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What is love? TheLoveGuru1962 14 03/30
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my mortal hell, an update since yesterday Lizzhas2zs 14 01/18
Money No Object Car piccie - could post on ... whisperinocean 14 01/11
What book would you take to the beach? SensualBeauty2000 14 12/21
New Year : New Man xxtra 14 12/17
Spiritual Man 123 xxtra 14 12/17
Success or Slave marin007 14 10/15
Good to Go Anywhere PrettynFun2000 14 09/30
fresh blog Destiny888 14 09/27
BLKLADY 52 BlkLady50 14 08/19
The Story Of Paris- Part 2 MissMonteCarlo 14 06/23
the upgrade MissMonteCarlo 14 06/07
A DOG'S LIFE-ANNIE'S ANTICS Gottalovelabs 14 06/04
To all those who have enjoyed Lionphish37 14 05/13
Princess Tauntry princesstauntry 14 05/09
what one need in a relationship jamweezie 14 05/08
Synchronicity jonmax 14 05/03
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