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Politics & Religion vs Relationships Posted on Apr 28, 2017 at 07:54 AM

     ~~  It is a well known fact that, our personalities are shaped and formed, during the early years of our lives.


All of us were raised, under some system of Government, and or, possibly Religion as well.


We may have not only dated, but also married a spouse, raised in a different system.  This however, all boils down to ' values ', that are deeply ingrained.


What are your experiences and thoughts, regarding how the system has impacted or influenced your lives, especially in this day and age of borderless relationships.


N B :  This topic stems from, one of the corners of my mind.  Please feel free, to share all of yours.



~~  S L  ~~

Astro Birth Signs & Compatibility ?. Posted on Oct 30, 2016 at 08:14 AM

                                                    Astro Birth Signs & Compatibility ?.


Several months ago, I had met an attractive Lady.  We talked for weeks on end, during which time, She was enthralled with our daily exchanges.


She also made many attempts, to guess my Astro Birth Sign, based on her claimed expertise, ... But failed to do so.


I finally told her my ' Sun Sign ', and The Romance then took a dive South.  She believed our signs were Not Compatible, even though everything else was Copasetic.


How much faith do you place on Birth Signs for compatibility, when choosing a soulmate ?


Every single one of You reading this, has a Birth Sign, so All can participate.  Don't be bashful.

Now is the chance to share your feelings and experiences, to help us learn " A Dating Reality ".


**  S L  **

" The Beauty of Wrinkles " ... Posted on Aug 20, 2016 at 07:29 AM

" The Beauty of Wrinkles ".


I have always been attracted to Ladies, who aesthetically show signs of, ... Maturity.


Perhaps it is a preconceived notion, that they are more learned, broad minded and intelligent, with whom life would never be boring.

I have even found those sometimes, ' silky streaks ' in the abdominal area,  to be very sensuous.


What are some of Your Thoughts, Feelings, and or Experiences, with regard to the above ?


Aah yes !, ... one more thing.  Wrinkles don't really hurt, now do they ?.


Puff, Puff,


**  S L  **

Knock, knock,...Aaw shoot !,...Run & Hide ? .... Posted on Jan 13, 2016 at 06:37 AM

** Knock, knock,... Aaw shoot !,... Run & Hide ? ... **


How do you, or should we react when someone we do not wish to see knocks on the door ?.


For example the ex-lover, Jehovah's witness,  paper boy, "Snake oil salesman", Tithe collector, neighbor borrowing sugar, and so on...


Or perhaps you see the lights on, at a friend's place where you have "an open invitation" for coffee or a cocktail.

You stop, knock on their door, ... and obviously they run and hide.


Is any of this behaviour rude, impolite or acceptable ?.

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. 


Puff, puff,


** S L **



" Fishy " for President, Time to vote folks... Posted on Sep 03, 2015 at 03:11 AM


You may have noticed a recent blog wherein ' Lady Diana ' was maliciously attacked.  Some of us came to her rescue. The author has since blocked Her and vanished.

It brought ' Fishy ' out of the woods and we talked. Here are some excerpts……


** Princess Hope  &  Fishy **

I was wondering if the two of you had eloped on the quiet, not having seen you in a while.........


  LOL @ you S L,

I might have a chance with Hoping if I could guarantee temperatures 75-80F above 0 year round. I personally think she would do just fine in a fur bikini....  Custom fit by me ofcourse.     Hope you and your grapes are doing well S L,


And here is my response.....

** fishyme **

A custom fitted fur bikini !, designed by ' Fishy '. ...  That is way too cool, Bud.

It certainly conjures up some delightful thoughts.


Firstly, Thanks for the suave new photo. You’re looking quite good for the season.  Are those authentic Yves St. Laurent or Pierre Cardin trousers you have on?   It matches really well with that pair of Michelins, by the way.  Aaaw !, just pulling your leg,.... sort of.


I’ve taken a much needed break from the vineyards for a while, and hanging out with some ole Bohemian Artistic buddies.  We even go fishing every now and then, just to get away from The Nagging Big City Broads.  They of course claim that Salmon is the best brain food which we seem to lack, according to their not so humble opinions. Especially the Wild Alaskans and Sockeyes are highly recommended and sought after.


Actually thought about hitching a ride your way, to get some of it.                             

Imagine,... brain food and some good puffs.  It would put a whole new twist on ' The Dark Side of The Moon '.  We could even revise those books to set tithes at 5 %.  There is an economic crisis after all.  That would set the stage for your Presidency.  Just as long as you nominate me for V P.  You know I like ‘vice’ more than anything else, right.


Aah yes !, the critical Campaign Manager. That would be a perfect role for Princess Hope, in her unique fur clad designer bikini.  Why, She would easily reel in all the Church Ladies votes as well, for a slam dunk win.  We all know she’s the best at that, a convincing real winner.



What then ?,… you may ask, Mr. President. 


Four rockin years Fishy, in Bubba`s old room. That`s where all the action is. 

Gorgeous intern babes, open bar, conjugal accessories, best sound system, no phones, no hidden cameras. It`s right next to the infamous Green Room, remember ?... the one with a fabulous array of 'potted plants' and the high tech morning mist sprinkler system.

But first Comrade, we have a small task ahead.


" You mean Fish to Fry ? ".


Well, you may put it that way, but it is time to make that all important list of false promises. I know that is a tuff call partner.  Do not worry too much.  You may inhale and then it will all pour out like sparkling Perrier from a mountain spring.  Who does not like refreshing Perrier, know what I mean.


Then in the debates, you can tell the opposing goons,... " Yes we inhaled ". 

That ought to take care of all the remaining votes aside from the church ladies.


Honesty comrade...  Honesty is what the people want... Honesty is what we shall give them.


Do we have your votes, fellow bloggers ?.....


Members Only
How will President Obama go down in History ? Posted on Apr 15, 2015 at 01:30 AM


How will President Obama go down in History, ... both on the home front and globally ?


Although some of you may feel the question is premature, however, with the spotlight now on Hillary Clinton, the global thinking is that Obama’s term is pretty much over.


Granted, there could be some unforeseen events during the remainder of his term, that may add to the final consensus.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, what are your thoughts if you had to write them today?


Thanks for your consideration in history making.


**  S L  **

Bloggers who need a Shrink ... Posted on Mar 01, 2015 at 01:38 PM

***  Dear Friends  ***


I will be the first to admit, that I feel somewhat crazy for having resurfaced and blogging again.  A few years ago, I had deleted all my previous topics except the last one on Wine Questions, which is still up and running.


Now it feels like I am back in a ' Toxic Relationship ' on the one hand, while being part of an Extended Family, on the other hand.


Why ' Toxic ', you may question ?.


Answer ... I have a problem regarding those who literally 'Hog' the first page with copy and paste Plagiarism, then see fit to block any of us with an I.Q. above room temperature.  Just one example.


Now it is your turn.  What are some of your Peeves ?.


Do not be shy, let it all hang out.  After all, this is therapy to restore The Boards to a dignified place, minus the  insanities.

Remember, we are all in this together.  Please Help, while I lay on the proverbial couch.


Sincere Thanks to one and all Bloggers,


**  S L  **

Parapsychology & Inter-net Dating !... Posted on Jan 31, 2015 at 08:55 PM

*** Dear Friends  ***



I recently came across the profile of a somewhat attractive Lady here.  I sent her an e-mail politely requesting acquaintance.


She replied by saying ' yes, let`s e-mail first, and then talk by phone '.  ... so far, so good.


In an effort to muster up adult conversation and after carefully re-viewing her profile, ... I asked  ' where all she had traveled to, and to relate some of those experiences '   ... her profile says,  " Loves to Travel ".


She replied by saying  ' I have traveled some and wish to travel more '... Hmm ? , I thought.


I then clicked onto her question to matches on her profile, the question being, ... " Do you like to Travel " ?.


Holy Mackerel !, of the ten men who responded, only one had traveled.  The others expressed wanting to travel with her, ... " needing " her to travel, etc.



By now you are wondering, ... " What has Parasychology got to do with all this crap " ?.


Well my friends, we know that paranormal and psychic phenomena in the real world is questionable.  And so, I got to thinking, ...


Perhaps it belongs to inter-net dating ?. Where one is supposed to be Clairvoyant, have Precognition, be Telepathic, have E S P , divine apparitional experiences of matches, etc.


Yes, we are ... The New Generation of Ghost Busters !.


Now let`s go to work my friends, tell us about all the ghost experiences you have encountered here and in real life dating as well, let it all hang out.


Best Regards,


*** S L  ***







All Your Wine Related Questions ?..... Posted on Jun 22, 2013 at 07:59 PM

~~ Dear Friends ~~


As a  Globally  Experienced  Wine-Maker, I will do my best to answer any and all Questions you may have regarding this topic, with pleasure.  This blog is intended to be inter-active and I welcome your input so we may all learn from it with courteous discussion.


Many First Dates  are " cemented " with a great Dinner & Fine Wine .....a good starting point.  Then the next episode.... What Wine shall we have for Brunch Dear ?....


Eventually it may shift to... Varietals...Alcohol Percentages...Regions...Vintages...Aromas... Volatile Acidity....  Info on Labels....Sulphites....Tannins.... Health Issues.... Marketing Hype....White Merlot.... California Champagne .... Fermentations .... Filtration ..... Corks  vs  Screw Tops .... Wine Glasses.... Tears  vs  Legs ...and the list goes on.... 


To Your Health....Cheers,


~~ S L ~~