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Whats your "Favorit Xmas Dish" ArtfullDuke Recommended 192 12/13
nigerian scams true or false? christinamc 106 10/05
If you want revenge on your kids... greenkindeyes 112 09/11
Colour Me RAD MissMonteCarlo 68 09/07
40th anniversary of Stefano Ricci ArtfullDuke Recommended 49 12/12
Keeping your heart available smax117 Recommended 298 08/19
Love Forever JudySHCH 99 08/31
SOOOO... 2016:.. leonicvirgo 130 07/25
Am I a dinosaur?......... DoubleLuck 143 09/04
this is a test jjhintn 107 09/05
What's your perfume... Mischa20142000 204 08/15
Nietzsche Mischa20142000 133 08/30
What specifically caused the Great Recession ... RenaissanceBM Recommended 16 09/09
Isn't it cute??? DoubleLuck 124 08/28
What's your motivation in life ? Mischa20142000 131 08/19
N.F Mischa20142000 82 08/19
Angels are on the earth! JudySHCH 166 08/06
I dream... DoubleLuck 142 08/28
Guys, do you prefer tall women or short women ... windingsummer 506 06/26
Would you recommend some cool dating spots ... lisammm Recommended 90 09/03
List Your Favorite Romantic Movies MissSavannah 103 06/10
Why only "winks"? Friends22000 439 06/11
Never give up Mischa20142000 100 09/03
what it takes to be the wife of leader? Adryan_fairlady 148 08/18
Orlando fun IslandLover007 142 08/06
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