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REASON, SEASON or a LIFETIME ! SmartAsian2007 22 05/23
Why can't people be truthful when they communicat ... Vasilios 869 05/23
Taurus - May vacrimefighter 34 05/23
" Do we (( Need )) or Do we (( Want )) love? ... southernstarr2006 2,180 05/22
Share with me your best success story! mnsw21 464 05/22
So you did badly MissMonteCarlo 87 05/22
New to MM... sah731 82 05/22
why is it that a guy always wants to chat but ... dreamgirl_the1 39 05/22
Trust MissTezz 106 05/21
With every effort Lionphish37 120 05/21
" We Create Our Own Experiences " southernstarr2006 1,498 05/21
livingmaledollsupplier austrianreadhead 25 05/21
" Love Is Not Rude " southernstarr2006 391 05/21
any honest men out there? sweetkat30 38 05/21
Friends First, or Second? decoguy Recommended 16 05/21
a bit of fun MissMonteCarlo 23 05/21
First entry, so general description of me. Tyburn_Theory 126 05/21
Possible solution for Vanishing Blogs Sixtilio 90 05/20
Becoming a grandma! SweetAcacia 50 05/20
What is really out there for me: Lookin4Mr_Rite 32 05/19
What a disappointment!!! FlaTemptress 406 05/19
AlI need someone to llllllove meeeeeeeeeee ... nootsie 24 05/19
Is there really a soul mate out there for everyone? ... Collegegirl_99 10 05/19
Dream Interpretations michelleak3 5 05/19
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