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why is this a better site than the others? big22bl... 128 09/24
Do you believe in forever? belle_issi... 64 09/24
YHWH and Revelation msfuntend... 94 09/24
Any thoughts on any of this? JETPLANEM... 130 09/24
Talk About Letting go CellFunkti... 138 09/24
why does nobody love me patriciahel... 318 09/23
My EXODUS and Open Letter EliteTravel... 418 09/23
What are men really looking for in a woman ... sweetie919... 232 09/22
YES! He put a RING on my finger! Captai... 343 09/22
What Real Love takes. The Truth: Southern_1... 190 09/22
Serious about LTR suggestions/comments Shayna20... 153 09/22
Would a man be the same person if he were not ... Doe2Vix... 241 09/22
A Bear and a Rabbit realrose... 35 09/22
women who had hysterectomy and sex helloswe... 317 09/22
My blog has fallen..and it can't get up ! ... Captai... 187 09/21
Lesson of the Day: Homonyms!!!! lovelylot... 400 09/21
"Blue Jeans or Formal" wwww123... 163 09/20
you find your match..should you leave this ... Captai... 282 09/20
WARNING SCAMMER ON SITE curiou... 416 09/20
My Blog has fallen.. and it can't get Up!! Captai... 165 09/20
I really need advice myselfm... 141 09/19
Christians - By Maya Angelou CDin... 84 09/19
Scared of Woman?? wwww123... 138 09/19
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