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are you there my love? I'm looking for you ... italiano77 23 10/07
what is your favorite sport? italiano77 23 10/05
Why do some women (and men) want to be treated ... myselfmoi 23 10/01
DEMOCRATES 6 point Poll strategy to War msfuntender 23 09/14
For SvetlanaS dasvet 23 08/25
i think you are Beautiful quiet tata833 23 08/22
Semantics CDinCO 23 08/14
What I like to call spare time... wyo_miss 23 08/10
What does a woman want from another woman? PreciousStone 23 06/21
Whats on my mind! MaineTech 23 05/30
The Key swifterguy 23 05/28
New to MM ..Nice to meet you! VisualModality 23 05/23
a bit of fun MissMonteCarlo 23 05/21
New York trip=3000 miles 05-06-06 Emptiness 23 05/06
Some people here...... TexasFortHood 23 05/06
Tired of all the undercovers! lucious_lucci31 23 04/25
Sugar Babe v/s Good Woman? OpenArms81 23 04/19
THIS SITE!!! KIMMYS 23 04/14
OMG!!! I'm in Paulsboro, New Jersey Emptiness 23 04/12
Hey LKNG2B1WU !!! southerncougar 23 04/01
Living / Breathing / Feeling ShearaKLC 23 03/31
Cambridge Mood Diary Gracelle 22 01/08
Snow of Hokkaido (2) Gracelle 22 12/20
B'twixt B'tween B'wilderd emmanuelst 22 07/03
------------------ Girls ----------------------- ... TheLoveGuru1962 22 03/30
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