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Imagine DONTFITMOLD 87 01/24
Well... pokegirl 137 01/20
Men are confusing scyndi1 Recommended 376 12/02
Whats on your mind.. smax117 Recommended 121 08/15
Comedic- We might have a problem. Jenkneee 183 01/19
ALL About..... NOTHING Hoping4Love2000 1,539 01/22
Does anyone date on here? YES!!! adventures ... smax117 Recommended 238 09/17
true love's eyes smax117 Recommended 202 05/23
Dream Girl.. where is she.. thoughts n small ... smax117 Recommended 192 02/13
kissing poem.. a lost art smax117 Recommended 104 02/17
"I can't find the right man for me" One man's ... smax117 Recommended 369 07/11
WHY WOULD YOU LOVE ME? MY RESPONSE smax117 Recommended 322 11/09
hi fourqa 121 02/01
Mr.T Anthony2145 103 12/03
What's True Love? Gracelle 69 01/21
speachless jojobrangard 94 01/19
curvy curv2003 135 01/20
Tell me what you think NGL2011 257 01/05
My Religious Studies Background tivo_fiend 141 01/16
Do you Believe??? DONTFITMOLD 303 01/11
TOO MUCH INFORMATION ! NovemberJuliett Recommended 329 01/04
We Are All Kids Gracelle 81 01/16
pop! first post! KatLo82 80 01/08
Cow Economics 3345roc 68 11/14
Liberals, please don't bother.. wwww12345 316 12/01
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