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Why some men are circumcised and some are not ... fiftysomething 339 07/04
Keeping Track scsandra 10 07/03
Serenity Now! lovelylotus 113 07/03
Just leveling the playing field a bit... scarletibis24 116 07/03
cLuB un-21 scarletibis24 31 07/03
Some fun questions... lovelylotus 260 07/03
anyone here speak Blonde? coachfrankie 123 07/03
silent desire ettavix 33 07/02
...??..Ladies to avoid a....DUI. ..would...U.. ... funnsunkw 515 07/02
Anyone know of any Malibu or boat parties for ... sierra_bonita 21 07/02
Coming clean..... apropo123 137 07/02
How cool would it be september1998 447 07/02
SELF Worth coachfrankie 437 07/02
Question for the men: What's your idea of romance ... lovelylotus 183 07/01
SCAMMERS ARE HERE TOO! miri52 1 07/01
Let me tell you a story... LUNGER2X 200 07/01
Question? (humorous) ferrariduck2006 527 07/01
Desirable not Desperate sexkitty2000 89 07/01
Your Love Song Auno 27 07/01
Success Stories misschile 53 07/01
Does anyone have anything good to say about ... somerwher 164 06/30
HOW OPEN MINDED ARE YOU? yungnsexc 42 06/30
LOVE TO TRAVEL? yungnsexc 20 06/30
IS 18 TOO YOUNG? yungnsexc 37 06/30
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