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How do you make YOUR first date memorable? barbiebeauty15 130 07/16
Emotionally available? removed_susieinvegas 157 07/16
The soundtrack of life... lovelylotus 98 07/16
St Moritz Zayuri 1 07/16
Is it cheating or not? Torrence 150 07/16
What would it take to get your love? businessman55 50 07/16
A special thanks! ;-) MissMonteCarlo 24 07/16
Are there a lot of hookers on this site? BetweenEngageme 138 07/16
Where Is My Prince Charming? sweetie91959 310 07/16
DATING.... enchantedeveshoo 13 07/16
IS THIS A JOB? KaylaAnn 159 07/16
how many times did u truly fall in love...... ... NISHMI 243 07/16
Seeking for genuine friends in S.W.Florida suziqt 95 07/16
Not so perfect bodies flyrr100 325 07/16
We already have WHAT IS PASSION... lovelylotus 120 07/16
Does it bother a guy IF a woman makes more ... barbiebeauty15 274 07/15
An Apology is due auburnhair 254 07/15
Really Lonely...Someone give me some attention.. ... MissMarieLora 837 07/15
MMMM -My Millionaire Match Men Part I nautigal48 299 07/15
What makes a woman intimidating to men? Mystique118 28 07/15
I'm scared to ask.... (Humorous 50/50) ferrariduck2006 401 07/15
What attracts you? lovelylotus 359 07/15
A WOMEN'S VIEW OF MEN... One for you StarV. ... sharp1 128 07/15
Kids dealmakers or dealbreakers LovenLust72 27 07/15
How committed are you? What would you do? LovenLust72 58 07/15
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