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Are you a perfectionist? Publikus 1,315 10/13
DOG??? Auno 1,023 08/09
Plants Screaming.... Queenofyourdreams 1,851 06/15
MM Bubble Day!! Queenofyourdreams 1,673 07/13
Age ranges removed_Coligirl49 801 10/29
Can a women be happy. flagent32246 Recommended 782 04/28
Having fun in Las Vegas SinCitySexy1 803 11/14
~ CALL OF BOOTY~ Voyager54 792 11/14
True Story. My first date experience. flagent32246 Recommended 769 02/27
Sad day for our Country Hoping4Love2000 723 12/14
Who Experiences Greater Pleasure: Men or Women ... LuckyStiff2001 585 03/09
BEST LEGS ON THE BLOGS rick000 3,266 10/27
One Question Tag bambidag 1,878 04/23
Just wondering.... crazybeautiful2000 1,295 08/04
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