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yummy summer cocktail ideas??? italian8angel 190 07/11
Rainbows. Lionphish37 70 07/10
TO THE GUYS..... sanacardi 194 07/10
WHAT'S LIFE AFTER DIVORCE ? removed_Alexisara 37 07/10
Are there any women out there who DON'T want ... GentlemanJim2000 144 07/10
Blonde Babe from UK for relationship"! jewels4u 98 07/10
any straight men??? GraceKellyType 1 07/10
Canadian Joke frenchiec 5 07/10
Ladies, please tell me... pho 2 07/10
You sound wonderful, but before I make up my ... CocoRochas 321 07/10
Aussie Women - Can't beat them!! tiara1 2 07/10
What is so great about YOU, anyway? lovelylotus 506 07/10
Too much information? lovelylotus 281 07/09
Party perrr 157 07/09
You're Invited? sizzlinhot 134 07/09
Sunset Lionphish37 37 07/09
Is there a forever love? perrr 103 07/09
Sorry blog users.... Biosilk 121 07/09
Highly motivated/successful seems to scare ... brwneyedgirl2000 346 07/09
Are there any real men ou there timeofmylife 65 07/09
Is there anyone from Omaha, NEBRASKA??? Read_Me_FIRST 13 07/09
online dating.... FloridaNative2004 98 07/09
Nice Website You Psycos Have. Losers. mikecat 1,440 07/08
New to Site sweeet_destiny 28 07/08
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