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Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ㋛☯♛ ANGEL O DEMONIO ❀◕‿◕❀ Shande 19 03/11
Tears TheLoveGuru1962 19 03/31
whats next.. Luckybc 19 07/15
A WALK IN THE GARDEN Willowwind 19 06/19
A guide to peace...... michael_080 19 03/01
Veteran's Day Parade Jehovanna 19 11/12
DOMESTIC CALAMITIES-14-A BOOK zzzoraya 19 09/26
Fame by Chalmers as read to Marilyn Monroe iwanttobehugged 19 12/16
Got to have it MountainWinds 19 03/09
LOOK at ME ; Between The LINES... xxtra 19 01/06
if you love poetry, you can't miss this. italiano77 19 10/02
What a girl wants. bewitchingsiren 19 08/13
Hi Penny soxfanatic 19 07/30
the right one.... oncloud9now 19 07/29
We all grow UP! KaylaAnn 19 07/22
Make Use Of Time!!! KaylaAnn 19 07/20
I am Thankful . . . Fidelity_is_my_name 19 06/18
No day but today... Imani2006 19 06/14
This a poem in response to blog about a womans ... ettavix 19 06/01
Lonely in San Francisco psabatini 19 04/25
~!!How Bella is wired!!~ DivineDiva1973 19 04/21
Art, Smart and Stylish DEERGAL 19 04/12
How Fair Tales Really End/Snow White Isabel1688 18 04/04
Happy Easter Every body!!! Jehovanna 18 04/12
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