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Desiderata . . . Fidelity_is_my_name 11 06/18
I am Thankful . . . Fidelity_is_my_name 19 06/18
FOR ALL WOMEN ... can't resist .... lol ... Fidelity_is_my_name 192 06/18
The Truth Lionphish37 82 06/18
Brilliant light Lionphish37 11 06/18
Come and talk to me SexyBunny2006 50 06/18
Talk about long distance.... crazybeautiful2000 167 06/18
Why the heck am I here? Nevestone 20 06/18
Blogs, Comments or Rivalry! Blanca_06 204 06/18
the Pattern coachfrankie 222 06/18
TYPING IN ALL CAPS crazybeautiful2000 12 06/18
Something just came up..... *grins* sweetsarah888 18 06/18
EMAILS AND WINKS. bluejays 37 06/17
who are we trying to kid? bethanie 5 06/17
Just wondering. From men only. realonelooking5 59 06/17
good to be aware of. jimjimblund 28 06/17
Awareness Brings Love and Your Soulmate Sinergy 73 06/16
Message to 246 Bloggers Sixtilio 77 06/16
What is the deal? Imani2006 39 06/16
Happy Fathers Day to all Dads!!! onyxdoll 82 06/16
Middle Aged Men in Midlife Crisis Sexyspice 632 06/16
What is a "TROPHY WIFE"? marlena_21 443 06/16
MM and the Money Question coachfrankie 286 06/16
Men just wanna have fun/cindy lapher new singl ... ManeTame 20 06/16
women asking men out dominique2003 463 06/15
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