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Seeking NL MI. lady friend. any harley ladies ... dlt12hd 47 12/09
this girl what's to go out Haleym2001 77 12/08
About Love and mammon. ManEurope 53 12/07
I love the way he smells when he doesnt Blon2036 Recommended 19 12/04
My "Read" Stats on Winks vs Emails NomadicMe Recommended 437 10/11
Entrepreneur's guide to cooking a turkey boy_next_door 76 11/20
When I see 65 yr old men Seeking women 18-30, ... GoNancyGo 856 04/28
So is anyone excited about the Election? Dekan09 451 11/02
Which is most important? born1top 153 10/28
Mr Right born1top 179 11/13
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