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for you cantgetright 11 12/13
Don't waste a vote... fitz415 11 11/02
What about aliens? myselfmoi 11 10/13
I'd love to write a poetry book. check my poems ... italiano77 11 09/29
Mel Gibson or Sean Connery marin007 11 08/26
Known Proverbs Told By Kids <smile> perihelion 11 08/24
It's all about fun .. but whisperinocean 11 08/15
Desiderata . . . Fidelity_is_my_name 11 06/18
Brilliant light Lionphish37 11 06/18
Are you there? joeditt 11 06/13
Why do they do that mishu23 11 05/11
I can still see the signboard ('o')/ NoaShoes 11 04/24
My Poem called "Lost" toujoure 11 04/21
SUSHI NoaShoes 11 04/21
fitgirl2001 chaszz 11 04/19
English SenoritaSeeks Handsome Adventurous ... EnglishSenorita 11 04/17
Since You Went Away X_Pers 10 02/28
A look with a smile that stirs a fire withi ... TheLoveGuru1962 10 03/30
Inherent existing does not mean that one is ... TheLoveGuru1962 10 03/30
The strength of a man isn`t seen in the width ... TheLoveGuru1962 10 03/30
A good friend lovelymulata 10 02/22
Running high Rockonchicky77 10 08/18
Merry Christmas! Jehovanna 10 12/26
Aeneas and Achates on the Libyan Coast genteelman2007 10 10/09
Long-suffering 4Uxme2U 10 03/25
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