciFi movies. I don’t fear fear. I am at peace with fear. I love peace. I embrace fear. I feel confused. It feels like my eyes moving back and forth, trying to land on the best answer. Like a Ping-Pong game. I love Ping-Pong. I smile a little, feeling that my confusion is funny. I am smiling at my confusion. I love smiling. I embrace confusion. I feel angry. Angry feelings make me feel powerful and strong. I feel energetic. I feel like cleaning my house like a crazy woman, listening to really loud music. I love when my house is clean. I love power music. Feeling angry is constructive. I love constructive. I embrace angry. I love me and people that love me. I feel that I’ve been de-loved today. I have made that important – more important than the love I feel. That makes me feel weak. I feel vulnerable when I feel weak. Feeling vulnerable lets other people give back. I feel happy to receive love. I am free to show my vulnerability. I feel confident being well-loved. It feels like a longer neck and warmth in my fingertips. I love warm fingers and my long neck. I grow from weakness. I love growing. I embrace weakness. I feel free to feel. I embrace myself.
How Do Salmon Swim Upstream? Posted on Oct 28, 2010 at 12:24 AM
One of my best friends...a man I've never been involved with (yes, it can happen)...had an interesting conversation with me the other day. So curious that I wanted to Dead-Net Scroll the topic (plus, and PS, I miss you guys, lol). I mention that my friend is a man, because the analytical perspective is very different from the more emotional style of my girlfriends. I feel like a round-table on what equals ATTRACTION is in order. He said there is ONE and ONLY one reason a man and woman can't get it together. Oh, the back-story: So...think about the thousands of ancestors we have, and how each one of them, whatever their anomalies, found (TADA) a partner to mate with. Lasting or not, we are the direct result of this complete crap-shoot. Of all the super-highways that needed to be navigated, we alone succeeded quadrillions of fishies that never made it home. We may be luckier to be alive than if we never played the California Lottery and won anyway. So...each of our creators chose each other for some reason or other, and the bet is that it didn’t always have to do with race, religion, wealth, political alignment, nationality, age, looks, size, . We don't get it together BECAUSE, my friend says, we stand in our own way of simple attraction. Fears, desires, failures, needs – these are tools we use to kill our own our passion and possibility. Why? I don't know. But I am "informed" that when a person is REALLY ready to partner, all they need to complete the equation is another person that is also REALLY ready to partner. ATTRACTION...That’s the assertion - that if it's there, most other qualifications are irrelevant.’s my question of the day: how do YOU define raw-gut ATTRACTION?? Is it about sexuality? Temperament? Some mystical ability or learned skill to make your desired one feel safe and special? What do you do when it seems like the stars align, but then strangely take a back-swing? Freak out? Get needy? Withdraw? Negotiate? Bake cookies?? Ok, School O’Eva is now taking feedback.
Brag Blog, meet Satan Posted on May 22, 2010 at 02:44 PM

The Brag Blog is gone.  It's a dang good thing, too, all that shameless self-promotion...and on a DATING site, of all things!  How tasteless.  MM sure knows when to censor, that's for sure.  Oh, and the language, the political incorrectness...embarrassing.  Don't we all prefer to remain ignorant and vanilla? I know I do, it sure does attract the quality men.  I'm SO glad I don't have to be associated with such an insulting and presumptuous thread.


In fact, I'm considering hosting a book burning.  Please bring Bibles.  The Joy of Cooking cookbook will also be on the menu. I will be serving Kool-Aide.

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Brag Blog Posted on May 03, 2010 at 01:18 AM



The purpose: Where else will you discuss, unabashedly, what you do, love and spend your life energy on, without needing it to benefit a single other person?  


There are so many things I suck at, like remembering names of artists and telling my left from right.  But what do I have to brag about?  Lots, I think, and yet, why don’t I sport bumper stickers for every accomplishment that I’m proud of?  Because in my little town, I would seem arrogant, irrelevant and potentially psychotic.  Some days want to pull a number on our self-esteem.  I’m just not open to that, so I want a place for my bumper stickers - an “I love me” wall.  What do you love about what you do and are?  I’m inviting you to post it here, and who knows? Maybe I’ll be inspired to add one of your accomplishments to my “things to do before I die” list.


"If I seem to boast more than is becoming, my excuse is that I brag for humanity rather than for myself."- Henry David Thoreau


And since it’s my blog, I make the rules.  There’s only one … negative bloggers and self-deprecators will be sent to their room for the remainder of the evening without dinner.





The Dead Net Scrolls Posted on Apr 07, 2010 at 05:09 PM

On a recent trip, I heard a tour guide talking about the origins of Brer Rabbit.  Apparently, it's undecided if the original stories originated in Africa or among Native Americans, but the first American versions were written right there! Right were I was standing. 


In case you don't know the stories, they are about a little rabbit that outsmarts his opponents and uses extremes measures to overcome extreme situations.  Though he is the subject of the stories, his wily ways are not always honorable.  In the American version of the stories, the rabbit represents the African slave, who would have been punished to teach their children overtly how to be sly and crafty, since the fox and other opponents represented their white slave owners. 


Made me think about folklore and it's cultural importance.  It seems it's useful for more than the obvious historical, archaeological or anthropological reasons. Folklore teaches what the past knew, shares about our ancestry, and bestows ancient insights. Folklore gives us a sense of belonging to a specific culture and allows us to learn of our heritage in a very uniquely special way.  It gives us the ability to know who our people were and are. 


So, we have our own folklore here on MM.  Villians and heroes, town idiots and sages, medicine men, tricksters, special holidays, adoptions, whores and virgins.  We even have a town Meating hall and a confessional.  Wonder how our descendents will interpret these blogs when they discover the lost MM scrolls in a few thousand years, after the internet as we know it has been discovered in some antique dust-filled warehouse.

You Might Be A Redneck If... Posted on Mar 19, 2010 at 05:57 PM

Ok, I'll get ya'll goin' here...

You might be a redneck if...

  1. Your richest relative buys a new house and you have to help take the wheels off.
  2. You think potted meat on a saltine is a hors d'oeuvre.
  3. There is a stuffed possum mounted anywhere in your home.
  4. You consider a six pack of beer and a bug zapper quality entertainment.
  5. The primary color of your car is "Bondo."
  6. Directions to your house include: "turn off the paved road."
  7. Your family tree does not fork.
  8. Your hairdo has ever been ruined by a ceiling fan.
  9. You've ever hollered "Rock the house, Bubba!" during your kid's piano recital.
  10. You've ever barbecued SPAM on the grill.

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Food Critic Corner Posted on Mar 07, 2010 at 04:44 PM

MM Syndicate - G-Woe Is Us - March 7, 2010

MM Syndicate is happy to acknowledge the new kid in town.  The Limp Wrist Bar and Grill, in MM City, has opened recently, to meteoric applause, thanks to the ingenious teamwork of proprietors, Newman and Tink.  The opening last week proved to be one of the most successful in the history of MM City, and the The Limp Wrist has quickly established a regular clientelle.  While, from the portion of this writer's memory which is still intact, the food, drink and entertainment value of The Limp Wrist deserves ALL five stars, most notable is the unique sales strategy employed by Newman and Tink:  Since most of the loyal customers are unemployed alcoholics, they’ve created a policy affectionately referred to as the “Drink Now Pay Later” plan.

The plan works this way: The Limp Wrist keeps track of all drinks consumed on a ledger kept by their accountant, only known as AZ, effectively granting loans to future-paying customers. Word has spread quickly about The Limp Wrist’s “Drink Now Pay Later” marketing strategy and as a result, record numbers of customers have flooded into the bar.  The Limp Wrist has recently seen the largest sales volume for any bar in the larger MM area. By providing their customers' freedom from immediate payment demands, The Limp Wrist saw no resistance when, recently, the proprietors substantially increased prices for wine and beer, the most consumed beverages, and, in fact, within a matter of days, sales volume has increased massively.

We interviewed the Limp Wrist’s local banker, Alby Middleman.  Says Alby, “We recognize these consumer debts as being valuable future assets, and have dramatically increased the Limp Wrist's borrowing limit. We see no reason for undue concern over this unprecedented decision, since we hold the debts of the unemployed alcoholics for collateral.”  At Mr. Middleman’s corporate bank headquarters, expert traders, he states, have transformed these consumer loans into DRINKBONDS, ALKIBONDS and PUKEBONDS, which are then traded on security markets worldwide.

Though it is disclosed to investors that the securities being sold to them as AAA secured bonds are, in fact, the debts of unemployed alcoholics, Alby remarked that most investors are excited about the future of the Bonds, and typically are not concerned with the disclosure process.  These Bond prices continued, until today, to climb, and the securities became the top-selling items for some of the nation's leading brokerage houses.

Earlier this week, although the bond prices continued to climb, Madden Moody, a risk manager at the bank, began to call for payment on the debts incurred by the drinkers at The Limp Wrist bar.  Mr. Moody has subsequently been fired by the bank and was not available for interview.

The proprietors at The Limp Wrist, however, at the insistence of the bank’s regulators, have been required to demand payment from the alcoholic patrons, but being unemployed, it appears that these loyal customers are unable to pay back their drinking debts. Since the bar cannot fulfill its loan obligations, its expert financial team has filed Chapter 13, a restructuring bankruptcy, thereby allowing The Limp Wrist to keep its doors open to serve its growing clientele, while removing the debt obligation. Both DRINKBOND and ALKIBOND have dropped in price by 90% since Gall Street opened this morning. PUKEBOND is currently performing better, stabilizing in price after dropping by 80%. The decreased bond asset value has hit the bank’s liquidity hard, and Mr. Middleman has commented that it will halt the issuance of any new loans.

The suppliers of The Limp Wrist Bar and Grill, having granted generous payment extensions and invested in the securities, are faced with writing off her debt and losing over 80% of their company’s equity on the Bar Bonds. The bar’s beer and wine supplier claimed bankruptcy this week, and The Limp Wrist edible panty supplier has been taken over by a competitor, who has announced plans to close the local plant and lay off 50 workers. The bank and brokerage houses have been rescued by the Government, following the dramatic round-the-clock negotiations by leaders from both political parties. The funds required for this bailout have been reported to have been obtained by a new membership fee levied on employed middle/upper-class nondrinking patrons of The Limp Wrist, as well a tax imposed upon MM City residents, many of which, in recent polls, deny having ever visited the establishment.

The current environment at The Limp Wrist is business and debauchery as usual.  Do visit this unique and lively Bar and Grill…and consider a paid membership for the sake of the entire world-wide economy.

The Elevator Pitch Posted on Feb 26, 2010 at 07:00 PM

Ever see the movie "Working Girl"?  Everyone's selling something.  Goods, services, wit, charm, date-worthiness, whatever. And, with a typical attention span of about 30 seconds, how do you plan to best use the precious time of your potential buyer?


Do you have an Elevator Pitch? Have you considered the importance? If you had one, would you share it?




PS, I especially invite comments because I'm working on one for a new product, due Monday!