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  • Hello? Can anyone Please Tell me where all the real men are? It would really be nice to meet a man who believes in god a honest and faithful man, who is open minded, full of Love,Laughter,fun, a constant communicator, someone who has a Lot of Love to give, someone who is not afraid to get to who don't play games, who really wants a real Lady that has so much Love,Laughter and fun to give and who's,mysterious,witty,exciting,spontaneous and more.
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CHECK THIS OUT!!!! Posted on Sep 06, 2011 at 06:03 PM
HERE'S A COPY OF HIS EMAIL. PLEASE VIEW AND SEND TO ANY AND ALL TO MAKE THEM AWARE OF THIS MAN'S TRUE COLORS. Describe in detail what the issue is about so that we can better assist you.) To: support (It's free for this member to reply to you.) *Subject: *Text: ------------------------------------------------------------ >From: Bentley09 >To: >Subject: You got to be kidding ( >Date: Sun, Sep 4, 2011 20:51:41 > >Just because we have a nigger President you think I would ever give you the time of day....stay whithin your race baby! > > Check spelling (Using webmail here to get to know others first before disclosing your personal info. Any abusive, sexually oriented content will cause your profile to be deleted. Be safe and have fun!)
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